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  1. lvlchange

    First WJ plane in new livery

    I’m not sure if it’s a blow of cash.... new airplanes out of Boeing... Swoop... taking revenue aircraft out of service that are owned, not leased, for months, to compete with your own airline.... then I would say your cooking with gas. The only unknown, of which I refuse to speculate, how will Swoop do?
  2. lvlchange

    AC Pilots....Father / Daughter Fly Together

    What a great story... enjoy the bumpy ride, and the best is... the family understands.
  3. lvlchange

    WJ Encore Smoke Evacuation

    Don’t see much carry on luggage either!!!!!!
  4. This means nothing... why did you underline “ATR” as this has nothing to do with an airplane unless that’s what you were thinking. Looks like they applied for something they already had LOL
  5. Thanks. Found it. 1.13.8 Fatigue The test of influence of fatigue is conducted to understand whether the actions of a person are consistent with what is known about human performance in a state of fatigue. The investigation conducted a thorough fatigue analysis that included the captain’s OSA, the flight crew’s work–rest history, circadian rhythm timing, and the crew’s management of the flight and evaluation of their options. Given that the captain rarely used CPAP therapy, he would have been at risk of fatigue related to chronic sleep disruption caused by his OSA. However, there was no indication that fatigue played a causal or contributory role in this occurrence.
  6. A little bit of thread drift here. In regards to the AC Halifax crash, we waited way too long for that report to come out. During this time there were many armchair quarterback discussions on contributing factors. Every discussion, every pilot, believed that it was possible the same event could happen to them. We have all been there on that dark dirty night, on your 14th hour of duty on day 5, after the 5 day you did before that with a day off in between that you couldn't get home because your a commuter. Pilots still muster the concentration and focus to deliver what passengers think is a safe approach and landing. My question. Why was fatigue not even mentioned in the report? I and many pilots believed this was going to be a catalyst in bringing pilot fatigue a high priority in the new duty and flight time regs. Not only that, but after the report, I havent heard it questioned the fact fatigue wasn't mentioned. We can learn so much.
  7. I remember when CARS was arriving... all the same BS. The effect's were about 5% of assumed cost employers complained about. Its about safety, these folks have to stop thinking it's a adjustable cost. Instead start thinking it's a fixed cost like an engine, hold your head high and operate proudly. Instead, some of these operator look like crying little Babies, if safety costs too much for you, close your doors. Hopefully somebody will come in fill the void and do it properly, safely and still make money, and someone will. mic drop.
  8. lvlchange

    Double Double

    Because it's cool LOL!