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  1. lvlchange

    Ice not nice, More Press for WestJet

    Stairs. Just mobile stairs
  2. lvlchange

    WestJet 787

    The 67 should be able to back up the operation too. Guess we will see.
  3. I should had also given the sympathetic part of my post. I’ll keep it easy, WestJet screwed up.
  4. I heard the crews did a great job during a bad day at work, 3 attempts to depart with anti skid inop, gate returns and maintenance. Ultimate cancellation. Those days just don’t get better. When I’m a passenger and things like this happen, I hit Hotwire and grab a room, run for a cab. The waiting in lines is killer. Go, get some rest have something to eat, then call the airline when the dust settles. Submit your receipts when you get home. checklist complete.
  5. lvlchange

    Plane to Vehicle Contact at YVR

    I was pushed and clipped wings a couple years ago. It was nearly 2 hours before we were pulled back to the gate. Investigations by the GTA, ground service company, airline, maintenance and finally the police (who actually asked for our drivers licenses and said they were treating it like a motor vehicle accident). I made announcements regularly, probably too often to tell truth. My FO while we were sitting there, reviewed Twitter. The passenger said, “we crashed into a plane and nobody is saying anything, I don’t know what’s happening, help”. I can’t remember the name, but we responded to take your earbuds out, waited and made a specific announcement directed at the individual.
  6. lvlchange

    Canadian Pacific Airlines

    Really good.
  7. lvlchange

    Lion Air Down

    So sad.
  8. Is this about the contract negotiations? Sounds like sour grapes.
  9. lvlchange

    Where is Bean ?

    Yes. You are correct.
  10. lvlchange

    Where is Bean ?

    I think he is “complexintentions” on avcanada
  11. lvlchange

    Where is Bean ?

    I believed all his posts were unbiased (lol). There number are the numbers. Bean was never wrong. **bleep** off many but hey... Porter is still around. So he wasn’t perfect. Regards Kip. I felt you story, all the best in the next chapter, or a few from now. Your a mentor.
  12. lvlchange

    Pilot Shortage Is Here

    Anyone see the possibility that the USA could open the borders? After Trump lol.
  13. lvlchange

    ID Check

    Shouldn’t your picture be updated? If it was a drivers licence, would she/he have made it invalid? Using 5 year old picture ID with opposing gender would make them irresponsible and illegal I’d say.