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  1. lvlchange

    Canadian Pacific Airlines

    Really good.
  2. lvlchange

    Lion Air Down

    So sad.
  3. Is this about the contract negotiations? Sounds like sour grapes.
  4. lvlchange

    Where is Bean ?

    Yes. You are correct.
  5. lvlchange

    Where is Bean ?

    I think he is “complexintentions” on avcanada
  6. lvlchange

    Where is Bean ?

    I believed all his posts were unbiased (lol). There number are the numbers. Bean was never wrong. **bleep** off many but hey... Porter is still around. So he wasn’t perfect. Regards Kip. I felt you story, all the best in the next chapter, or a few from now. Your a mentor.
  7. lvlchange

    Pilot Shortage Is Here

    Anyone see the possibility that the USA could open the borders? After Trump lol.
  8. lvlchange

    ID Check

    Shouldn’t your picture be updated? If it was a drivers licence, would she/he have made it invalid? Using 5 year old picture ID with opposing gender would make them irresponsible and illegal I’d say.
  9. lvlchange

    First WJ plane in new livery

    I’m not sure if it’s a blow of cash.... new airplanes out of Boeing... Swoop... taking revenue aircraft out of service that are owned, not leased, for months, to compete with your own airline.... then I would say your cooking with gas. The only unknown, of which I refuse to speculate, how will Swoop do?
  10. lvlchange

    AC Pilots....Father / Daughter Fly Together

    What a great story... enjoy the bumpy ride, and the best is... the family understands.
  11. lvlchange

    WJ Encore Smoke Evacuation

    Don’t see much carry on luggage either!!!!!!
  12. This means nothing... why did you underline “ATR” as this has nothing to do with an airplane unless that’s what you were thinking. Looks like they applied for something they already had LOL