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  1. Double Double

    Because it's cool LOL!
  2. Jazz suspends service to City Centre

    Who is building this ferry? Is it TPA or REGCO...
  3. Jazz suspends service to City Centre

    So this was all a mastermind plan between Porter and the TPA, and JAZZ had no idea of this till the aviction notice... Come on Dagger, Jazz operated for 16 years. You think their business plan should have been sound and secure. After 16 years, they just thought they owned the place and found out the hard way they don't. If CanJet wanted to take over terminal 3, WJ would just move to old T2 just like ACE did to WJ a couple years ago....
  4. Jazz suspends service to City Centre

    Has anyone asked the question? How is it that Jazz/AC left the door so wide open that another carrier is able to walk in and take over the facility like this. Kinda like leaving passwords that work with non-employee's. You get what you deserve.
  5. Westjet badly miisses analyst targets

    Analysts. So what WJ was off from their numbers, they still made a profit! Because they were wrong and forcasted higher earnings that we did not meet, shareholders are punished by 1.00 10 mins into the opening of the market. My point is WJ didn't underperform, the Analysts did. Congrats on staying in the black during a time of higher costs.
  6. Simple question:

    1- Eat a boat load of hot Chili. 2- Sleep with thw window open and your but towards the driveway. 3- Volia... clear driveway. Well.... that would work for me.... its not a problem or anything... MAYANNNnn
  7. WJ OTP 0% to Honolulu

    Now that... was textbook! MAYYYYYAAANNN! off to mexico in 10 mins with AA for 15 days. Sure hope there IFE works or i may never fly with them again.... MAYYYANNnnn
  8. WJ OTP 0% to Honolulu

    what are you new or something?
  9. AC vs WS lawsuit

    If I was a lawyer/Judge, "generally speaking" I would send everyone home and tell them to be nice. This is not worth a 220 million dollar lawsuit. "generally speaking." This is "quite amusing" I thought your never suppose to assume. AC assumed. This lawsuit will be to-ss-ed.
  10. High-flying WestJet morale put to test

    If it would make you puke any less, she is an actual FA with WJ and an awsome person. Its the way she blew him off after saying Im a WJ owner that I thought was really funny(there was actually a punch line). I thought it was a great commercial.
  11. Bird flu found in duck on BC farm

  12. Hmmm, what's behind this, Westjetters?

    Im on my own here but that was one pathetic article. Sounded like my Grandma gossiping about the neibours she doesn't know. I think most WJ'ers would find this article comical.
  13. It's official... Westjet to:

    the rumour is 299$ intro fare.