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  1. In the CP days, I seem to remember it being the opposite way. Excellent candidates couldn't get an interview for a Lead position because the collective agreement had some language about interviewing the 5 most senior applicants (again, going from memory) which in my station meant that the most junior of the 5 senior people had 15 years of seniority. I also seem to recall hearing of a big uproar in YYZ when a manager wouldn't hire from those 5 senior applicants.
  2. Normally don't start threads, but looked around and didn't see this posted yet. Former Air Canada Employees Allege Harassment Culture, Intimidation
  3. Newman

    It’s raining poop in Kelowna!

    That's a lot of "like's"
  4. Newman

    WestJet's new look and 787 preview

    Small point, but The whole "The Spirit of Canada" thing bothers me a bit. I'm okay with the concept as a tribute to people/places but the way I see it, they're using it to lay claim to Canadian identity as if they are the only airline to embody what Canada is. Not a fan and as a former employee who watched a huge majority of the VP level and higher get recruited from aborad (mostly the USA), I find it actually quite funny. "Proudly Canadian" was much better.
  5. Newman

    Saretsky gone!

    Clive doesn't pop in every once in a while to see how things are going at WestJet. He's got his hands on everything that transpires. It's just that he only likes his name and face attached to the good stuff and likes to take shelter for the messier stuff.
  6. Pilots and old school police detectives. The only people in the world who still think short sleeved dress shirts with ties are acceptable.
  7. Newman

    Calgary Airport off track AGAIN

    WestJet didn't agree to anything. There was nothing to agree to and WestJet blew a gasket once they did see the design plans. Those plans were leaked by some concerned people at YYC to people at WestJet (and Air Canada as far as I was aware) before they were officially unveiled. That same night WestJet saw the plans, Durfy blasted Atkinson in a late night phone call and Atkinson told him it was too late to make any substantial design changes but would look at WestJet's feedback and see if anything could be done. Going from memory but the only real change was the addition of those tiny indoor busses to help (a few) people navigate the long distances.
  8. Newman

    Great New AirCanada Commercial

    Commercials don’t need to have anything to do with the business. People already know Air Canada is an airline. These days, it’s about tapping into a consumers emotions and building a respected brand. In recent years that’s been done through commercials like this as well as “experiential marketing” (ie. WestJet Christmas miracle which is really a well funded commercial).
  9. I've heard this perspective from several senior WS executives going back as far as 2012.
  10. Newman

    Fired While on LTD

    Speaking from experience (with no knowledge of this specific situation), terminations like this have, in the past increased confidence in WestJet leadership. I know that sounds odd, but that’s how I’ve seen it play out many times. The overwhelming majority of WestJet employees are die hard passionate employees who want the best for themselves and even more so the company. When they see other employees not pulling their weight or taking advantage of a certain situation, they get frustrated and want to see leadership from management to address these situations. If that was the case here, I would bet there is front line support for this. If that isn’t the case, then certainly it could help support the idea of unionization.
  11. Newman

    Frontier Coming to YYC

    Here's hoping they last longer than their last foray into YYC