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  1. It was not uncommon to see Clive in Bob Cummings office (sometimes sitting at his computer typing with Bob looking over his shoulder) the day before some of the more controversial announcements have come out. When the announcements would be released, many people would get outraged, suggesting that initiative A, B or C would never happen if Clive was still in charge. Newsflash... Clive is still in charge. Perhaps they learned this time to just put his name on it to avoid the internal fallout phase and move directly to the "we're the saviour of the traveling public" phase.
  2. The same change directed by the EVP of Operations took about the same amount of time to implement at WestJet. If it was simply about the will of the employees to embrace and implement the change, it could have been executed the same day without issue, but there were plenty of other steps required along the way which needed to be done. I can't remember all of the hoops that were jumped through, but I seem to recall that there needed to be changes to the flight attendant manual that had to be reviewed with Transport Canada which took a long time to get sorted out.
  3. I had a friend who once felt very strongly the same way. Couldn't have cared less about those scum bag addicts who just needed to pull themselves together and clean the hell up. His tune changed after his twenty year old son broke his shoulder in a car accident and was prescribed painkillers to manage the tremendous pain following several surgeries. A year later, his son was an opiate addict after becoming dependent on the pain killers. That's when he figured out that addiction wasn't some decision losers make because they'd rather party then go to work.
  4. New CEO determined to fix international terminal troubles at YYC
  5. I can't recall if they actually had the epaulets, but the ramp attendants at United in ORD back in the early 2000's were infamous for tapping their shoulders and referring to their "stripes" when voluntelling the junior attendant they had to perform a task.
  6. Need something like this for STOC in some of the smaller bases so the pilots don't confuse them with IT support. Pilots used to waltz from the Flight Ops office into STOC all the time bellowing out... "the printer is out of paper" and then stand there waiting.
  7. The double breasted suit and the bomber jacket are both horrible and out dated
  8. For a second, I thought these were the old uniforms from the 90's. Double breasted!? How many pleats do the pants come with? Re: the livery, it looks like they took the best of all the various Delta livery iterations, changed the colour to black and added the Air Canada logos.
  9. In my experience, current employees don't want to make concessions for everyone (equal pay for equal work), so they make concessions on behalf of the employees that aren't hired yet. Had that long discussion with my shop steward back in 1996/97. If concessions are needed, why wouldn't we all take a small cut instead of making the people hired in a few months be doomed to make 1/2 of the pay we make. I was reminded that the Brothers and Sisters at PWA went on strike way back when and suffered greatly, blah, blah, blah and we're not taking any more cuts, blah, blah blah, and you better vote yes to the "wage freeze."
  10. Air Jamaica used to send A320's to AC YWG for overhaul. It was never more than a few days later you'd hear about drugs being found stashed behind panels on the plane. I knew some executives who worked for Air Jamaica and they were pretty sure that a lot of their planes were flying around with hidden drugs. Most times it was too risky to put the stuff on a plane and then recover it immediately at its next destination in the event that police were monitoring. The thought was that the traffickers would plant it, and keep a log of what stuff was on what aircraft for recovery at a later time. The problems would arise when the planes were re-routed, swapped, etc... and then sent for maintenance before the product could be collected.
  11. WestJet didn't miss these issues and neither did several key YYC operational people whose focus was on operations as opposed to retail maximization and environmental sustainability which were YYC's priorities. There was a long list of foreseeable issues way back in 2007 and manpower utilization was top of the list along with aircraft utilization (losing swing gates and having to tow all aircraft a significant distance from domestic arrivals to international/transborder departures) as well as increased passenger connections times due to lengthy distances. As I'm sure has been posted in here previously, YYC was never looking for airline "approval" for the terminal design and I don't recall airlines giving approvals beyond minor enhancements like checkin layouts, rental spaces, etc... WestJet specifically protested the issues above and YYC made slight adjustments within the finalized plans (ie adding the passenger bus and offering WestJet the opportunity to move domestic operations into what was the B/C concourse once it's been renovated). WS isn't totally off the hook regarding passenger connections times. I'm told Gregg was steadfast in his refusal to increase passenger connection times from domestic to international/transborder in YYC. He tried to push the system to make up for manpower costs but has apparently stepped back and approved increased connection times moving forward. With regard to airports with longs distances for connections (ie. ORD), the airlines make it work because they commit significant resources (specifically manpower) to make it work. The last time I had a visit with UA in ORD (which was a while ago), the terminals were run as stand alone airports from leadership down. There were multiple departments within ORD airport operations at UA that had their own VP assigned to it. The staff bids were separated by terminals as if they were in different cities. Very few areas had any cross utilization at all with the exception of maybe the OPB (operations coordination) office where they managed aircraft movement, passenger movement, connection bag running. The manpower requirements were off the charts.
  12. Merchants of Doubt Official Trailer 1 Merchants of Doubt Full Movie
  13. For the route to operate, they would need pre-clearance approval from USCBP in YYC and Landing Rights approval from USCBP in AXA. They can't get one without the other, which makes it a bit of a dance as USCBP doesn't communicate with itself for these approvals. Without Landing Rights in AXA, they won't be able to process anyone through pre-clearance in YYC. They're not getting Landing Rights approval in AXA unless someone from USCBP responsible for AXA has reviewed their schedule and determined they are able/willing to accept the flight. In terms of what is required on site, it's nothing special and in some cases nothing at all. A lot of this is at the discretion of the local Port Director. In the past, everything for PSP ran through LAX and there was a guy in PSP who could get to the airport if needed. SNA at one time was staffed by LAX who would assign a couple of agents to drive out and sit in their car while the flight was on the ground. I'm inclined to think that USCBP at PHX would be able to support this operation on a day of basis if it was determined they needed support.
  14. Somewhere Stewart Steeves is shaking his fist.
  15. seems like a good place to put these links...