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  1. I've heard this perspective from several senior WS executives going back as far as 2012.
  2. Fired While on LTD

    Speaking from experience (with no knowledge of this specific situation), terminations like this have, in the past increased confidence in WestJet leadership. I know that sounds odd, but that’s how I’ve seen it play out many times. The overwhelming majority of WestJet employees are die hard passionate employees who want the best for themselves and even more so the company. When they see other employees not pulling their weight or taking advantage of a certain situation, they get frustrated and want to see leadership from management to address these situations. If that was the case here, I would bet there is front line support for this. If that isn’t the case, then certainly it could help support the idea of unionization.
  3. Frontier Coming to YYC

    Here's hoping they last longer than their last foray into YYC
  4. New Low Cost Start up in Canada

    They've had more President/CEO change announcements than WS and AC combined over the last 10 years!
  5. I'm guessing this Fuller guy would have been the loudest guy at the gate if the plane never left Antigua... even if it did have a legitimate mechanical issue.
  6. Explain the bias. If you're suggesting that I have a positive bias toward WS and am speaking poorly of AC because of it then I can clarify. I worked at both airlines. I have great friends at both airlines. I know many great people at AC (frontline, management, executive) that are working tirelessly every day to affect positive change and improve customer service. They're doing a lot of great things and have made a lot of progress in a huge and historically slow to change organization. All of that gets diminished in an instant when things like this happen. I guarantee this change of system/process was made with little to no consideration of what impact it would have for customers and/or airport and call centre staff who needlessly have to navigate these situations. I wish better for my friends at AC who work hard every day because this stuff frustrates them to no end.
  7. Westjet F/A in the news...

    Although dealing with illegal activities takes up a big part of police resources, they are also focused on crime prevention and maintaining order among other things. A big part of achieving that is simply being present to keep people from doing stupid things. You see them at all sorts of legal activities including peaceful protests, concerts, sports events, etc... Airports are no different particularly when you can have large groups of people (ie. cancelled flight) egg each other on when things aren't going as planned, which these days can be something as small as a 15 minute flight delay for a safety issue. I've proactively engaged airport police to be in a specific place at a specific time as a preventative measure many times. They're always happy to do it as it's easier for them to do that as opposed to have to arrest someone who snapped because the last flight of the day went mechanical and they did something stupid because they were tired and frustrated.
  8. Agree. I've worked through plenty of situations where a PNR was flagged in advance regarding questions about documentation, credit card authenticity, etc... It takes very little effort to lock the PNR and go through the process at checkin to identify that info as legitimate or compromised and take action from there. Simply cancelling the ticket in my opinion is ridiculously lazy and lacking in leadership especially when its to the point where false positives are such an occurrence that the media has made a legitimate story of it.
  9. There were 2 Robert Palmers at WestJet and this one was at WestJet as a VP of Finance until his departure 5 or 6 years ago.
  10. New passenger bill of rights

    This gets into semantics for me. They don't oversell, but they have certainly overbooked in the past and will continue to do so in the future. The usual stuff. Need to get crew members on a full flight so they can get to another city to save a flight, weight and balance, tail swap to a lower gauge aircraft. It's not a regular every day occurrence, but it does happen. In 5 years at the airport I had to voluntarily deny boarding to 50-60 Guests for those reasons. Small in comparison to what I had to deal with on any given long weekend when I worked at AC when flights would be oversold by 17 with the next "available" flight in 5 days, but I do find the claim that WestJet doesn't overbook stretching it a bit. The biggest problem we had when WestJet was "overbooked" was that no one could find the process in the General Reference (GR). Partly again because of semantics. WestJet refused to call it overbooking. They referred to it as "booked beyond capacity" and the search engine wasn't smart enough to pull it up when a panic stricken agent who had to pull a few Guests off an overbooked flight typed "overbooked flight" in the search function.
  11. WestJet to launch ULCC???

    It was not uncommon to see Clive in Bob Cummings office (sometimes sitting at his computer typing with Bob looking over his shoulder) the day before some of the more controversial announcements have come out. When the announcements would be released, many people would get outraged, suggesting that initiative A, B or C would never happen if Clive was still in charge. Newsflash... Clive is still in charge. Perhaps they learned this time to just put his name on it to avoid the internal fallout phase and move directly to the "we're the saviour of the traveling public" phase.
  12. AirCanada COO Resigns

    The same change directed by the EVP of Operations took about the same amount of time to implement at WestJet. If it was simply about the will of the employees to embrace and implement the change, it could have been executed the same day without issue, but there were plenty of other steps required along the way which needed to be done. I can't remember all of the hoops that were jumped through, but I seem to recall that there needed to be changes to the flight attendant manual that had to be reviewed with Transport Canada which took a long time to get sorted out.
  13. I had a friend who once felt very strongly the same way. Couldn't have cared less about those scum bag addicts who just needed to pull themselves together and clean the hell up. His tune changed after his twenty year old son broke his shoulder in a car accident and was prescribed painkillers to manage the tremendous pain following several surgeries. A year later, his son was an opiate addict after becoming dependent on the pain killers. That's when he figured out that addiction wasn't some decision losers make because they'd rather party then go to work.
  14. New CEO determined to fix international terminal troubles at YYC
  15. I can't recall if they actually had the epaulets, but the ramp attendants at United in ORD back in the early 2000's were infamous for tapping their shoulders and referring to their "stripes" when voluntelling the junior attendant they had to perform a task.