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  1. Well, you guaranteed yourself an emergency row seat - you received what you paid for, so why would you deserve a refund ? If I moved to the row because it was empty, means I was on standby for that seat - and don't we all love being on standby ...
  2. And how about this - I'm on a cheap fare on AC, on board the aircraft, in my seat, and the "preferred" seats in the emergency exit row (which cost to select) are empty. I asked the flight attendant if I could move there - since in the unlikely situation there is an incident, it would be good to have someone there, I was told "No, it is company policy that unless you pay for an emergency exit row seat, you cannot sit there." .... So the emergency row seats were vacant the whole flight, on both sides of the aircraft ... interesting change of philosophy ...
  3. So while you can't book a flight on Air Canada due to the cut over either over the internet or through the call centre, trust WestJet to launch a seat sale ....
  4. In talking to an Air Georgian F/A, they are being interviewed by AC Rouge. Doesn't sound like they are getting automatic positions on the seniority list.