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  1. AvWatcher

    An End to Overbooking?

    Though the smart crews will be thrilled to hear about increased job security and potentially higher salaries ...
  2. AvWatcher

    Swoop Routes

    RASM is bound to decrease, but so should CASM with the densed up aircraft etc.
  3. AvWatcher

    Pilot Shortage Is Here

    Not that Management is blameless - as they allowed it to happen - but for years, at contract negotiation time, the pilot Unions and/or Associations would eat their young. The Executive of the Unions/Associations tended to be senior in seniority, and if Management said they could not afford a raise, or could afford X%, then the Unions/Associations would negotiate a deal which paid the senior pilots more, while allowing the company to reduce their starting wages for the unborn to compensate. This tactic was not unique to pilots, it's prevalent among all Unions/Associations. Obviously, this situation was not, and is not sustainable, and there is definitely no easy fix. Newton's Third Law always applies: For every action, there is an equal, and opposite reaction.