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  1. Depending on what time your flight is, if you are flying domestic, both baggage check and security are absolute non events; we're talking single digit minutes for either. Certainly getting busier now, but no where near pre-COVID wait times.
  2. Actually, I believe that the cost of operating the Dash 300 is only 10% more than operating a Dash 100 (not per seat), meaning that its CASM is 20% less than the Dash 100, making it the preferred aircraft between the 2.
  3. Well, you guaranteed yourself an emergency row seat - you received what you paid for, so why would you deserve a refund ? If I moved to the row because it was empty, means I was on standby for that seat - and don't we all love being on standby ...
  4. And how about this - I'm on a cheap fare on AC, on board the aircraft, in my seat, and the "preferred" seats in the emergency exit row (which cost to select) are empty. I asked the flight attendant if I could move there - since in the unlikely situation there is an incident, it would be good to have someone there, I was told "No, it is company policy that unless you pay for an emergency exit row seat, you cannot sit there." .... So the emergency row seats were vacant the whole flight, on both sides of the aircraft ... interesting change of philosophy ...
  5. So while you can't book a flight on Air Canada due to the cut over either over the internet or through the call centre, trust WestJet to launch a seat sale ....
  6. In talking to an Air Georgian F/A, they are being interviewed by AC Rouge. Doesn't sound like they are getting automatic positions on the seniority list.
  7. It's really a useless metric if you use it to compare one airline vs another. For instance, some airlines outsource some of their maintenance eg. heavy checks, engine overhauls etc. while other airlines will do that work in-house. Then some airlines outsource their ramp or passenger handling, while others do it all themselves. It's only useful if you compare the same airline doing the same things period A vs period B. There are no really good metrics to compare airlines ... even RASM and CASM are affected by Average Stage Length (think manpower required to fly long haul international vs short
  8. Though the smart crews will be thrilled to hear about increased job security and potentially higher salaries ...
  9. RASM is bound to decrease, but so should CASM with the densed up aircraft etc.
  10. Not that Management is blameless - as they allowed it to happen - but for years, at contract negotiation time, the pilot Unions and/or Associations would eat their young. The Executive of the Unions/Associations tended to be senior in seniority, and if Management said they could not afford a raise, or could afford X%, then the Unions/Associations would negotiate a deal which paid the senior pilots more, while allowing the company to reduce their starting wages for the unborn to compensate. This tactic was not unique to pilots, it's prevalent among all Unions/Associations. Obviously, this situa
  11. Am I missing something ? The baggage retrieval area in most airports can be accessed by anyone in the general public, especially in the US. So anyone in the general public could have walked in, and inflicted the same damage as the guy who checked his gun. Unless you are going to have metal detectors for anyone coming into an airport, this tragedy of people being shot in a baggage retrieval area by someone is not preventable by having trigger locks, not shipping bullets etc. He could have been handed a gun, bullets etc. by an accomplice, or simply started the shooting in Anchorage before he boa
  12. So here's the difference between Canadian and American healthcare. A friend of mine developed prostate cancer. He went to his GP, who referred him to a specialist, who indicated that he needed surgery, and the Surgeon told him there was a 50/50 chance could save his sexual function. And he could do it in about 6 months. So my friend went to the Cleveland Clinic, who told him that his sexual function was not even an issue - they would guarantee that he would retain it, and was he available the next day? So for $20K, he headed down to Cleveland. They put him up in hotel next to the clinic, the n
  13. And anyone who thinks the Hamilton Airport is a Hamilton Airport, is sadly mistaken. It's actually almost half way to Brantford, and its population of less than 100,000. It's almost faster to drive from downtown Burlington to Pearson than to go to Munro. With the limited frequency out of the airport, it's a tough sell versus Pearson.
  14. I, for one, liked Bean's posts. I didn't agree with them all the time, but then there are many posts that I don't agree with. I would have thought that this forum was to stimulate discussion - not only to allow those who think like us to post. That would be both boring, and very limited in scope. We all have our biases, and for sure Bean had his, but you knew that, and took it into account when you read his posts. I always found that his posts were backed up, in most part, by statistics or facts - something that not all posts are. At times some of the posts opposing Bean's were aimed at the me