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  1. Gord is known for his unique dance style. https://mir-s3-cdn-cf.behance.net/project_modules/disp/7471c89648909.560d7910adad3.gif As for the costumes, if I was told I was going to die in the near future, and somehow mustered the strength and permission to do the job I loved doing for the past 3 decades for a few more days, you better believe I would be strutting through the terminal in the brightest, most irridescent pilot "costume" I could afford. Maybe even break out a Kingston Jig as I walked away from my last landing.
  2. New warning signs at Disney parks. Beware New Disney Signs -NPR
  3. Hey Johnboy! I put my Aviation Detective hat on and had a look at the video. Here's my guess of the route and stops. Moose Jaw (CYMJ) - Medicine Hat (CYXH) - Calgary/Springbank (CYBW) - Kelowna (CYLW) - Comox (CYQQ) The CYBW-CYLW leg doesn't appear in the video but the departure and fly-by of Okanagan Lake isn't too hard to miss. The Tutor might have a theoretical range of 940 miles but I believe the Snowbirds don't have the aux fuel tanks capable of carrying jet fuel (just oil for the smoke system and now at least one with the Go Pro cameras). Plus flying VFR low level doesn't help the fuel consumption. So the legs were kept short (under 250 miles).
  4. Here is a flight that went back to the previous century. http://www.propilotmag.com/archives/2015/Jan%2015/Alex-Jan15.html
  5. Discarding other things like performance, branding, colour, etc., what was the main deciding factor when Volkswagen owners purchased their diesel vehicle? To save the planet or save their wallet?
  6. On a similar but not as serious note to the original theme to this thread, I enter into evidence another example of the media being feed a heaping pile of bovine excrement and running with it. http://www.thestar.com/news/gta/2014/11/21/flights_of_fancy_at_markham_airport_a_former_cold_war_pilots_big_plans.html
  7. If you answer the phone, only say "hello" once. If someone doesn't say "hello" back right away, either hang up, mute the microphone (if your phone has that option) or place a finger over the microphone. That's the Robo-dialer that called. If you say "hello, hello" or allow any noise for more than a few seconds, the Robo-dialer patches you through to a live person to complete the call. Not sure if it makes any difference but it does tie up their line for up to a minute (especially if you put the microphone on mute and wait until they hang up). If enough people did that, their productivity would go down and any way you can mess with them is good. Back in the pilot house days, we'd answer and listen to the script, and when it was time to close the deal, we would politely decline the offer but say maybe my roommate would be interested. Put the phone down and go away for 10 minutes. Then the next person would get on the line and go through the whole speech again. We managed to keep one telemarketer busy for almost an hour. Or you would answer and pretend not to hear them well. Pick out something they would say and "miss-hear" it. Then proceed to be offended by whatever they hadn't said. Fun games to play waiting for the pager to go off. Always wanted to speak really faintly so they had to turn up the volume on their headset and then give them a blast of an air horn. But that would have been mean and rude; sort of like calling right as you sat down to eat dinner.
  8. If you saw them heading east on the 401 in Kingston, they were probably heading for the Bombardier plant in Dorval. More than likely Challenger wings (605 or 300/350). Not sure where they are made in the GTA but I have seen them heading for Montreal on a semi-regular basis. When they are delivered, they are placed outside the plant in YUL next to runway 06R/24L until they are ready to pair them to the fuselage.
  9. As published in the latest Canada Gazette (http://canadagazette.gc.ca/rp-pr/p2/2014/2014-02-12/html/sor-dors15-eng.php):
  10. 'Tis kinda ironic that an anti-aviation group used some sort of aviating apparatus to take that picture...
  11. Nothing says you have to be a women to be a member. In fact, the mission statement on the website states: "Women in Corporate Aviation (WCA) is the premier association for men and women in corporate and business aviation."
  12. http://wwwapps.tc.gc.ca/Saf-Sec-Sur/2/cadors-screaq/q.aspx
  13. Today, Captain Bob Pearson was at the RGS (Gimli) going on a glider flight with 2Lt Nico Bautista. Captain Pearson was the pilot of the Gimli Glider which landed here 30 years ago today. It was an honour for the cadets and staff to meet him.
  14. Probably real as there was a Q400 and a small piston twin flying around the GTA Monday afternoon. Appeared to be doing air-to-air photos.
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