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  1. Really? Your response to an employee who wants to see their company excel is to say they should look elsewhere for work?
  2. Word on the street is that after closing the base in YEG and selling off 1 of the RJ that Suncor is getting out of the airline business and selling off the remaining RJs. WestJet will pick up the lift with a charter agreement. Lots of good people there that I am sorry to see lose their jobs, hopefully they can rebound quick. The money that Suncor put into that operation was crazy, from the free breakfasts to the unlimited commissary to the way over the top OCC they built it was apparent that there was little regard for cost when times were good. By passenger volume they would've ranked as the 4th busiest carrier in Canada at one point. Here's hoping that people land on their feet and congrats to WS on the charter work.
  3. Bottom line ha5d always been chased, was one of the founding ethos. Any new entrants should be crushed, Jetsgo mistaken won't be repeated.
  4. I'm not sure that it hurts "the market". It may hurt the incumbent carriers the same way Jetsgo did or they may flame out real quick and be a footnote. I am suprised that given the ideals that WS was built on and how the term "filthy capitalists" was thrown around anyone would be saying that nobody else should enter the market. The WS I know is ready for the fight and has learned from the Jetsgo mistakes. Bring it on.
  5. Yes. Son of a day one pilot who eventually left for Enerjet. Son worked the ramp in YYC.
  6. My experience was the same as Super 80. Get it done and the $ will he figured out later.
  7. Suncor said that they had chartered 4 WS planes. Sounds like they were paying for it. I would imagine the 4 Suncor CRJ have been going non stop.
  8. No word on the sexy stews tho...http://www.vox.com/2016/5/2/11520288/pilot-airplane-photos
  9. Still amazes me that no US carriers are running PSP-YYC.
  10. I was discussing this last week with some industry people and asked when seat belt use on GSE came into vogue. Was told that it started in the last couple years after a death with a UA rampie IIRC. He was a retired cop who followed process but was thrown from the passenger seat of a tug when they hit a chock and died on the ramp. Some ground handlers have seat belts on all GSE and use is mandatory, did not know what AC policy is.
  11. This sucks very badly. Does AC ramp have seat belt use as an SOP?
  12. Been around for a while as well during those days and generally don't post much anymore as the same chorus of bitter old men always seem to have the same point of view regardless of topic. I haven't seen a Kool Aid joke in a while so that always good for a throw back larf. My recollection of the posts during the CCAA days were mainly that most Westjet people on here were fairly supportive of those going thru tough times. Clive is/was more than capable of leading a family sized regional operations as well as "big business". He is a pretty diverse guy with many business holdings and was always very big on succession planning. The retro insult about his capabilities is the kind of sore loser comment I would expect on here. Carry on.
  13. Sorry E-Handle, was not trying to split hairs, my apologies. Had forgotten that he was VP in People dept at one time, always considered him the Inflight VP. Lots of speculation on this thread and probably even more in his department. Nobody is dragging his name through the mud and he was a public face of the company who was in the media many times.
  14. He might not be 40. I am not sure but may be the only VP who started at WS in front line position. He was never an HR VP.
  15. Really? She was the last of the group to leave the room. She showed have known he was going to try to assault her (allegedly).
  16. I read what you posted. I found your use of the word dishonest curious in this case, not sure why you would use it. Have their been questions about her honesty? I agree credibility matters. As was so deftly pointed out by another poster her employment record is irrelevant in the question of whether she was assaulted. FWIW I know people who are vastly different in different aspects in their life. As an example I watch everyone single penny in my job and am a cheap unyielding **bleep** but have tendencies to at times spend like a drunken sailor in my personal life. I have never had issues missing work or getting there on time but can forget plans my wife has made and reminded me of the day before so I do not agree with these leaking of aspects of work/personal life. My sentiment is not changed one bit after reading WS statement. Her crap attendance record does not matter to me if I had decide whether she was assaulted or not. WS did a good job of showing why they canned her, she probably should have been fired long before she was. Other than that the statement of defence did not really sway me. It is a he said/she said issue (with at least 6 other she saids apparently).
  17. That is a pretty broad brush you have there. I am not sure how you extrapolate "dishonest" to anything that has been made available in the public realm. Irresponsibility in her employment means that she is like that in other aspects of life? Not a reach that I would be willing to make. You ask me whose statement I would bet on. I don't know. If the media is believed there have been half a dozen more women come forward as well as the FA who made the comment at the meeting in 2010. From what is only in the public realm here is what I believe. There is a probably a predator pilot that a case could not be made against within the guidelines of company policy.
  18. I don't recall anything referencing the RCMP. My point on this is about the robustness of the investigation and who did it. I would have a hard time believing there was intentional misdirection but I do not think, as I stated when this first happened, that the people who did the investigation may have had the needed skills to do it.
  19. Read all of the respective files that are available and don't see anything that necessarily says here story is false. It still boils down to a he said/she said. It seems that some want to take her lousy employment record to mean she has no credibility. I think from everything I have read she is a bit of a flake but that doesn't change what may have happened with respect to the alleged assault. WS is saying they did a vigorous investigation and from a personal standpoint I hope that's true, however my concern rests with who did it and how qualified/impartial they were.
  20. Still find it interesting that WS does not say who did the investigation and if the people who did do the investigation were qualified.
  21. Good article on his legacy, can't find a lot to disagree with. http://torontoist.com/2016/03/373870/
  22. The hits continue. Other FA say they were punished for union activity. http://m.thetyee.ca/News/2016/03/22/WestJet-Firing-Investigation/
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