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Amazing Race and AC


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I watched the other night the new episode of the Amazing Race.

There was a part where every contestant raced into the airport a little over dramatic and ran up to airline counters seeing what they could do to get where they needed asap.

They happenned to run up to a Air Canada counter.....the question was posed whether they could get to xyz and this is where I think the agent missed a great opportunity to help out or even show an effort in such a public light.

Instead of seeing what the customer service agent could do, knowing perhaps that AC did not fly directly to the destination....but that your intermine or commercial agreements with OAL might help out the individual ....instead of taking an active interest in showing customer supportor assistance....instead of trying to take advantage of a possible immeadiate ticket sale....

the agent simply said ....."we fly to canada!"

WHAT? THe Fudge?

I dont even work for AC anymore but what an embarrasement.

What made it WORSE it the program then showed other carriers all US based agents trying hard typing thru the computers to find a routing solution making the previous AC agent even look worse!

The point in customer satisfaction is helping, and although that agent and the AC system might not have been able to help in this scenario...what about the message sent to thousands of viewers if they had only been a little more helpful.

Im sure the new branding and aim of the corporate culture is not to embrace this old we cant help you, dont inconveinience me style thinking......

otherwise Celines song would have been......

"we only fly to O Canada....."


I sure hope somebody in management looked and saw this for all of your sakes..

And yes i know its an out-satation....but if your planning an world leading International airline.....Many of your guests will be using outstations as there direct contact and interaction with your company.

Im not trying to bash AC here...just thought that you might want to be alerted to individuals who are not doing your company and its attempt to win back customers justice.

from a freindly Westjetter,



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