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"I don't get it... I really don't...

That there's competition, sure... that we each have our own loyalties, of course... but the degree of, almost childish, finger wagging, nya nya'ing that we see here....?? Why?"

I pulled your quote from the other thread and wanted to make a new one out of it to highlight your question.....


On this Rememberance day, we seem to have forgotten what is the purpose in life.

All the finger pointing and name calling goes to show that most people really do live a good life. Lots of money and good food.

This means that they have lots of time left over to put to uses not suited for good.

When you are surviving, you are content with the small things in life, the almost insignificant things, good food, clean water, a roof over your head, a chance at an education.

It is sad that some, and I won't say all, have satisfied the basic needs of living and have the energy to put into the belittlement of others.

I know I have done the same in the past, but I am trying.


Keep up the good work!

Lest we forget.


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