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A FINAL landing for a 747

Kip Powick

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Passed to me by an ex-pat who is enjoying his Captaincy on a 777

"It's so sad to see an airplane being retired. What's even more sad, is

flying an airplane to a field from which it has absolutely zero chance of

escape. For instance, flying a 747 into a field that is 50 feet wide and

less than 5000 feet long - it will NEVER get off the ground again.

I have to hand it to those pilots for trying! The plane is intended for a

museum that's located at the field in South Africa and was donated by South

Africa Airlines.

The plane's name was Lebombo, and the crew landed only 0.9 meters from the

intended touch down zone (not bad for half a million pounds moving at over

110 knots!). Crew names:

Captain: Dennis Spence

Captain: Stuart Lithgow

Senior First Officer: Phil Parsons

Senior Flight Engineer Officer: Dennis McDermott

Chief Flight Engineer Officer: Peter Kiely

Oh, if you don't believe the strip is 50 feet wide, consider that the

landing gear is 41.3 feet wide when you see the second picture."

There are 3 pictures in this thread...see below for next two.

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Guest Starman

I think they're trying to say that they nailed the centreline, which is a good thing, considering that they only had a couple of feet to play with. It's also a good thing that they got it onto the runway before the "hump" which is visible in the photographs. It's one good piece of flying... And for anyone who thinks that it's no big deal to hit the centreline dead centre in a 747; consider for a moment that it is 47 feet eye to wheel height which is only 3 feet less than the width of the runway!

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