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Finding the best deal


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The lowest fares within Europe are usually to be found on Ryanair or Easyjet. Sometimes, though, BA, BMI and Aer Lingus offer fares almost as low, and they're worth paying a bit extra for. When I last used them, Ryanair had a baggage allowance of only 15K, and they charged a fortune for excess. Best just to check all of the airline websites when travel dates are known.

The biggest discount carrier in Asia at present is Air Asia. They fly mainly within Malaysia and Thailand, but are expanding rapidly. For travel to and from Singapore, there's now Value Air, Tiger Airways, and a third Singapore discount carrier the name of which I can't remember. Thailand also has Orient Thai Airways. TG and SQ have also sometimes had very low fares where they compete against the discounters. Again, just check the websites when you decide the whens and wheres. When travelling in Thailand, Singapore and HKG, I have sometimes found it worthwhile just to call or wander into travel agencies. A number of them seem to wheel and deal with the airlines and I have occasionally gotten fares from them that weren't available online on from the airlines directly.

Japan has a number of online discount travel agences. No1 Travel and Hit Travel are the largest.

Good luck!

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FA@AC, You have a better grasp of the Asian marketplace than I do, and I live there. Mitch, ya no.. The best deals, bubble gum and twine aside of course..

Let me try that again..

FRA WAW [Warsaw] FRA and then FRA BKK.

After a little more thought, I suppose a combination of the STAR carriers is still my best compromise of price, reliability and safety. Any experienced travellers out there know for sure - are web fares generally worth the effort or should I just let manwest do the work for me?..

Anyone?.. manwest?..

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