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Jet Engine sucks in worker


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Rescuers find only his boots

AN AIRCRAFT engineer has been killed by being sucked into a jet engine.

Horrified workmates could only find the maintenance worker's boots lying on the ground under the Boeing 737 airliner.

Tragedy struck when a pilot started up the plane's two engines, not realising the man was examining them.

Within seconds, his entire body had been blasted through the huge rotor blades.

His screams were drowned out by the roar of the jets.

It was only when airport staff noticed blood spattered on the ground behind one engine that the gruesome accident came to light.

The plane, owned by Kazakhstan airline Air Astana, had to be taken out of service while the engine was cleaned. The incident led to an investigation by airport authorities.

The plane was understood to be about to leave Moscow for London.

The Russian contractor worked for a number of airlines, including British carriers. An airline source said: 'Everyone is in shock. The engineer was examining an engine but the pilot had not been notified.

'Within seconds of starting up the engines, the worker was dead.

'It is highly unusual because there are strict safety procedures which are followed by pilots and engineers to ensure these tragedies don't happen.

'The only comfort for the engineer's family and colleagues was that he would have died very quickly and not known much about it.'

Russian officials yesterday confirmed the incident but would not add further details.

The victim's name, age and the precise date of his death were not revealed.

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Other than an egotistic wish to see my name, once again, on the top four posts, I have nothing to offer but this advice: don't stand too close to an operating jet engine.

Am I wright?


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The people running the engines should have noticed a problem when he went through. A goose causes a paramater shift when it is sucked into the engine. A human body would destroy the N1 fan in VERY short order. The media again changes the facts (which I do not know) to make the story seem more dramatic. The first sign would not have been blood. the first sign would have been the engine failing and WOULD have been noticed in the cockpit.

Too many missing facts in the story.


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