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Aircraft 604?


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Just started re-reading a Canadian classic and was wondering about aircraft 604 - parked in a desert somewhere? Anyone know how many hours or cycles it accumulated before it left?

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Guest Say Again

I might be wrong but I remember reading on this very forum that she was retired and was last seen in YUL. That info is a year old, at least. We are talking about the Gimli glider, right?

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I don't believe any of them have gone... The two piggly wiggly machines would be our oldest and I think they're still with us.

I recall there being talk that retirements of some were imminent... And 604 was one of those mentioned... something about too much found during a corrosion check I thought. Rumour I guess.

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Guest Marion Vanderlubbe

If I remember the WPG airshow a couple of years back, seen through a haze of Jeremiah Weed, PWA was on static with a bunch of your cohorts doing a wonderful PR job as tour guides. I believe I was told it was never to "slip the surly bonds" again, and remember pitching out recently there and seeing a 67 on the west side missing a rudder that someone said was the same bird. Could be wrong, check with your buddies in the 'Peg and let me know, could you? Also remember seeing a stripped 67 at YUL and being told it was the Gimli Glider and that the wings had too much corrosion for it to fly again. Do you guys ever change aircraft numbers if one is stricken from the record?

The Marion Vanderlubbe Firebombing Society.

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I'm curious enough now that I'm going to find out what I can about what we might have parked, and sure, I'll let you know what I learn (unless someone pipes up here with the truth?).

As for the numbers, no. 604 today is the same 604 as delivered and tied to the serial number on the airframe. She is the Gimli Glider. Even 601 is flying still... I remember that story about corrosion too, but I think what someone said, or assumed was BER, was not in fact.

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Guest M. McRae

From the Snag Sheet:

Several “high time” B767-200 and –300 aircraft may be parked or sold as their major maintenance (H Checks) come due. AC609 was sent to the desert (Mohave, California) in October 2002, joining AC608 and AC611 sent there in August, and AC607 sent there in March. As the newer generation aircraft join the Fleet, older aircraft will quietly exit.


From Aeronet

Air Canada parks surplus aircraft

By Garry Bridgewater

A total of 24 aircraft left Air Canada’s fleet last year as a result of the Sept. 11 tragedy and the downturn in the economy. Air Canada moved the aircraft into storage as a result of declining passenger counts.


Arrangements were made to store up to eight B767-200, 14 B737-200 and 17 DC9 aircraft at Avtel Services, in the Mojave Desert in California.

Prior to storage, the aircraft logo and lettering are covered, emergency equipment and coffee makers are removed, and water and waste are drained.

How long they remain stored will depend on the economic climate and the possible sale of some aircraft, such as the DC9s.

By the end of December, the mainline fleet count had dropped from 245 just prior to Sept. 11 to 230. This included taking delivery of aircraft under previous agreements.

Where are they now?

The following aircraft are either currently stored or planned to be moved:

Type Parked Location

DC9 17 Mojave, California – Avtel

4 Marana, Arizona - Evergreen

B737-200 5 Mojave, California - Avtel

B767-200 5 Mojave, California - Avtel

B747-100/200 3 Marana, Arizona - Evergreen

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Fin 604 sat on the North side of the 747 hangar in YUL for near a year and was missing major bits like flaps and engines. The word was that it would never fly again and the rumours of reasons why ran the gamut, right up to a cracked spar. Then one day they pulled it into the shed and it came out flying!!!! Who knows????

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Guest saymach#

Fin 604, C-GAUN the Gimli Glider is still around. I flew it last week.

She was mothballed for about 6 months then magically appeared with a fresh coat of paint and EGPWS.

Been back on the line for over a year now

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605, 671, 607 are parked, as is 621 the aussi abortion, I am not sure of the rest, rumour has it all the non ER will soon be parked.

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