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Could the vaccines be the reason?

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In this CTV article the author searches for any other cause without any consideration that it might be the vaccines. I have a distant family relative who was a healthy 48 year old dad who was playing baseball and after hitting walked backl tyo the bench and keeled over dead. I personally haven't heard of that happening before but maybe others have.

Deaths with unknown causes now Alberta's top killer: province

Alberta is reporting an unprecedented increase in ill-defined and unknown causes of death in 2021. 

That category is leading the way over dementia, which has been in the top spot since 2016, and COVID-19, which began adding to the death tally in the province in a big way in 2020. 

In 2021, ill-defined and unknown causes of death snagged the first spot with 3,362, up from 1,464 in 2020 and 522 the year before that, according to statistics from the Government of Alberta. 

Here is the full article:


The unknown causes of death category only began appearing on the list in 2019 — there is no record of it ranking before then, dating back to 2001. 
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1 hour ago, GDR said:

I have a distant family relative who was a healthy 48 year old dad who was playing baseball and after hitting walked backl tyo the bench and keeled over dead.

I'm seeing the same thing in my little circle too.... distant relative 38 years old, very fit, recently keeled over dead in the bathroom.

Might be some sort of perverse statistical catch up event, but too many neighbours, relatives and acquaintances now to call it a coincidence IMO. 

About 17 more months to go before we get real answers though. I don't think the majority of people will like them either.

I'm thinking 70 percenters will soon be asking those grade 13 biology questions they previously ridiculed... and they'll be expecting better answers than the glib T-shirt slogans they once hurled at others. What if the blood supply is effected by this? The idea that a majority of Canadians would applaud the internment of pure bloods for the purpose of blood harvesting is no longer some wild science fiction conspiracy theory... I firmly believe they would do it. Never thought I would say that or even think it, now I feel certain they would.

Even if it turns out there is no causal relationship here, the best case scenario is that it may serve as a deterrent to the future suppression of expert opinion and rational discussion. If I hadn't seen this for myself, I wouldn't have believed it could happen here. 

Even thinking about it makes me feel like I need a shower.

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11 minutes ago, mo32a said:

I have a close relative in his early 40s had all three shots, feels great.

Me too, lots of them. I never had any shots and I feel great too, go figure eh?

Time will tell, but the indirect evidence seems to support the tentative conclusion that somethings up. I hope it's a blip and completely unrelated to the vaccines.

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2 hours ago, Wolfhunter said:

I'm seeing the same thing in my little circle too.... distant relative 38 years old, very fit, recently keeled over dead in the bathroom.

Might be some sort ofIf I hadn't seen this for myself, I wouldn't have believed it could happen here. 

Even thinking about it makes me feel like I need a shower.

Was he death attributed to the vaccine?  

One of does not make much of a sample.

Lots of folk in my circle between 60 and 83 , no deaths attributed to the virus.. Cancer on the other hand.... yes, no more than before the vaccinations. 


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21 minutes ago, Kargokings said:

Was he death attributed to the vaccine?  

None of the heart attacks, stokes, or blood clot events I'm familiar with have been officially "attributed" to my knowledge. Across the board though it doesn't seem that many of them have been. 

So yes, it could all be a wild coincidence or statistical catch up of sorts... I don't know. But when I hear thunder and see lightening I stop the bike and put on the rain gear.

There just seems like a lot of activity close to home, my neighbour was an avid jogger, he had a stroke shortly after the second dose. The 38 year old I referred to was pretty fit, but he had a heart attack. 

We'll know soon enough I guess. On the other side of the coin though, I don't know a single person who's died of covid, but I suspect many here can list a few of them.  In that context, anecdotal evidence is best taken with a grain of salt, but I have the sense that somethings up. I also have the feeling we aren't getting the full story here, then again, I feel that way about a number of other issues too.

Time will tell and I hope it's all coincidence. In other words, I hope I'm wrong more you already think I am.


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Well, that's the problem.  I don't know of anyone that had a reaction so there's no problem, I know 3 people that dropped dead so there's a problem - it's anecdotal at our level of understanding.  We would hope, and expect, that some higher authority is tracking and assessing the situation but the problem is that my trust in "higher authority" at this point is pretty much zero.  Where does that leave me?  I'm left to draw conclusions based in my bias and understanding of what's going on.  Personally, I think the side effects and negative outcomes of the vaccine are significantly higher than is being reported but this puts me outside the mainstream.  Am I right?  Am I wrong?  Who knows.

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12 hours ago, Seeker said:

it's anecdotal at our level of understanding

Indeed, but systemically, waiting until anecdotal evidence becomes proven fact often results in corrective action occurring late in the game, making it difficult to overcome the inertia inherent in "big things." We can all likely agree that correcting the flight path of "big things" at the first sign of divergence from nominal is a good idea and offer evidence supporting why that's true as a function of previous failure to do so.

Since retiring, I've noticed that soldier 101 seems to apply across the board, something I hadn't previously paid much attention to I Guess. When opportunities are assessed at 30% and rising you exploit them. And because those opportunities are usually a function of other peoples vulnerabilities, you continually look to your own areas of vulnerability (which means being alert for them and reactive to them) because it is difficult to predict the future.... other than to assert that your own vulnerabilities have a unique habit of being exploited and working against you.

Like the looming pilot shortage, in hindsight, there was ample anecdotal evidence of trouble ahead, same thing in the medical field. The first step is to say, "this could become a problem if left unattended," task an MBA guy to monitor it for trends and jump on it with both feet early. At a minimum, stop doing manifestly foolish things like firing nurses and paying experienced pilots making lateral moves less than truck drivers.

In short, failing to act at that 30% threshold usually results in people asking WDYTWGTH questions later on. Trouble is, most people would assert that at the threshold I'm suggesting,  the observed vulnerability is "anecdotal" on its own merits. It's why extreme examples help prove the point... no one can reasonably argue that we didn't see medical manning issues (or the pilot shortage for that matter) coming for years. Take either scenario and consider how a firm hand on the wheel and the application of corrective thrust (early in the approach) might have effected the current flight trajectory. 


From a covid perspective, what I'm suggesting is that we may find that the failure to consider dissenting PHD opinion (by banning, de-platforming, firing and ridiculing them) resulted in the loss of an opportunity and a huge social cost. 

One thing is certain when considering anecdotal experience projected into possible future trends... SOMEONE IS WRONG. A big part of the problem here (IMO), is the lack of urgency in finding out who that is.

I can tell you for sure that I hope it's me.

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Some stats surrounding the appetite for more.There may come a point where 70 percenters turn on each other.

If you're only double vaccinated now, you're no longer up to date. Refusing boosters will soon mean that you have nothing left in the tank... but look what you gave up in the process. 


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6 hours ago, Wolfhunter said:

If you're only double vaccinated now, you're no longer up to date. Refusing boosters will soon mean that you have nothing left in the tank... but look what you gave up in the process. 


After reflecting on the notion that some 60% of double vaccinated people in Canada would refuse boosters, I admit to being gobsmacked.

They're now left unprotected (by the protection they once swore by and mandated), they've given up rights and freedoms that they won't get back any time soon, they've trashed family relationships, caused church splits, they're on hostile terms with neighbours and coworkers, etc. I could list more but you get the idea...

Assuming the poll is accurate, this makes no sense to me. You're in it or you're not, you're a player or you ain't. 

In short, I can respect the people who stuck to their guns even if I don't agree with them... on the other hand, these folks seem pretty foolish to me and if the poll is right, they represent something close to a majority (they're at least statistically significant).

Am I missing something? Seems like lots of pain for zero gain to me. Some of these folks have so badly damaged their relationships that they're unrecoverable... oops, just kidding doesn't seem like a surefire fix here.

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Fact checking this stuff is exhausting and I simply don't have the time now... was Rebel news lying (or exaggerating) in the headline? I'm wondering where they got the 60% from. 

A reprieve, even if temporary, from a state of constantly being gobsmacked would be welcome.

POLL: Nearly 60% of Canadians with one or two COVID vaccine doses don't want boosters

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Wolfhunter.  to almost,  lead you astray

I have deleted my earlier replies on this item as I over reacted to the headline as the true picture as  shown in the survey is over 60% of all who are vaccinated will accept a booster. 

The much smaller group (overall) the 1 or 2 vaccinated  (60Percent)  is likely comprised of folk who believe they are immune "bulletproof" when it comes to most adverse occurrences.  🙃

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I missed this at the time, it appears booster hesitancy isn't quite as new as I thought, this is from 7 months ago:


Doesn't make much sense to me, If you got two and did that based on a rational personal threat assessment, meaning with your eyes open, it would seem logical to want to stay up to date. If I had been comfortable enough with the safety vs efficacy equation (I'm not BTW) to get two inoculations, I would certainly be onboard with getting the required boosters as they become available. 

Taken a step further, if my hesitancy (after being double vexed) was due to vaccine safety concerns, I'd be pretty uncomfortable with the whole thing right now. It essentially takes us full circle, people should do what works for them and stop pushing their own beliefs on others... which has been my point since the beginning of all this.




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5 hours ago, Wolfhunter said:

I missed this at the time, it appears booster hesitancy isn't quite as new as I thought, this is from 7 months ago:



Taken a step further, if my hesitancy (after being double vexed) was due to vaccine safety concerns, I'd be pretty uncomfortable with the whole thing right now. It essentially takes us full circle, people should do what works for them and stop pushing their own beliefs on others... which has been my point since the beginning of all this.




However, expressing our views can be an act born out of concern for others. If we believe that the shots will keep friends from suffering the worst effects of Covid then it makes sense that they would pass this view on to others. If however we believe that the vaccines are more dangerous than Covid then it makes it worthwhile to pass that view along. The same thing can be said for the mandates.

The problem though is when we get angry at those who hold opposing views. P M Trudeau has been maybe the best, (or worst depending on ho you look at it), by going so far as labelling and demonizing those who disagree with his views.

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3 hours ago, GDR said:

The problem though is when we get angry at those who hold opposing views.


In the beginning, it seemed pretty simple to me... at risk people and those who felt they would benefit from being vaccinated could consider the options (safety/efficacy) and made the best choice for themselves. That's a good thing, it's the Canada I use to know... 

Fast forward a bit and you have 70% of the population in favour of having their neighbours fired and 37% thinking unvaccinated people should be interned. That's unhinged in my view and its created lasting animosities and family breakups among people who can't even discuss the issue at a high school biology level.

In the end, I think (but don't know), that most people don't remember what you did or what you said, they remember how you made them feel when you did it or said it.

Assuming that holds true for others (and not just me), those animosities will be long lived and as costly as they were unnecessary. IMO, we lost a lot (actually gave it away) and gained little in the bargain.






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  • 2 weeks later...

Toronto senior diagnosed with rare disorder after COVID vaccine last summer still waiting for compensation

Adverse reactions to vaccines 'extremely rare,' immunization researcher says



Fernando Caballero misses the way he used to be: happy-go-lucky, the life of the party and the protector of his family. The 67-year-old was active and enjoyed rollerblading in the summer, ice skating in the winter and dancing all year round.But now, he uses a cane or walker to get around and takes several medications for nerve pain to help manage Guillain-Barré Syndrome (GBS) — a rare neurological disorder he developed after getting the Oxford-AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine in early 2021.

'there's a higher chance of getting GBS from COVID-19 than from a vaccine'

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As I understand the effect (at a basic level BTW), the antibodies your body creates to attack the virus can (in some individuals) also attack the nerves because the proteins are somewhat similar. In addition, the virus itself can effect nerves in such a way as to cause the body to view them as foreign.

So, I’m wondering if repeated exposures (in vaccinated individuals) for strains that the vaccine isn’t effective for can cause sufficient changes to the immune system to trick it into being unable to differentiate between self generated and foreign proteins over time. The question of time and repeated exposure, whether it results in sickness or not, is the issue (and question) for me.

Each snippet of information coming out seems circular to me… they take me right back to my original questions and they still remain unanswered. We’re making progress though, a short time ago even asking these questions was problematic.

As I've said before though, I have no idea what the answer is, these are simply questions I would ask in biology class. The fact checkers who preface every response with "there is no evidence to suggest" have been of little help and small comfort... at least to me.


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2 hours ago, Airband said:


Adverse reactions to vaccines 'extremely rare,' immunization researcher says by


'there's a higher chance of getting GBS from COVID-19 than from a vaccine'

Really?  Well, I have a few questions.

Is there a genetic predisposition to GBS?

I have an aunt and a cousin who both developoed GBS after getting the same flu vaccine 5-7 years ago.  This was not the Covid vaccine but just a regular annual flu vaccine.  Almost killed my aunt and put my cousin off work for a long, slow 9 month recovery.  I found the following in a reputable medical journal:

Although rare familial cases have been reported, GBS is considered to be a complex multifactorial disorder with both genetic and environmental factors rather than a disorder following simple mendelian inheritance.

So, GBS, apprently, is not completely genetic but genetics do play a part.  I was reluctant to get the vaccine, for several reasons, not the least of which is this family history and the possible higher suseptibility to GBS as a reaction.  When I told my family doctor and the company doctor they just blew it off; "GBS is rare", "Don't worry", "I've never had a a patient with GBS", etc. All of these things might be true, from their perspective, but I had 2 people in my family that got GBS from a vaccine so isn't it fair to say that my situation might be different?

I was forced to get the vaccine and did not develop GBS but have no doubt that I was playing a different game, with different odds, than the average person facing the decision to vaccinate or not and my points of contact with the medical system did not adequately assess my medical history nor advise me impartially.

I got Covid last month (confirmed with a test).  It was like the most mild cold infection I ever had - 2 days of being slightly congested and done.  In the pre-Covid days it would have been enough to book-off work but just barely.  Apparently, Covid has mutated to the point were it's not as serious or the vaccine actually helped or perhaps I'm Superman (this last one is unlikely - ask my wife!).

"Higher chance of GBS from Covid than from the vaccine".  Hmm, really?  Is that higher from the "original" Covid or from the alpha, beta, delta, gamma, omnicron strains?  We know that virtually every aspect of Covid changes with each strain; infectability, seriousness, length of infection while the vaccine has stayed the same.  Logically, you would assume that each strain would have a different calculation and that a blanket statement does not reflect reality.

We were told from the beginning that we're more likely to die from Covid than the vaccine - I didn't believe it then and certainly don't believe it now.  The reason I don't believe that statement is because the medical community and the government insisted on lumping the entire population into one group, ages 5-90 and issuing blanket statements which provides nothing of value to an individual trying to make a decision.  "Everyone should (must) get the vaccine because you're more likely to die from Covid than the vaccine."  Ahhh, no.  If you're an 80 year old dude with co-morbidities, yeah, should probably get the vaccine.  If you're a 30 year old in good health....well, at the very least the ratios, odds, and calculation must change but public policy allowed for none of it.

Covid continues to mutate, apparently becoming ever weaker.  At some point the lines must cross where the vaccine becomes a bigger threat than the infection itself. In my opinion the lines crossed a long time ago and for many people the vaccine has always been a bigger threat than Covid itself, aside from certain specific populations.

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This is from Leslyn Lewis.

The past couple of years have been incredibly traumatizing for so many Canadians. People have lost so much: financial devastation, the loss of so many dreams, losing loved ones.

And now at a time when we are hoping that we might finally be returning to normal life, we are being confronted with a new faceless fear: “Sudden Adult Death Syndrome.”

This recently emerged mysterious affliction, manifests itself in healthy young adults who suddenly drop dead. Did you know that in Alberta, the leading cause of death is now “Unknown.”? Meanwhile in Toronto over the past few weeks, six young healthy doctors all died suddenly and with no explanation as to why.

We were quickly told that this wasn’t vaccine-related. But that is not good enough. If three young women go missing in your neighbourhood, and the police response was “Well it is probably not a serial killer”, that wouldn’t be good enough. 

We would demand answers, which is what we should do now.

These are the same health and government officials who told us masking didn’t work, and then told us to mask. They assured us that the vaccines wouldn’t be mandatory, and then made them so. They promised us the vaccines would stop transmission, and now are admitting they knew it never would. They can’t be surprised that assuring us that everything is fine with absolutely no proof, is not accepted by increasingly frustrated and disillusioned citizens. 

Because I have been bold enough to question the narrative from the beginning, I have received a steady flow of communications from doctors, nurses and paramedics who are concerned that SADS is indeed vaccine-related. Many of them do not want their stories shared because they know beyond a shadow of a doubt they would be fired, just for asking questions.

Others want their stories told. Like one woman who wanted to make sure her story reached me. In the span of just over half a year, her niece, and then nephew both died of suspected vaccine-related issues. One died from a confirmed blood clot that health departments around the world have traced back to vaccines. She was pressured to get vaccinated to keep her job.

The other was a member of the RCMP. In perfect health, he dropped dead with no explanation. They are calling it a SADS death. He leaves behind a wife and four kids. 

These are just two stories out of a countless number that I have had emailed to me, and have been shared with me in person at every single campaign stop. 

It is heartbreaking that many of these people are more comfortable sharing their concerns and grief with me, than talking to their coworkers, friends or family.

As someone who has been steadily attacked just for raising concerns, I understand. In fact, I wonder which version of “Leslyn Lewis spreads conspiracy theory” headline the media will use this time around? Will the CBC call me a fear-mongerer again for asking questions?

I am simply standing with my fellow Canadians saying that we deserve to hear the truth. We deserve the respect of being allowed to think logically without being slandered and cancelled. Here is the question I would put forward to anyone calling me a conspiracy theorist:

Is it a problem that this situation looks like a conspiracy? Or is it more concerning that our government and health officials don’t even care that it looks like a conspiracy, and that they are losing the trust of the public with their non-answers.

It’s time for answers.

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Japanese Surgeon Calls for Suspension of COVID Boosters


In a letter to the peer-reviewed journal Virology, a Japanese cardiovascular surgeon, Dr. Kenji Yamamoto, has called for the discontinuation of COVID-19 booster shots. “As a safety measure, further booster vaccinations should be discontinued,” Yamamoto wrote. Among his urgent concerns are the fact that the COVID-19 vaccines have been linked to vaccine-induced immune thrombotic thrombocytopenia, which, in some cases, has been lethal to patients.

Yamamoto works at Okamura Memorial Hospital in Shizuoka, Japan. In the letter he explains that he and his colleagues have “encountered cases of infections that are difficult to control,” including some that occurred after open-heart surgery and were still not under control after several weeks of treatment with multiple antibiotics.

These patients, says Yamamoto, showed signs of being immunocompromised, and some of them died.

Yamamoto believes their suppressed immune function is likely to have been caused by COVID-19 vaccination.

It is rare for a cardiac surgeon to get involved in government vaccination policy. It is even rarer for a practicing medical doctor to express an opinion like this that flies in the face of the medical status quo in a prestigious medical journal, and for the medical journal itself to publish the opinion.

Other clinicians, too, who have never spoken publicly before are also voicing similar concerns.

“The signals in the best sources we have currently available, which is our VAERS data, have been screaming,” said Dr. Angelina Farella, a pediatrician based in Webster, Texas who has expanded her practice into family medicine and has been treating COVID patients when other doctors in her area refused to see them.

“It’s an all-out red-alert, about heart disease, deaths, and vaccine injury,” said Farella. In over 25 years of practicing medicine, which, Farella said, has included giving vaccinations to children every day, she has never seen such a dangerous vaccine.

In his letter to Virology, Yamamoto cited a Swedish study that quietly reported that eight to nine months after vaccination with two doses, the COVID-19 vaccinated subjects were more likely to get COVID than their unvaccinated controls. The Swedish researchers only included this information in a graph.

But their study lends evidence to the idea that the vaccines may indeed be suppressing immune function.

Vaccine-induced immune disruption is further supported by Israeli and Indian studies that demonstrated an increased likelihood of shingles following COVID vaccination.

Shingles is an extremely painful condition caused by a reactivation of the same virus that causes chickenpox in children. The Israeli study reported a risk ratio of 1.43, meaning that vaccination raised the risk of developing shingles by 43 percent.

People are most susceptible to shingles when their immune systems are suppressed or compromised.

Concerns Over Lipid Nanoparticles

Another Swedish study, published December 2021 in iScience, demonstrated that mRNA encapsulated in lipid nanoparticles, as it is in the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines, is highly inflammatory and can account for the fever and body aches frequently reported by those who receive the vaccines.

According to Pfizer’s “Nonclinical Overview” of the BioNTech vaccine, these lipid nanoparticles “distribute to” the liver as well as to the spleen, adrenal glands, and ovaries, potentially compromising immune function.

“I have nightmares about lipid nanoparticles,” said Dr. Naomi Wolf during a talk she gave at a conference in Ashland, Oregon on Saturday, July 30.

Spike Protein Damaging Endothelial Tissue

The mRNA vaccines recruit cells in the body to produce the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein. Exosomes expressing the spike protein are found circulating in the bloodstream by 14 days after the first dose of vaccine and continue to circulate for more than four months, according to a 2021 research published in the Journal of Immunology, cited by Yamamoto.

Both the spike protein itself and the antibodies produced to neutralize it can damage vascular endothelial tissue.

The endothelium is a thin membrane that lines the inside of blood vessels that carry vital nutrients to all the organs in the body.

Damaging the endothelial cells lining the blood vessels can cause bleeding irregularities with dire consequences.

At the hospital where Dr. Yamamoto practices, they screen people before surgery something called heparin-induced thrombocytopenia antibodies.

Heparin is a drug commonly used to prevent clotting, including during open-heart surgery.

But people exposed to heparin sometimes develop antibodies that attack their own platelets, reducing the available number and, paradoxically, causing platelets to clump together as clots. That’s the exact opposite of the desired effect from using heparin.

One of Yamamoto’s concerns is that his hospital has seen an unusually high number of positive tests for heparin-induced thrombocytopenia (HIT) antibodies since COVID vaccination began.

According to a September 2021 letter published in the journal Thrombosis, heparin exposure isn’t the only thing that can cause HIT.

In fact, COVID vaccination can cause heparin-induced thrombocytopenia as well.

When this condition follows COVID vaccination, however, it is known as vaccine-induced thrombotic thrombocytopenia (VITT).

VITT can be very dangerous. It is one of the few adverse events that vaccine compensation review boards in various countries have acknowledged to be caused by COVID-19 vaccines.

Although government officials have insisted that vaccine-induced thrombocytic thrombocytopenia is a “rare” reaction, many of its victims have died.

According to Yamamoto, Okamura Memorial Hospital in Shizuoka, Japan has seen several waves of VITT cases since COVID-19 vaccination began.

The increased likelihood of thrombosis, as well as of stubborn infections due to suppressed immune function, are two main reasons Yamamoto argues that doctors must record vaccination status prior to doing any surgeries, including gathering information about the dates of vaccination, and that the COVID-19 booster program must be halted.

Dr. Angelina Farella agrees.

“I think it’s absolutely imperative that doctors know when their patients are boosted or vaccinated against COVID-19 using one of the current injections,” she said, including finding out which brand a patient has received, as well as the lot number.

Farella said she believes doctors should also be meticulously documenting bad outcomes among their patients and that anecdotal evidence is instructive.

“Five-year-olds dying suddenly is not normal,” Farella said. “It’s not normal to see very healthy very fit young people dropping dead on playing fields. These are stories that we’ve never heard before and there’s only been one change: vaccine mandates for students, athletes, and health care workers.”

It is possible that some of these unexpected and unexplained deaths may be due to undiagnosed issues caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus itself. But, Farella said, she believes it is more likely that catastrophic heart events and unusual blood clotting among young people are being caused by the vaccines, not the virus.

Farella also insisted that many people are getting vaccinated who do not need to be.

“You don’t boost against a disease process that a patient has already had. People who have had COVID and been vaccinated, they’re still being encouraged to get another booster shot. It makes zero sense from a medical standpoint.”

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8 hours ago, GDR said:

“I have nightmares about lipid nanoparticles,”

Me too, and one of them involves penetration of the brain blood barrier (BBB).

Most of the concerns/questions being raised here are the very same ones that people (meaning Phd's) were fired and de-platformed for voicing a short time ago.

We're now discussing them as if they were brand new... as if we're just hearing about them for the first time. Most of those folks feared the very effects now being reported. My personal fear is that we're just seeing the tip of the iceberg now with inflammatory cases and a rash of prion diseases is in our future... that will take time to manifest though.

My point throughout all of this was that these concerns should have been part of people's threat analysis when deciding on whether or not to vaccinate. It should have been an individual decision based on a rational assessment of personal  risk factors... ironically though, most people (themselves) would have none of it and actively supported the suppression of such information.

In the midst of the information age, I find that truly astounding... gobsmacking actually. I fear we are now less informed and more malleable by fear than at any previous time in our nations history.

As little as a few months ago, researching the information (presented above) was the very definition of thirsty work... I don't do it now because frankly, IMO it no longer matters, we are where we are and all will be known soon enough.

Regardless of the eventual outcome though, I think we have collectively learned little about avoiding fear based politics/decisions and the dangers associated with that old CRM devil.... strength of an idea. That's a problem.

In any multi threat environment with rapidly changing intelligence, strength of an idea is as much of an enemy as the enemy himself. It invariably gets you caught in your own trap. Good ideas need to be constantly tested against changes in the prevailing situation... we didn't just miss that memo either, we read it, then we burned it, and then, after it already chewed a hole in our jeans, we pretended we never saw it. This will all be like "total surprise, who'd a thunk."

Flexibility is truly the key to air power... and as we are starting to see, a bunch of other stuff too. 


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