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The downfall of Canada’s military

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“ The downfall of Canada’s military”


Over the past 50 years it’s been painfully clear the military has been off the radar in Ottawa


“ Pierre Trudeau became Prime Minister in 1968. Like my father, he was born in 1919 but unlike my father, Trudeau managed to avoid military service. When young Canadian men were fighting and dying in Belgium and France he was traveling through places like the Soviet Union. Fast forward to 2007 when I secured a book endorsement from a retired Canadian general. He told me he had been part of Trudeau’s security detail when the PM had visited Canadian bases in West Germany back in 1971 and said Trudeau had an open disdain for the military.”

“ my overall takeaway from this trip was that the military was separate and remote from Canadian life, and vice versa. My view was, and still is, that the public lives in a fairyland world full of pixie dust. Maybe Vladimir Putin has been a reality check. Let’s hope so because the state of our armed forces is sad.”

Continued >>>>

https://thehub.ca/2022-06-10/the-downfall-of-canadas-military/?utm_source=The Hub&utm_campaign=795184dd1d-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2022_06_09_04_12&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_429d51ea5d-795184dd1d-522638043&mc_cid=795184dd1d&mc_eid=09433e3d5d

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On 6/10/2022 at 8:38 AM, Jaydee said:

Maybe Vladimir Putin has been a reality check.

Pain is the only reality check.

It needs to be sufficiently severe to overcome complacency and widespread enough to effect the masses. It also needs to be relatable, the cause has to be self-evident enough to penetrate narrative in a way that makes the narrative appear absurd. 

We aren't there yet... when the blue hat hanging on my wall starts quivering, I'll know we're getting close.


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The trudeauites must be proud……..it’s not everyday you have a headline like this in a national newspaper:



When Canada's military didn't suck.

If you’re a Canadian, you’ve become accustomed to the notion that our military isn’t all that good at stuff.

Our only resupply vessel caught fire, so we had to slap together a replacement out of an old container ship.  If our soldiers show up to a shooting competition, their WWII-era pistols jam up so badly they all have to share one……………..

Anyways, a robust military might be part of why the world actually used to listen to Canada sometimes. We never get tired of romanticizing the time in 1956 when Prime Minister Lester Pearson proposed the use of peacekeepers to bring about an end to the Suez Crisis. But Pearson wasn’t just some schlub negotiator; he actually had a well-equipped military that was powerful enough to act as an intervenor in a major middle Eastern conflict.


It turns out world leaders are less inclined to return your calls when all you have are ideas about what their militaries could do because yours is too busy catching fire.


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