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Ethnic, religious etc. parades / events in Canada

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This weekend Nagar Kirtan ‘Vaisakhi’ parade 2022 in Edmonton and Calgary, Evidently cancelled in Vancouver, what about the rest of Canada?

Please feel free to add parades in your area of multicultural / diversified Canada. (no matter the reason)


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Highland games in Alberta:


HOW TO SAVOUR YOUR INNER SCOT...MAYBE YOU WEREN’T BORN SCOTTISH, BUT YOUR SPIRIT WILL BE STIRRED! The 31st Annual Canmore Highland Games brings back the full experience of Celtic culture at Centennial Park in Canmore – so you’ll want to witness the colours of the tartans and the thrill of the pipe this September. Here’s how you can awaken your inner Scot with some big fun – the Taste of the Highlands, the Highland Games and the Canmore Ceilidh, beneath the scenic peaks of the Rockies on Labour Day weekend. Sip the spirits, mead and ale at the Taste of the Highlands. Bring the whole family for the Highland Games; visit the clans, see the heavy sports, shop the Celtic market, watch the sheepdogs at work, observe the intense competitions of highland dancing and piping and drumming, enliven your palate with a Scotch tasting, sample the foods available, quench your thirst while enjoying live Celtic music in the beer garden, and discover the British automobiles on show. Let loose and expose your inner Scot at the Canmore Ceilidh – while celebrating kitchen-party style with traditional music and dance. Always an affordable event, there are advance tickets and bundles to choose from. Full information can be found at the event website

Start Date End Date
September 3, 2022 September 4, 2022


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