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Russia Invades Ukraine

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On 3/6/2022 at 6:55 AM, Jaydee said:

Refugees Fleeing Ukraine Now Represent Biggest Movement of People in Europe Since World War II

Apparently a Kharkiv railway station ☹️☹️


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Head Of Top Russian State-Run News Organization Quits, Issues Dire Warning About What’s Happening


The head of a top Russian state-run news organization has resigned from her position after Russia invaded Ukraine late last month and warned in a new interview this week that the world is on the brink of nuclear war.

“I really think we’re on the brink of a nuclear war right now,” Maria Baronova, who resigned as editor-in-chief of Russia Today, also known as RT, told Fox News in an exclusive interview. “I’m not exaggerating.


The head of a top Russian state-run news organization has resigned from her position after Russia invaded Ukraine late last month and warned in a new interview this week that the world is on the brink of nuclear war.

“I really think we’re on the brink of a nuclear war right now,” Maria Baronova, who resigned as editor-in-chief of Russia Today, also known as RT, told Fox News in an exclusive interview. “I’m not exaggerating.”

“I have a son, I can’t leave because his father won’t allow me to leave with him, and so I just prefer to stay in Moscow … It seems like we’re either in North Korea or we are going to be killed by a thermonuclear mushroom,” she said. “I wouldn’t quit, and I wouldn’t lose my salary and job if I was sure that we are going to be alive for many years, but I really don’t know what is going to happen to all of us next.”

Baronova said that the straw that broke the camel’s back was a message that a colleague wrote on social media about Putin’s invasion, which stated: “If you are now ashamed of being Russian, don’t worry, you are not Russian.”

“I was really disturbed by that tone and level of support,” Baronova said in response to the social media post. “If I chose to be with Russia, this does not mean that I should walk in a totalitarian system, be silent or, for example, rejoice that the regime, which I do not want for my country, is being exported somewhere else. And this regime will finally turn our life into one endless hell. What’s there. Already turned.”

I have nothing else to talk about with them,” she said. “Our own government is bombing our relatives, our friends.”

Baronova said that she was stunned by how many Russians were brainwashed by Putin’s claim that they were fighting Nazis in Ukraine.

“I try to talk with people on the streets… they even had arguments like, ‘We are fighting with Hitler,’ but look, I’ve got some news. Hitler died 80 years ago,” she said. “It seems like they’re really brainwashed.”

She also said that Western sanctions against Russia have started to change the public’s attitude toward the invasion.

“People were in favor on [the] first day of invasion. Now they are less convinced and much more skeptical because they understand now that they are going to lose their jobs, they are going to lose their cars, their iPhones, their everything,” she said. “So, let’s see what that are going to say in a month … The whole world is in a bad position.”

She said that the situation feels “like 1939,” which was the start of World War II, noting that it was impossible to know what would happen and that the people in Russia are “watching a lie on [the] TV.”



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Posted (edited)

Could be an interesting day to say the least.

Today so far….Gold and Silver on a rip

US sent envoys to Venezuela a few days ago to try and buy oil  https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/2022/03/06/venezuela-american-officials-visit/

Just now.  US & UK to ban Russian oil. https://www.ft.com/content/2e0b1d84-e595-4c5a-be4e-928417b9c7cc

Shell oil to stop buying Russian oil  https://www.cnbc.com/2022/03/08/shell-apologizes-for-buying-russian-oil-announces-phased-withdrawal.html

Russia publishes “ unfriendly “ country list.  https://www.ft.com/content/2e0b1d84-e595-4c5a-be4e-928417b9c7cc


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The Madman Putin’: The Globalists’ Misinformation Ploy


Today, the dangers of military escalation are beyond description.

What is now happening in Ukraine has serious geopolitical implications. It could lead us into a World War III scenario.

It is important that a peace process be initiated with a view to preventing escalation. 

Global Research condemns Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

A Bilateral Peace Agreement is required.

Ever since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the western public has been carpet bombed with the claim that Russian president Vladimir Putin is some sort of unhinged madman. This notion is being feverishly spread by the establishment and those in its pay: the political class, the media and the commentariat, career diplomats and technocrats as well as those connected to the security and intelligence communities.

The most remarkable thing about the Mad Vlad claim is that it is obviously false.

Whatever Vladimir Putin may be, he is certainly no madman. This much should be obvious to everyone with eyes to see.

A former KGB operative, Vladimir Putin is a wily person of demonstrated ability. After all, he managed to bring control and order to a vast country which was largely in disarray when he took over at the age of 48. He adroitly managed to keep himself in power for over two decades while navigating and overcoming a number of crises and challenges along the way. Through it all, he has shown himself to be intelligent, steel-willed, calculating, shrewd, self-controlled, determined and patient.

These are hardly the qualities of a lunatic.

We have dealt with Putin for 22 years and during that whole time no one seriously suggested or maintained that he was crazy. Quite to the contrary, for almost a decade after his ascent he was viewed as a capable man of considerable talents.

For years the Western establishment considered Putin a “man with whom we could do business.” He was seen as “liberal, humane, and decent European.” He was described as a person of “’alert, controlled poise’ and ‘well-briefed acuity,’ who was open to anything, even Russia joining NATO.”

And yet less than a week ago, on the day he invaded Ukraine, Vladimir Putin was nearly unanimously declared – contrary to all evidence of the past twenty years – a “madman” by members of the Western establishment.

The question is, why did they decide to suddenly gaslight and brainwash people with such a patent lie that so obviously contravenes reality?

Here is the answer: They did this to hide and conceal the gargantuan blunder they have committed over Ukraine.

By convincing the public that Putin is a madman, they can portray his move on Ukraine as an irrational, unexpected, impulsive and unjustifiable act of an unbalanced mind.

Nothing, however, could be further from the truth. Putin’s move was not irrational, impulsive or unjustifiable. And it was certainly not unexpected.

For years Putin had warned that inclusion of Ukraine in NATO was a red line for Russia. It should not be difficult to understand his position. It is not unreasonable for Russia to object to the presence of what it perceives to be a hostile military alliance on its border with a country that has historically been either part of Russia or within its sphere of influence. Russia does not want to allow such a threat to its security for similar reasons the United States would not allow Russia to build a military base in Cuba.

In their drive to implement a New World Order, however, Western globalists have been dismissive of Russia’s security concerns. Russia continued its strenuous objections and warned that if they were not taken seriously, they would take the necessary action to keep Ukraine out of NATO. The last time Russia made this clear was in November of last year.

This is how Wikipedia describes this occasion:

“On 30 November 2021, Russian President Vladimir Putin stated that an expansion of NATO’s presence in Ukraine, especially the deployment of any long-range missiles capable of striking Russian cities or missile defence systems similar to those in Romania and Poland, would be a “red line” issue for Russia. Putin asked U.S. President Joe Biden for legal guarantees that NATO would not expand eastward or put “weapons systems that threaten us in close vicinity to Russian territory.”

Do you want to know what kind of response Putin received to his legitimate security concerns? It was given by NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg. This is what he told Putin:

“It’s only Ukraine and 30 NATO allies that decide when Ukraine is ready to join NATO. Russia has no veto, Russia has no say, and Russia has no right to establish a sphere of influence to try to control their neighbors.”

Do you get the insult and the humiliation of this response? Not only the pompous globalist Stoltenberg refused to address Russia security fears, he implied that pip-squeak countries like North Macedonia, Portugal – who happened to be members of NATO – have a greater say than Russia in whether a large country that it borders joins the alliance.

Having ridden roughshod over their populations for nearly two years with their lockdown and vaccine regime, the Western globalists grew arrogant, overbearing and overconfident. They lost touch with reality and assumed that everyone would submit to their chicanery in the same way that their own docile populations went along with their random edicts and mandates.

Putin, however, would not bend to the globalist chicanery and did exactly what he had kept warning about for years if Russian concerns were not adequately addressed: He invaded Ukraine to stop NATO’s expansion into the country with which he shares nearly 1000 kilometres of border, and which once hosted Russia’s capital.

The invasion of Ukraine was a pre-announced, rational act of a strongman who felt increasingly encircled and threatened by what he deems to be an antagonistic military bloc.

Putin’s move came as a great shock to the Western elites who could have not imagined someone standing up to them in such a bold way. They were completely unprepared for the obvious and went into panic mode as they realized how many innocent lives could be lost to their incompetence and pomposity.

As the Russian tanks rolled into Ukraine, Putin exposed the globalists’ hubris and ineptitude. As the Russian military advanced speedily through the vast expanses of that land, the shocked elitists were nowhere to be seen. It was only the heart-breaking bravery of the Ukrainian people that saved them from complete exposure and humiliation.

And it is at this juncture that their patently absurd “Putin is a madman” misinformation play comes in.

The “Putin is a madman” canard is meant to shift the blame in the eyes of the public for the Ukrainian tragedy on the allegedly irrational act of a “crazy” man rather than assigning it to the right people: the overbearing, domineering, arrogant Western globalists who treated the legitimate security concerns of a great nuclear power with contempt.

In Putin they encountered reality in the form of an unyielding cunning strongman who would not yield to their edicts and hollow pronouncements in the submissive way they were used to from their own badgered populations.

They were in for a rude awakening. For two years the pompous globalists had been enriching themselves while tormenting peoples of the world with their useless and destructive lockdowns and dangerous and largely ineffective injections. If you think this is a harsh exaggeration, please read this from Yahoo News:

“Lockdowns during the first COVID-19 wave in the spring of 2020 only reduced COVID-19 mortality by 0.2% in the U.S. and Europe, according to a Johns Hopkins University meta-analysis of several studies. “While this meta-analysis concludes that lockdowns have had little to no public health effects, they have imposed enormous economic and social costs where they have been adopted,” the researchers wrote. “In consequence, lockdown policies are ill-founded and should be rejected as a pandemic policy instrument.” The researchers – Johns Hopkins University economics professor Steve Hanke, Lund University economics professor Lars Jonung, and special advisor at Copenhagen’s Center for Political Studies Jonas Herby – analyzed the effects of lockdown measures such as school shutdowns, business closures, and mask mandates on COVID-19 deaths.”

While the people suffered under their nonsensical edicts, the globalists kept accumulating untold riches. Consider this headline from CNN: “As millions fell into poverty during the pandemic, billionaires’ wealth soared.”

Greedy for ever more money, the globalists sought to pull Ukraine into their World Order so they could suck out money from it to line up their own pockets even further. They have been shown the way by none other than Globalist-in-Chief Joe Biden whose family has already siphoned millions of dollars out of Ukraine via his son Hunter. It is fully in character that Biden is also a Covidista par excellence who forced millions of unwilling Americans to take the Covid injections by pressuring employers to institute illegal mandates.

Now the globalists’ arrogance and ruthlessness got us into the Ukrainian crisis where we face the possibility of nuclear war.

The clever guys that they always are, the wreckers who got us into this mess have already managed to blame it all on the Mad Vlad.


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The New Commodity World Order

In the past two weeks the world has seen unprecedented events for which there is no road map for how to navigate. I will not recite all of the events other than to say that most ‘experts’ did not think Putin would choose to embark upon a full scale invasion of Ukraine. In addition, nobody foresaw the scope and magnitude of sanctions that the West has imposed upon Russia. It’s worth noting that while Russia only accounts for 2% of world GDP, it has an enormous endowment of natural resources, and Russia is a large producer and exporter of these commodities. 

Each year, Russia accounts for….

  • 17% of global natural gas production
  • 11% of global oil production 
  • 11% of global wheat production 
  • 11% of global precious metals production 
  • 10% of global industrial metals production 

If we add in the fact that Ukraine and Belarus have also essentially been taken offline then we can quickly conclude that the Russia/Ukraine conflict and the resulting economic sanctions have removed a significant chunk of global commodity production. In particular, agricultural commodities such as wheat and potash are now set to experience huge supply/demand deficits. There simply isn’t a way to replace Russian production in niche metals like palladium, or in industrial metals such as nickel. 

Already the market has begun to sharply adjust prices higher in order to help balance the supply/demand curves. Russian President Putin announced today that he has banned the export of any Russian raw materials and productions throughout the remainder of 2022. This creates a situation in which certain commodity prices will have to move to high enough levels that a significant portion of global demand for them is destroyed. 

One of the oldest adages in commodity markets is that “the cure for high prices is high prices….” – Markets are putting this adage to the test by sending the prices of multiple commodities including crude oil, nickel, and wheat soaring:

Crude Oil 






What has transpired in the nickel market in the last 48 hours is worthy of some extra commentary because it has never happened before and is likely to have lasting ramifications for commodity markets. 

In summary, China Construction Bank and Chinese mining company Tsingshan Nickel appear to have put on a giant short position in LME nickel futures. The short position is reportedly 200,000 tonnes in notional size. At a normal nickel price of let’s say $10/lb this short position is roughly US$4.5 billion in notional size. Big, but not insanely big for a large producer that is expected to produce 800,000 nickel-equivalent tonnes in 2022. 

The problem is that when the market moves against a hedge position of this size it generates margin calls, the exchange is going to ask for more money to be posted up as collateral to cover some of the mark-to-market losses. Remember, futures trading is a zero sum game. For every dollar gained on one side of the trade there is a dollar lost on the other side. As nickel prices moved into full short squeeze mode at the Sunday night futures open and throughout Monday’s trading session, suddenly the CCB/Tsingshan nickel short was showing a $5 billion mark-to-market loss and margin calls were triggered. 

Nickel did a 3x in the span of roughly two weeks, that has never happened before. This is an unheard of move for what is normally a very stable base metals market. 

In addition, the LME (London Metals Exchange) has changed the rules of the game in the middle of the game. Trading in nickel has been suspended, trades have been canceled, and physical delivery of maturing contracts has been deferred.

It’s important to understand that if a small trader like myself triggered a bunch of margin calls and blew up nobody would care. My positions would be liquidated and my carcass would be swept aside. Trading would continue and I would become just another failed futures trader. However, when the blow-up is so big and the counterparty is one of the largest players in the market then the rules of the game are changed. 

Yes, it’s a rigged game. 

I have no idea how this situation will play out, just as I have no idea how Russia/Ukraine will play out. However, I do know that in the last few weeks we are being forced to completely reassess everything. And I mean everything. 

Commodities are moving into a scarcity phase globally and this can’t be a good thing for economic growth, corporate earnings, and equity valuation multiples. 

There will be a concerted effort made to try to calm things down by western governments, but I fear that it is too late (and governments are incompetent anyway). Natural resources are critical to each nation’s national security and that means that they are more valuable than they were in the past. Expect some countries (Chile, Peru, etc.) to increasingly nationalize their largest mining operations, and other projects that we previously deemed to not be permittable, to suddenly get fast tracked through the permitting process. 

We are entering a new commodity world order, a world in which the rules of the game will be rewritten and many of the assumptions we have operated under for a long time no longer hold true. While I am very much operating under the premise that “nobody knows anything”, including myself, I have to conclude that North American resource projects will be valued at an even higher premium in this new commodity world order. In addition, ownership of physical metals as opposed to derivatives and ETFs will become more in vogue than ever before. 

Eric Coffin of HRA-Advisory nicely summed up the bullish thesis for gold in his latest subscriber alert:

“Sanctions and cross border actions against banks, including the Russian central bank and oligarchs, highlight the value of an asset that is no one else’s liability. Several central banks have reiterated the importance of gold for them as a balance sheet asset that underpins their other currency holdings.”

In a world in which central bank fx reserves held by foreign central banks can be frozen in an instant, gold is an essential store of value that both central banks and private citizens will increasingly seek to shelter their wealth and preserve their purchasing power.



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4 hours ago, Jaydee said:

most ‘experts’ did not think Putin would choose to embark upon a full scale invasion of Ukraine

Who are these experts I keep hearing about? I think progressives and liberals need new ones...


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7 hours ago, Jaydee said:

That's sure a lot of nothing compared to what the Ukrainians are going through. However it would be indicative of Putin's thinking that the the west is that shallow. I really have to believe that most of us in the west are willing to sacrifice if it helps the Ukrainians in their struggle. All we are being asked to do is suffer a small amount of money and inconvenience. The Ukrainians are certainly paying a much higher price and for many of them the price is their life. 


Right after I posted that I found came across this.     


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Note to liberals, progressives and democrats:

Now (as in RFN), would be a good time to stop listening to your own policy experts.

Foreign policy experts call for 'limited no-fly zone' over Ukraine

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I have exactly the same questions for liberals now as I did before any of this started:

1. Is it a good idea to source large portions of your national energy requirements from a hostile trading partner?

2. Is the Black Sea Fleet important to Russia?

2. Is Crimea important to the Black Sea Fleet?

3. Does Ukraine’s membership in NATO create a security concern for Russia and if so, would it serve as an inducement to war?

4. Given the increase in NATO countries from 12 to 30 (or whatever, I don’t care enough to look it up),are you and your neighbours willing to go full article 5 for a country you can’t even find on a map?

5. How do you account for that slothful, painfully slow build up of troops on the Ukraine border... just Russian incompetence eh?

6. And maybe the most important question of all… why do you insist on ridiculing average people asking high school level questions? From where I sit, you should be composing a 10K word essay that addresses each of the questions before you ridicule anyone.... 

If you remember the days before CRM (when it was called "crew co-op")  you might also remember that individual crew members were encouraged to ask "does this make sense, or should we be doing this?" if they had concerns about the trajectory of the mission.

My point here is pretty simple, if those questions can be asked during a war, surely they can be asked in advance of one. Until reasonable questions can be asked and answered in the absence of ridicule and censorship, the lady in black (that's the Goddess of Unintended Consequences BTW), is going to PT you a$$ around the mountain with a full pack. Eventually you will either accept her terms or "ring out". 

My real interest here is which one and how long.




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Western economies on brink of recession as Russia sanctions escalate 

 U.S., European leaders face unpleasant choice as they decide how aggressively to use economic sanctions


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Terry Glavin: Trudeau combats Russia's invasion of Ukraine with Operation Photo Opportunity

Terry Glavin  17 hrs agoTerry Glavin:

Trudeau combats Russia's invasion of Ukraine with Operation Photo Opportunity (msn.com)


A cleAAUQSxg.img?h=600&w=799&m=6&q=60&o=f&l=fA Clearer picture of Canada’s war-fighting strategy emerged this week during the dramatic eastward advance of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Operation Photo Opportunity. In the rumble of the hit-and-run media-availability event across Europe, word came at last from the tip of the spear aimed at Russian strongman Vladimir Putin, in Latvia.

© Provided by National Post Prime minister Justin Trudeau talks with soldiers during a visit of the Adazi military base, northeast of Riga, Latvia, on March 8, 2022.

What had been hinted at only two days earlier at a forward-operating press briefing by Defence Minister Anita Anand, it can now be revealed, is true. Canada will be fortifying Ukraine’s gallant resistance to invading Russian forces with little “precision cameras” mounted on the Turkish-made Bayraktar TB2 combat drones the Ukrainians have been putting to good use destroying Russian tanks and artillery.

During his review of the troops mobilized in Latvia under Operation Reassurance, the prime minister further revealed that the Canadian-led NATO deployment there, which Trudeau actually inherited from his ghastly Conservative predecessor Stephen Harper, would not be ordered to retreat. The deployment will stay on in the Baltics, and better than that, its troop strength of up to 915 soldiers, sailors and air force personnel will be soon joined by another 460 Canadian Forces troops.

It’s not clear whether these reinforcements will include the 260 military trainers ordered to run away from Ukraine, where the actual war is going on, two weeks before the Russian invasion began. They were last seen in Poland. To be fair, the Americans and the British pulled their troops out of Ukraine at around the same time.

So one really shouldn’t submit to the temptation of snark. After all, Canada has sent the Ukrainian resistance a generous assortment of non-lethal supplies like night-vision goggles and bullet proof vests along with 7,500 hand grenades, 4,500 M72 rocket launchers, and other such kit that make loud noises and kills invaders. And that’s all to the good.

We’re also sending along $1 million so that the Ukrainians can buy high-resolution RADARSAT-2 satellite imagery gear that will give them an edge in tracking Russian forces on the ground. This is only fitting, since the Trudeau government scuttled a commitment to provide RADARSAT-2 data to Ukraine in 2016, only months after coming to power, when Stéphane Dion was foreign affairs minister. The Ukrainians needed the data desperately, following Putin’s annexation of Crimea and occupation of Luhansk and Donetsk two years earlier. Awkward.

During his stopover in London, where he was pleased to meet Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, Trudeau and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that Canada and the United Kingdom would rededicate themselves to the Group of Seven’s efforts to counter Russian propaganda and disinformation. “We will continue to use the G7 Rapid Response Mechanism for joint assessment and collective action, including ramping up our collective engagement with media, tech platforms and civil society to tackle Russia’s unprecedented information war,” according to the Johnson-Trudeau joint statement.


Canada will be coming up with an extra $3 million. “We need to stand up for truth and be vigilant against disinformation that tries to mislead us, and more, tries to divide us,” Trudeau said. This is heartening. Perhaps it will go some way to offset the grant money the Department of National Defence and the Canadian Forces’ brass have been doling out to the Canadian Foreign Policy Institute (CFPI) — a peculiar Ottawa think-tank with an overweening interest in telling the other side of the story, as these things are often described — the “side” of the story that Beijing, Tehran and Moscow want you to believe.

Just this past Friday, for instance, the CFPI hosted a webinar it called “A discussion on Russia’s invasion, NATO’s provocation, the economic interests & Canada’s complicity in escalating the crisis.” Odd crowd for Canada’s military establishment to be spending money on, you could say. Sunny ways I suppose.

Odd, too, the repeated refrain from Trudeau, Anand and Foreign Affairs Minister Mélanie Joly, always a lot of standing, as in standing united and standing with allies and standing with Ukraine, and the tautologies are plain weird. “Canada and its allies are united” keeps coming up. Allies, by definition, are “united”; it’s why they’re called “allies.” It’s almost as though Trudeau and his ministers feel the need to go out of their way to persuade the Americans and the Europeans that we’re on the same side. We are. “Let there be no mistake.”

Maybe it’s necessary in ways the rest of us are insufficiently sophisticated to comprehend. It’s hard not to notice all the senior federal star power that’s been conscripted to the prime minister’s Operation Photo Opportunity, and too easy to notice who has been strangely absent. Or kept out of sight. Or just out of camera range, as he was at Trudeau’s strange flower-laying-for-the-cameras exercise at the Grunewald S-Bahn train station in Berlin, a place notorious for having been the embarkation point for Jews deported to be murdered in their millions during the Holocaust.

During the historic upheavals in European diplomatic norms of recent days — the jettisoning of decades of German neo-pacifism, and final end of Berlin’s fashionable kowtowing to Putin, the European Union’s unprecedented decision to arm a European democracy being invaded by a nuclear power — you’d think we’d have seen or heard something from the Honourable Stéphane Dion, Ambassador to Germany and Special Envoy to the European Union and Europe. We haven’t.

Bestowed with these topmost-tier diplomatic postings after being turfed by Trudeau in 2017 and replaced by the pro-Ukraine and pro-democracy militant Chrystia Freeland, Dion has been quite understandably out of the limelight lately. During his time as foreign minister Dion was notoriously chummy with Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov. He was wildly enthusiastic about restoring warm relations with Putin, despite Putin’s ongoing war crimes in Syria, and Dion was adamantly opposed to the introduction of “Magnitsky” laws to sanction Russian oligarchs that every democracy on Earth has now suddenly and at long last taken on.

And after everything that has happened, and while all this history was being made in Germany and the EU, Dion was down in Yerevan, Armenia, for days on end, hanging around with the most senior officials of the only government in the 47-member Council of Europe that opposed Russia’s expulsion from the council for invading Ukraine.

So at this astonishing moment in history, as Operation Photo Opportunity moves forward, city by city, through the bitter Baltic winter, ever onward, perhaps we should accept the wisdom of Prime Minister Trudeau and his war council that the immediate objective must be to reassure the Europeans, and most importantly the people of Ukraine, that yes, despite appearances, Canada is actually on their side.

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I'm pretty sure Trump would have fired this guy... I certainly would.

In early February, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley told lawmakers during a closed-door briefing that Kyiv could fall within 72 hours after a full-scale Russian invasion. 

I'm also reasonably sure that Russia has a weather eye toward limiting collateral damage in Ukraine. Not so much the people, but infrastructure like power, water, sewer, bridges, roads, etc.

That effort makes progress slow and it increases casualties. Could Russia level everything in their path and move faster?... ya, sure they could, but I doubt that's the real objective here. It also tends to reinforce my own notion that this could have been avoided by rational consideration of the varied (and potential) "inducements to war" in the area.

In any case, what they do appear to have underestimated (and I say by a large margin) is the difficulty of digesting the porcupine after it's been caught.

IMO, the US withdrawal from Afghanistan could have been better choreographed by Mrs. Schneider's grade 3 class during their lunch break. Even so, you can be assured that US General Officers aren't fools.

But, like the majority of Doctors during Covid, I suspect they've been silenced at the very time their expertise was most needed by the people they serve. And just as it does with Doctors, it now reflects poorly on them... better to have stood up, squared your shoulders and been fired IMO. 



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Any use of a NATO country (in the immediate vicinity) as a venue for supply lines should be cause for sober reflection IMO.

Frankly, after the unmitigated madness of the Afghan withdrawal, it's not the sort of thoughtful reflection I would seek to trust US Democrats with.

Progressives scare me, it seems they have starring roles in youtube videos entitled "idiots with chainsaws." Sometimes a moments reflection on unintended consequences is what saves the day.

Russians hit Ukrainian military base near Polish border in war's westernmost attack



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Can the US resist being sucked into the vortex.....

'The vast majority of the victims in Ukraine are European, White and Christian. Quite a few speak at least a little English. With their puffer coats and their rolling suitcases, they look familiar as they climb onto the trains that speed them into exile. Their children play with Muppets dolls and Legos.

Whether intentionally or subconsciously, news organizations make this war more vivid and more tragic by focusing so tightly on victims and refugees. We get to see them as individuals, not as an undifferentiated mass. Viewers and readers are invited, if not forced, to imagine ourselves in similar circumstances. It is no wonder that so many members of Congress, reflecting the views of their constituents, are pressing the Biden administration to intervene more robustly, despite the obvious risks of entering an armed conflict with Russia.

Civilians killed and displaced by the 2003 invasion of Iraq suffered no less grievously. But the fact is that we rarely get intimately acquainted with the victims (who, in that case, were neither European nor White nor Christian) when U.S. forces are the ones firing the cruise missiles and lobbing the artillery shells.'

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Beware of 70 percenters.

How did the people who used to be moderate and reasonable suddenly become so unhinged on so many topics? 

Canadians believe NATO should prepare to fight Russia's invasion of Ukraine: Survey

A new poll suggests nearly three-quarters of Canadians believe NATO allies should prepare for military intervention as Russian aggression escalates in Ukraine, even as half hold out hope for a diplomatic resolution.

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OTTAWA – A poll asking Canadians what our country and its military allies should do to halt Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has revealed that an overwhelming number of Canadians are not experts at military or diplomatic strategy.

“Our poll asked Canadians whether Canada and NATO should ‘close the skies over Ukraine to prevent Russian attacks’ and 89% responded yes,” said lead pollster Aaron Blayert. But when we followed up and asked ‘should we still do that even though Russia will undoubtedly consider that an act of war’ 93% responded ‘**bleep**! What?! No no no no don’t do that then.'”

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Well... Russia's track record is not stellar when it comes to invasion and military actions. so maybe a full scale attack is not a bad idea.

At this point I think the Russian Bear is nothing more than a scared little orphaned cub lashing out with little success.

Putin is exhibiting all of the hallmarks of a cornered animal.  He no longer has strategic targets in sight and is just destroying everything.  This is a sign of weakness which can be exploited.

It is more likely that all the chest thumping and demonstrations of military might are much ado about nothing and it is all a façade.

Is it worth taking the chance?  Maybe, maybe not.  Bolstering Ukraine is the best bet to push his forces out with their tail between their legs at the moment. 

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Canada could not close the skies over anywhere.

With our tiny air force with badly outdated equipment we couldn't close the airspace over Newfoundland.

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13 hours ago, Seeker said:


OTTAWA – A poll asking Canadians what our country and its military allies should do to halt Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has revealed that an overwhelming number of Canadians are not experts at military or diplomatic strategy.

“Our poll asked Canadians whether Canada and NATO should ‘close the skies over Ukraine to prevent Russian attacks’ and 89% responded yes,” said lead pollster Aaron Blayert. But when we followed up and asked ‘should we still do that even though Russia will undoubtedly consider that an act of war’ 93% responded ‘**bleep**! What?! No no no no don’t do that then.'”

Well it was the Beaverton poll.

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