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Imagine if the terms “pandemicist” or “anti-vaxxer” were replaced by the “n” word or some other widely despised epithet. Most rational people would rail at that and address it immediately. Yet these words are becoming commonplace in social discourse as zealots on both sides attempt to marginalize those who disagree. It doesn’t matter which side does it, it’s wrong and it needs to stop. We should be better than this.

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I figured it out!! Either Seeker or Critical Thinker ( or both of them) is Aaron Rodgers...Green Bay qb.

He stated he did not vaxx for a few reasons one of which was; " I am a Critical Thinker". I think he intended to drop out "a". He also asserted that by reason of his extensive research, he knew he would benefit from a course of ivermectin. It is assumed he meant the "human dose".

That's my contribution to solving the puzzle.🤭🤭😁

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