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Just now, spreadsheet said:

And I'd guess the inflation adjusted cost of that ticket would get you a much nicer experience today.

Not likely.....  The tickets at the time were not exactly priced except for those who might have that dream vacation once every few years, not annually or more frequently that seems to be the norm now. 

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Alaska Airlines Reactivating 10 Airbus A320s To Support Recovery


Things are improving for Alaska Airlines. Now, to support the carrier’s recovery, it is planning on reactivating ten Airbus A320ceos. These planes, which are only coming back for a short time, will help tide the carrier over before it gets enough Boeing 737 MAX jets to support its fleet plans.

Alaska Airlines is reactivating 10 Airbus A320s. Photo: Getty Images

Alaska Airlines reactivating 10 Airbus A320s

On the carrier’s second-quarter earnings call, CEO Ben Minicucci stated the following on Alaska Airlines reactivating 10 Airbus jets:

“We are planning to reactivate approximately 10 Airbus aircraft and begin flying them this fall and winter. This temporary return of several Airbus airplanes allows us to create capacity quickly and protects against unforeseen events that could be outside of our control, such as supply chain disruption.”

Alaska Airlines is bringing back the Airbus A320s to add temporary capacity as it waits for more MAX jets. Photo: Getty Images

The Airbus jets that are coming back will come online later this year, toward the fourth quarter. The jets are mainly there to support the airline’s recovery heading into summer 2022. While it is reactivating these jets, the airline is still confident in Boeing’s ability to deliver the MAX jets Alaska has on order. As Mr. Minicucci stated:

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