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Your Amazing View For The Weekend

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I am interested in the shoe they use. Quiet, quick and precise. 

I feel like going for a walk...

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I was the ranking cadet in air cadets and led a lot of drill. I just loved barking out orders to a bunch of guys and getting instant obedience by all of them. ?

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I served on my Squadrons drill team many many moons ago.  The practice we put into those Drill demonstrations was intense.  All for aa couple of competitions and our annual inspection.

Loved every minute of it


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The last stage of my pilot training, with my course mates still involved "drill" . We had a great DS...Drill Sergeant, very patient as there were a couple of fellows who just couldn't do it correctly. Sergeant C. was  a well turned out NCO , the epitome of the Military dress code. You could probably slice bread with the creases in his shirt and trousers. He had immigrated from the Caribbean and joined the RCAF about 10-15 years before us.  His drill  commands befit his posture....ramrod straight, loud and sharp. Initially I think, we as just kids, feared him, but as time went on I think everyone really took to him and tried their best to avoid his wrath.

When we held graduation it was a normal Military procedure for us to go from Flight Cadets to Pilot Officers to Flying Officers in one instant.  We had our wings pinned on, and when the ceremony was over and we were dismissed  and headed for the small exit door in the hanger, each of us with the shiniest Silver Dollar we could find, in our pocket. It was an unwritten rule that as brand new "OFFICERS" we were to give the Silver Dollar to the first Non Commissioned Officer  that saluted us...

You guessed it, Sergeant C. was outside the hanger door, eyes straight ahead, at attention,  and saluted each one of us as we left the hanger... with the comment ..."Well done, Sir"......... that  is a memory I'm sure none of us will ever forget.?

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