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Tucker Carlson (FOX News) Throws Shade on Canada

Kip Powick

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And there is truth to what he says!!

I just completed 14 days in quarantine. My " quarantine facilities" are in a remote rural area. I had to produce a Covid test at the border; take another test upon entry and a third test 10 days later. I was visited by G4 security twice and by the OPP once. I received not less than one call per day ( as did my wife) from an  " in person" or programmed inquisitor to confirm that we had complied with quarantine requirements; weren't entertaining visitors; had adequate food; and, were getting fresh air.

After a bit....though the bona fides of the intent is acknowledged....it becomes "wearing".

Meanwhile....every Delhi flight....every flight...carries Covid-infected pax and everyone knows it. All the FA reserves do one because everyone gets the "Covid call".


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?? Okay....I confess. I MAY have objected to a request for identity whilst upon my own property. And I MAY have taken exception to a lady who called and identified herself as " the government of Canada".

Regarding id.....I said to the very nice lady requesting same; "If we are NOT Mr.& Mrs " Johnson", we are not subject to the Quarantine Act and the Emergency Order and therefore have no obligation to identify ourselves. If you reasonably believe that we are obligated to identify ourselves, we must be Mr. & Mrs. Johnson."

Yup! Must be a lawyer!

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Critically ill, Harold Bidlestein slowly shuffled into Attorney  Tuffer Slingsheet’s office right on time. He had a 2:00pm appointment and he was gonna keep it no matter how ill he was…

Slingsheet ..”What can I do for you sir?”

Bidlestein .. “How much does it cost to become a lawyer ?”

Slingsheet.. “Well I went to TAEKKEN  EWE College  for close to 5 years so it probably cost me over $75,000.00 to become a member of the Bar.”

Bidlestein gasped and coughed ..“I want to become a lawyer faster than that, Is there a quickie course I can take ? “

Slingsheet : “Yes, but at your age, why bother?”

Bidlestein, coughed, wheezed, and gasped….”That’s my business, Get me on that course”…

Five days later Slingsheet delivered the new law degree..Suddenly the old man  was wracked with fits of coughing and it was clear the end was near.

Slingsheet..” Please before it’s too late , tell me why you wanted a law degree now?”

As Bidlestein breathed his last he whispered, “One less lawyer.”


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Remember....all lawyers are buried 10' down; not 6'.

'Cuz way down deep, lawyers aren't that bad.

And just because...best of my knowledge, no lawyers were fired for exposing their genitals in the courtroom!!?

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On 4/5/2021 at 11:42 AM, North of You said:

I was exposed in MIA when we went down for training.  Had the test done and was told to self quarantine.  Not one phone call, not one visit. I don’t know, but it would seem somehow u set off some bells somewhere. 

North...when did you go through the "process"? I've quarantined 3 times. The first two times...other than the request for my daily check-in on Arrive Canada...I heard nothing and saw no one. It was only the most recent entry that generated a more "intensive" involvement of PHAC.

And two more to go!!

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I’m in southern Ontario. 

As I’m part of The Front Line people, who the vaccine is smart enough not to infect, coming back from out of country is a non issue with no required quarantine. It’s just this one time, after already being at home,  where it turned out our sim instructor tested positive the day after we sat in the sim with him.

Called the hotline, got the test and was told to stay home. 


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