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Tiger Woods careened of a highway in CA at 7:10 this morning. He was the only occupant in the car and it was quite a severe roll-over.

Used the Jaws Of Life" to get him out of the car...reportedly Moderate to Critical injuries.😣

UPDATE.....Law enforcement says Woods has non life threatening injuries and has  compound fractures of both legs


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I’m sure this was not the publicity Hyundai was looking for, with a big Genesis logo on the door, especially if the vehicle had a mechanical failure:


The tournament has been held at Riviera on a near-continuous basis since 1973. South Korea-based Hyundai Motor Group, through its Genesis Motors subsidiary, took over sponsorship in 2017, after nine seasons from  Northern Trust Corporatio


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On the other hand, if this is but one more incident of too much speed on a notorious stretch of road, then his survival from a pretty serious front end whack might be a good news story.

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3 hours ago, deicer said:

First responders, police and medics stated that they saw no indication of DUI or other drug indications...Not sure if the med /Hosp stated the same thing.

At that time in the morning,(around 7:00am), perhaps he just fell asleep at the wheel.

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Different rules for different folks...


'The golf superstar was driving 84 to 87 miles per hour (135 to 140 km/h) on a downhill stretch of road outside Los Angeles that had a speed limit of 45 mph (72 km/h), Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva said Wednesday.
The athlete will not face any citations for his third high-profile collision in 11 years.

'However, investigators did search the SUV's data recorder, known as a black box, in the days after the crash.'

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