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Is it just me or is anybody else tired of hearing??  Feel free to add to:

We know

Have your back

Since day one

Every step of the way

From coast to coast to coast

Fiscal firepower

What I can say is...

Clear and transparent

Middle class and working hard to join it

Economy will come roaring back

Because that’s what Canadians do (are)

Standing up for Canadian jobs right across the country

Clean tech

Doing the hard worK

Our most vulnerable

Kill the most number of people in the least amount of time

We take this very seriously

Having a conversation

We rely on experts and science


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Micro aggressions

White Privilege



Cultural appropriation




Social “Justice” Warrior

Toxic Masculinity



Build Back Better



Rape Culture




Islam, the religion of peace 


‘Racial bias

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Changing Mother & Father to “Birthing People”.’s a real thing


 “ If you want to have an inclusive practice that serves all birthing people, you might start by taking a look at your written materials — your website, your social media outlets, and any paper handouts that you may give to current or prospective clients. Do you use words like woman, mama/mom/daddy/father, she/her, husband, goddess, etc.? Does your writing suggest the assumption that all birthing people are married women with male spouses who will be involved in the birth? These questions may help you start to identify ways in which you could change your language to become more inclusive of more families in your community, substituting words like person (pregnant person, birthing person, postpartum person), partner(s), parent(s), and they/them.

LGBTQ+ folks — and members of other marginalized communities — are often on the lookout for explicit signs that service providers are non-discriminatory, safe, and aware of their needs. If your website and other materials insistently use words like “woman,” “husband,” and so on, that may immediately suggest to an LGBTQ+ person that you are not a safe choice for them, regardless of your actual feelings or intentions “ 

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1 hour ago, Jaydee said:

Changing Mother & Father to “Birthing People”.

Unfortunately, these folks are never in a position to answer follow up questions that test the outer limits of the buffoonery they are advocating for.

Are grandparents now "grand birthing people"? In the fullness of time, can we look forward to being "great grand birthing people"? What If one of the "great grand birthing people" dies, does the remaining spouse (oops, life partner) become a great grand birthing person.

And what if either or both self identify as their "spirit animal"? And what if they have different spirit animals? Is "great grand birthing bear" and "great grand birthing eagle" already taken?

Are latin names OK? How about "great grand birthing  Micropachycephalosaurus hongtuyanensis" for someone enamoured with extinct lizards?

What do we do about unenlightened, old school wives who may want to retain ownership of the "birthing process" and threaten their life partners with violence at the notion of self identifying as a birthing person?  I'll leave that investigation to deicer.... when he gets out of the hospital, a separate thread detailing the adventure is sure to be instructive.


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