Medical Assistance in Dying

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While we were all worrying about COVID, the Justin Trudeau government is rushing through a reduction of qualifications to have the procedure. Having personally observed this experience unfold with a family member under the present system, it was a very humane procedure done with extreme compassion by all involved. I am not against the procedure, the exact opposite. It will be my choice to make when I can no longer recognize who I am.  

My concern is.... “ If it ain’t broke don’t fix it”  So it begs the question...why is Trudeau trying to kill more Canadians when the present system works just fine ?

  • In 2019, there were 5,631 cases of MAID reported in Canada, accounting for 2.0% of all deaths in Canada. 
  • The number of cases of MAID in 2019 represents an increase of 26.1% over 2018 numbers, with all provinces experiencing a steady year over year growth in the number of cases of MAID since its introduction into law in 2016.
  • When all data sources are considered, the total of number of medically assisted deaths reported in Canada since the enactment of federal legislation is 13,946.

“ With nearly everyone in Canada distracted by a pandemic and related mortality rates, the federal government has been quietly orchestrating what is likely to prove a far greater expansion in our country’s future death count. And in ways much more troubling than Covid-19.

Bill C-7 is Ottawa’s planned amendment to existing doctor-assisted suicide legislation. It proposes to substantially increase the range of people who qualify for so-called Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID) by dropping current restrictions on anyone whose death is not “reasonably foreseeable”, eliminating lengthy waiting periods and removing the requirement of mental competency immediately prior to the procedure. What few controls it proposes to retain – such as restricting its use by those suffering solely from mental illness – are likely to be swept aside by human rights complaints given the fact every other limitation has already been removed.

In normal circumstances, federal legislation proposing nearly unlimited suicide-on-demand would be expected to monopolize political, media and public attention and prompt numerous public demonstrations and other obvious expressions of interest ­– just as the original legislation did throughout the last decade. Not so today.” 

Rather, this profoundly troubling bill was rushed through the House of Commons late last year while everyone was fixated on other matters and public gatherings largely forbidden. The proposed legislation now sits in the hands of the Senate where, in unusual fashion, hearings were held on the matter before the bill had even been passed by the House, in order to speed its passage. Its final fate will be determined when the Senate resumes sitting later this month ­– such haste the result of an entirely unnecessary February deadline. Euthanasia enthusiasts, both inside and outside government, are now eagerly anticipating the bill’s rapid passage into law without any major pushback from otherwise distracted Canadians. “ 

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