The "Most Beautiful" aircraft thread

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2 hours ago, Innuendo said:

I thought the original thread specified  “Beautiful” rather than your favourite aircraft.

While  I can understand those who opt for the Herc, is it beautiful?

maybe if you like Bulldogs.

Putting on tin hat. 🤒

Oh dear. Just because it is functional doesn't mean it can't be beautiful. Beautiful upswept tail, (also functional), the windows are like beautiful eyes, (also functional), the high wings are like a beautiful bird, (also functional)....need I go on. There's just never been another aircraft as beautiful as the mighty Herc.

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1 hour ago, Kip Powick said:

No need for a tin hat ....😉. The C-130 is the most versatile aircraft that DND has ever purchased and the word "beauty" is probably mostly used to describe its ability to go anywhere and everywhere on a moments notice  and more importantly it was  pure joy to fly. I often described it as a "jet" with 16 props and very light on the controls.

Years ago it was the premier aircraft that any pilot desiring to go world wide on would ask for but it was normally the long in the tooth pilots that got posted on it because they wanted pilots with lots of  experience and high flight hours.The "head shed" changed all that when other Commands  in the RCAF complained that they all got the "green-horn" pilots and in the 1960's we had our first batch of pipe-liners try the bird followed very quickly by the first  "pipeline" female pilots and navigators.

There are a million stories about operations with the C-130 and think it would be extremely rare to find a pilot who did not enjoy his/her time on the might "Herc".

I was one of the fortunate pipeliners to go on to the Herc. It was sure a challenge going from the Tutor/C45 on to the Herc. Fortunately I flew with some fantastic guys at 435 who had the patience to see me through. (Guys like Frank Fay, Jock Gourlay. Collin Dobbins etc.) In my last year I even had the best flying job ever instructing in the Tactical Airlift School with Frank Fay as a CO.

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