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Up Next on the CC Chopping Block


Hasbro will change all 16 of Monopoly’s “community chest” cards to remove outdated concepts. The company said the classic versions of the cards, which included prompts referencing beauty contests and holiday funds, were “long overdue for a refresh.”

Monopoly getting 'long overdue' socially conscious makeover, Community chest cards might penalize players for forgetting to recycle


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My son is taking the approach of being involved in politics.  He is a good friend of the Provincial Education Minister now. The Alberta Teachers Association is an incredibly powerful body and aft

Impressive....I suddenly have a new found respect for this politician !!  “ Quebec Premier François Legault, took to Facebook this weekend to voice his concerns on the growing problem of cance

He is the only premier that can get away with that, anyone else and Trudeau would call them out and punish them.

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It’s time to Cancel “Cancel Culture”

When I think about some of the famous figures, from past to present, who have caused divides and  at times, controversy, I am grateful for them—even the ones I strongly disagree with. I hunger for  the individuals who cause a ripple on the tranquil sea of celebrity culture, those who are willing to  stick to their beliefs in the face of derision and, at times, face severe media backlash.


There's almost a "witch trial" vibe in the online world today: to merely type a few words that go  against the grain can lead one to be hung out to dry—slung aside as the latest super-villain to satiate our desire to feel better about ourselves and our own thinking.

Each of us will know of at least one or two celebrities who have been in the firing line from the  cancel mob. It's not a rare occurrence nowadays—although some make more headlines than others.  You will probably remember the drama of last year, when Harry Potter author JK Rowling ended up on the dartboard of social media yet again. With her face firmly glued to the bullseye, thousands of  accounts had their darts at the ready. We saw in real time the effect that it has when a big name  stands up for something that many others don't agree with—the results aren't pretty. I am not one of  her critics—and this is not because I agree with all that she said, but because I respect her right to  her views and appreciate the conversations that can spark in the public forum when opinions clash.

Of course, JK Rowling doesn't stand alone in being targeted. Johnny Depp is another significant  name who has been dragged through the mud; online campaigns popped up a few years ago to  "cancel" the actor due to allegations of domestic abuse—allegations that have been cast under  doubt. People were quick to demand his "cancellation" before they knew anything more than the  headlines, and demanded his removal from some of his much loved roles based on something they  knew very little about at the time. It seems the "judge and jury" crew of social media feel qualified  to determine a person's guilt—a scary reality for those living their lives in the public domain.


There appears to be a "moral panic" online, doesn't there? It's almost as if, as a society, we don't  know how to handle complicated things, we want every issue to be black and white, with no grey  areas, and we want so desperately to be on the "right" side. Innocent or guilty? Pick one side and  leave no room for doubt. In this we feel safe: we want to know where to stand—and more  importantly, want to know we are with the majority, because to do otherwise comes at a cost, as we  often see.

In a world driven by the desperation to be "politically correct" above all things, we are doing  ourselves a disservice. It is not that an audience needs to blindly agree with what they are hearing  from any particular public figure, far from it, however, we should be allowed to co-exist with the  voices that differ from our own–even ones that bother or perhaps offend us. Never before have we  experienced such a high level of cancel culture, whereby armies of online users try to silence the  opposition simply for thinking about things in a different way. An opinion, nowadays, comes with a  huge price tag if you are a public figure: one can either nod along sagely with the majority of their  peers, buying a secure, comfortable status and ensuring to never 'rock the boat'—or instead, choose  to stand up and speak out, selling their enjoyable comfort-zone to the savage altar of public opinion.

We pride ourselves on trying to raise the voices of the marginalised, but should not the aim be,  ultimately, to ensure everyone has an equal right to share their views and experiences—to live their  life as they please—without inadvertently creating a new demographic of silenced and suppressed  voices? Are we not working together as a society to bring about a world where—barring those  inciting hatred or violence, of course—diverse opinions are debated, explored and discussed without  the risk of a blanket ban from others, just for the "crime" of seeing things a different way?

The price to be paid, if and when we are successful in "cancelling" a public figure for their  opinions, will be a watered-down, diluted world, filled with non-individuals lacking in the capacity to discuss real issues in any constructive way. If we manage to shut down and push away every  person or public figure we disagree with, it is we who will eventually lose—the flavours of society  are far more interesting when everyone in it is not forced to conform to uniformity out of fear of  ridicule or rejection.

The world will soon become a dull place if we lose the value of diverse thought and opinion in  favour of censorship and cancel culture. It is by hearing opposing voices that we learn more about  ourselves. Let's not be frightened to be "triggered" by others—after all, if we feel secure in  ourselves and our beliefs, if we feel so certain that we are in the right, then no argument or  perceived "controversial" opinion from another should be able to threaten that. What are we all so  afraid of?

Truthfully, cancel culture isn't such a big threat, is it? There are enough of us left who appreciate the status quo being questioned, poked and prodded, to ensure the world will remain truly diverse in all  ways. The keyboard warriors and the angry anonymous gangs can hashtag their way onto anyone's online pages and attempt to bully into submission, but all the while there are figures amongst us fighting for freedom of speech, we will be safe. Let's treasure those voices—the ones who never let  others settle for the way things are just because it's easy—they are the ones who change history.

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At least someone is trying to protect the nation from the out of control Stupidity. Unfortunately, recent history says the Democrats will no doubt vote against the bill. 


‘GRINCH Act’ introduced to protect children's books from cancel culture: ‘No one is safe’

GOP congressman tells ‘America’s Newsroom’ First Amendment rights ‘must be defended

Rep. John Joyce, R-Pa., is fighting back against the cancel culture and argued no one is "safe" from the "woke" movement.

The Pennsylvania lawmaker is introducing the Guarding Readers’ Independence and Choice (GRINCH) Act to safeguard children’s literature from being "canceled." The GRINCH Act will cut off government funding for agencies that censor books. 

"The reaction has been so positive...the cancel culture is rapidly attacking our American institutions, our libraries, our school," Joyce told "America’s Newsroom," Friday. "I'm alarmed at the left's attempt to cancel historic books characters."

Joyce added the GRINCH Act would prevent taxpayer dollars from supporting state and local governments from banning books. The Pennsylvania congressman said adult’s and children’s First Amendment rights "must be defended."

"If you find that these books are offensive to your children, then the parents should be the ones who make that decision. Government should not be making that," Joyce told co-host, Dana Perino.
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On 3/26/2021 at 8:36 AM, Jaydee said:

'Basic Instinct' actress told those who are playing into cancel culture to 'grow up'

I still believe the majority of people think all of this is ridiculous, they simply aren't vocal about it. The closeness of the US election should be a huge red flashing MASTER WARNING light for Democrats.

I'm not a basketball fan but it seems to me that the quality of the sport is a function of the talent of individual players. I hazard to guess (but don't actually know) that the majority of the players, and certainly the best of the players are black.... and good on them BTW, even though I'm not a fan I can certainly recognize talent when I see it.

Would any serious basketball fan suggest that the game would be improved through mandated equality of outcome? In other words, if the racial makeup of each team was required to be a direct representation of the population at large (rather than based purely on talent), would the quality of play, fan attendance, players salaries, (etc etc) be improved as a result? Should that be a mandatory consideration in player selection and team composition? 

If your answer is no and you happen to be a liberal, I think your party is headed over the cliff. You might want to cancel the flasher, complete the memory items, consult a checklist and land as soon as possible because cancel culture is, by its very nature, a manifestly unsustainable philosophy. 


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Piers Morgan writes about Meghan Markle debacle, rails against cancel culture, 'woke brigade'

“It's time to cancel the cancel culture before it kills our culture"

Piers Morgan is railing against cancel culture and "woke" liberals in a lengthy account appearing in the U.K.'s "Mail on Sunday" newspaper.

Morgan, who left "Good Morning Britain" earlier his month after saying on air that he didn’t believe many of the things Meghan Markle had said in her shocking Oprah Winfrey interview, was writing at length for the first time since after his divisive comments about the Duchess of Sussex. 

My problem is with the increasingly insidious woke cancel culture ... If allowed to continue unchecked, it will make it virtually impossible for anyone with an opinionated personality to survive in any workplace."

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The Lefts competition for bizarre stupidity continues unabated !!


“ The University of Oxford has taken the Black Lives Matter movement to heart, and as such is considering a plan to scrap sheet music, notation, and the classical music that was scored upon it. Sheet music is now considered "too colonial," while Beethoven and Mozart, and music curriculums in general, are believed to have "complicity in white supremacy."

Who's in on this? Arguments against the music, which is one of the greatest achievements of western civilization, arose not just from activist students but from activist professors, who say that the music study in its current composition is focused on "white European music from the slave period."

Musical notation is believed now to be part of a "colonialist representational system." The changes are being proposed to undergraduate level courses and the goal is to "decolonize" music study. These professors are intent on addressing "white hegemony," according to Telegraph.

The professors argue that the teaching of musical notation would be a "slap in the face" for students because notation "has not 'shaken off its connection to its colonial past.'" Music study, moving forward, has been "earmarked for a rebranding to be more inclusive."

Additionally, requirements will no longer dictate that music students are taught to play piano, or how to conduct orchestras, because this, too "structurally centres white European music." According to these music instructors at Oxford whose job it was to teach the history, scope, breadth and practice of music, this can cause "students of colour great distress." Even the way music is taught, these profs complain, is a problem because the "vast bulk of tutors for techniques are white men."

If Oxford is no longer willing or able to uphold that 800 year history of musical scholarship in the western tradition, it is unclear who will.” general&utm_campaign=4139707355-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2021_03_25_05_21_COPY_01&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_cddc6102a6-4139707355-221730880

Musical notation branded 'colonialist' by Oxford professors hoping to 'decolonise' the curriculum

Documents reveal that faculty members have proposed reforms to address 'white hegemony' in music courses

Musical notation has been branded "colonialist" by Oxford professors hoping to reform their courses to focus less on white European culture,

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Only in a world where trees are racist would moving an all star game from a city that is 51% black to a city that's 76% white be considered "woke."

And you need look no further than the MLB stance on China to divine the true definition of hypocrisy. 


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12 minutes ago, Wolfhunter said:


And you need look no further than the MLB stance on China to divine the true definition of hypocrisy. 


Gotta get the cheap merch.  Same goes for the NBA.

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21 minutes ago, Jaydee said:


This is why you don't let someone who hasn't finished High School access to your Meme generator.

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