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The Fake / Biased News Media


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"CNN calls for their competition to be shut down one week after they gave a platform to a domestic terrorist," tweeted Posobiec, referring to the fact that CNN gave a massive platform to John Sullivan, who has now been arrested and charged by federal authorities. 

CNN commentators and scolds will tell you that these news organizations must be censored and suppressed for the public's own good. They will claim that their targets are guilty of dangerous "disinformation."


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I will say it again.  Conservatives are the biggest proponents of the second amendment and own a LOT of guns.  They buy guns with the reasoning of protecting themselves from the actions of a tyrannical government.

So on the day they staged an attempted takeover of the capital with the intention of actually lynching people.... They forgot to bring the guns.

Again, not the best and brightest America has to offer. 

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22 minutes ago, boestar said:

So on the day they staged an attempted takeover of the capital with the intention of actually lynching people.... They forgot to bring the guns.

An awful lot of assumptions in one statement, and all contradictory of each other. The simple fact that the mass majority of Trump supporters that DIDN’T show up loaded for bear says a lot more than the few idiots who actually entered the building....of which the only person doing the shooting was a cop who shot an unarmed protester..

Which begs the question of who they actually were. Were they who the MEDIA claimed they were or who that actually are. Unless and until each and everyone is interviewed, it’s all assumption on the media’s part....and we all know what the media has been all about the last 4 years...nothing but vile, insidious hate mongering against anything Trump related.

‘Check out any one of our own TDS member posts for verification of the intent.

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Get Ready for 4 Years of Media Sycophancy

On Sunday, Jan. 17, Vice President-elect Kamala Harris sat down with Jane Pauley of CBS News "Sunday Morning." Pauley treated Harris to a full-on journalistic massage. At no point was Harris asked a tough question; at no point was Harris treated as anything other than an idol worthy of worship. Perhaps the most awkward manifestation of this sycophancy came when Harris -- an extraordinarily and transparently manipulative and mechanical politician -- spouted a canned speech about relentlessness. "I was raised to not hear no -- let me be clear about it," said Harris. "I eat no for breakfast!"

This prompted a spasm of ecstasy from Pauley, who immediately reflected Harris' bizarrely inappropriate laughter with an enormous grin of her own.

It will be four long years.

For four years, the media complained that outgoing President Donald Trump treated them as an enemy. They self-servingly claimed that they were actually the protectors of democracy and individual rights. It took all of one month after Trump's inauguration for The Washington Post to add the slogan "Democracy Dies in Darkness" to its masthead. By October 2017, CNN began running ads explaining that it was all about "Facts First."

Trump, for his part, attacked the media whether they deserved it or not: Every disparaging headline, true or not, became "fake news." That was unjustified and wrong, obviously. But the media's lack of credibility wasn't solely attributable to Trump. It resulted from their own journalistic malfeasance for years on end during former President Barack Obama's administration -- "his only scandal was wearing a tan suit!" -- followed by their aggressive repetition of even the most thinly sourced scandal regarding Trump.


And now we'll return to the gaslighting of the Obama era, when members of the Obama team could openly admit to lying to the media, only to receive obsequious praise in return. Already, media outlets are praising the newfound veracity of Biden's press team -- despite the fact that Jen Psaki, Biden's choice for White House press secretary, was accused of openly and explicitly lying to the media in 2016. Media members are even admitting that the vacation has begun: CNN's Jim Acosta -- and, ladies, find you a man who loves you like Jim Acosta loves Jim Acosta -- admitted that he'd be covering Biden differently, explaining, "If being at the White House is not an experience that might merit hazard pay ... then perhaps it is going to be approached differently."

Of course, Acosta never needed hazard pay. He was too busy declaring himself a hero and preening for the cameras while pulling down a lucrative book contract. But now that the Biden administration is a reality, our media can go back to sleep.

And so, the controversies of the day will turn to the trite. The big question won't be governmental oversight but media self-policing: Last week, the media were consumed with the vital question of whether Vogue magazine's cover of Harris is respectful enough, given that it shows her wearing her trademark Converse sneakers. Other major controversies to come will include just how cute Joe Biden's dog is and whether the racial diversity of his Cabinet is merely important or super important. Meanwhile, the same media outlets that act as stenographers for the Democratic Party will insist that other outlets meet with social media censorship. After all, American needs unity! And that unity can only be provided by the same people who have wrecked all pretense of institutional objectivity in the pursuit of partisan outcomes.

People will continue to seek information from alternative sources, of course. But that will only provoke the media to seek new methods of repressing those alternatives. As it turns out, the commitment of many in our media isn't to truth or facts. It's to monopolistic control.


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Now the draining of the swamp is really happening, and the truth can once more come out.


Biden Has Already Fired Three of Trump’s Worst Appointees

Many of Donald Trump’s most notorious appointees, including his cabinet secretaries, resigned shortly before Joe Biden took office. But myriad officials whom Trump installed in the executive branch remained in spite of their antagonism toward the new president’s agenda. Hours into his presidency, Biden has already ousted three of his predecessors’ most unqualified and corrupt appointees. This clean break sends a clear message that Biden will not tolerate hostile Trump holdovers in his administration, including those with time remaining in their terms.

First, Biden terminated Michael Pack, who was confirmed to head the U.S. Agency for Global Media in June. Pack sought to transform the agency, which oversees the international broadcaster Voice of America, into a propaganda outlet for Trump—despite a statutory mandate that prohibits such political interference. He purged the staff of VOA and its sister networks, replaced them with Trump loyalists, demanded pro-Trump coverage, and unconstitutionally punished remaining journalists who did actual reporting on the administration. In a perverse move, he refused to renew visas for foreign reporters who covered their home countries, subjecting them to retribution by authoritarian regimes. Pack also illegally fired the board of the Open Technology Fund, which promotes international internet freedom, and replaced them with Republican activists.

Following whistleblower complaints, the U.S. Office of Special Counsel found a “substantial likelihood” that Pack had violated federal law and engaged in “gross mismanagement.” He was eight months into his three-year term when Biden demanded his resignation shortly after taking the oath of office. In his resignation letter, Pack complained that his termination “will long be viewed as a partisan act” without any apparent sense of irony.

Second, Biden sacked Kathleen Kraninger, who was confirmed as director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau in 2018. Kraninger, who had no previous experience in consumer protection, immediately tried to undermine the agency’s role as a watchdog for the financial sector. She scrapped a landmark rule that restricted predatory payday lending, pressuring staff to downplay the resulting harm to consumers. And she refused to enforce a federal law that protected military personnel against a broad range of predatory lending. Her decision yanked federal support from military families who were defrauded by lenders. In the midst of the pandemic, Kraninger also approved a rule that allows debt collectors to harass Americans with limitless texts and emails demanding repayment.

Through the Dodd-Frank Act, Congress gave the CFPB’s director significant independence by barring the president from firing her over political disagreements. In 2020, though, the Supreme Court found this protection unconstitutional. Kraninger supported that decision, which paved the way for her termination on Wednesday. Had the court upheld the agency’s independence, Kraninger could have remained in office through the end of 2023.

Third, Biden demanded the resignation of Peter Robb, who was confirmed as the National Labor Relations Board’s general counsel in 2017. The NLRB was created to enforce federal laws that guarantee workers the right to form a union and bargain collectively. Yet Robb is vehemently anti-union; during his tenure, he tried to limit employees’ free speech, give managers more leeway to engage in wage theft, hobble unions’ ability to collect dues, and prevent employers from helping workers organize. He also tried to seize near-total control of the agency by demoting every regional director and consolidating power in his office. If successful, this gambit would’ve given him unprecedented authority to bust existing unions and prevent new ones from forming.

ack, Kraninger, and Robb are the tip of the iceberg: Trump spent his presidency packing the federal government with Republicans eager to undermine the missions of the agencies they led. But Biden’s aggressive action upon taking office should be encouraging for progressives, since it indicates that the new president will move swiftly to fire Trump allies with high positions in the executive branch. Moreover, Biden should not have much trouble replacing these holdovers with Democrats in control of the Senate. (Republicans cannot filibuster nominees to the executive branch.) The new president undoubtedly faces legislative challenges ahead. But in the meantime, he can rapidly erase the legacy of the Trump administration by simply replacing Trump’s lackeys with qualified civil servants eager to do the job right.

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More draining of the swamp...


Ajit Pai Is Officially Gone. Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)


Ajit Pai, the man who killed net neutrality, enacted a series of industry-friendly deregulatory moves for big telecom, and drank from a gigantic mug, is no longer around to terrorize the internet. The FCC confirmed to Motherboard that Pai is officially gone:

"Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai today concluded his four years as Chairman, eight years as a Commissioner, and twelve years as an employee of the agency,” the agency said.


His official FCC Twitter account, where he antagonized people who criticized him, has been deleted. 



Pai stood out among the sea of Trump’s corrupt political employees because he was effective and he survived the entire administration. The former Verizon lawyer fought against net neutrality and won, then danced the Harlem Shake on its grave in one of the biggest cringe videos ever posted online.

“By the time I turn in my badge, I will have spent a total 4,557 days working here,” Pai said in a goodbye video posted to his personal Twitter account. That’s almost 4,500 days of a giant coffee cup, embarrassing posts, and bad policy.


The consequences of his leadership will be with us for decades. He rolled back decades of regulation and transferred power to broadband companies on an unprecedented scale.

Here is a list of harmful nonsense Pai and his FCC did over the last four years:


  • Killed net neutrality
  • Approved T-Mobile / Sprint merger
  • Repeatedly released reports that claimed U.S. broadband is fine
  • Defended murder of net neutrality in court
  • Flubbed Puerto Rico hurricane disaster response
  • Slow-walked and obstructed investigation into telecom company sale of your location data
  • Said FTC would protect net neutrality (it didn’t, and couldn’t)
  • Falsely claimed killing net neutrality was good for broadband access (it wasn’t)
  • Refused to brief Congress about telecom companies’ sale of their customers’ phone location data
  • Helped Comcast and other major telecom companies in their pursuit of monopolistic power
  • Oversaw America’s falling rank in an annual “Internet Freedom” index
  • Allowed Verizon to throttle California firefighters’ data while they were fighting unprecedented wildfires
  • Invented a DDoS attack that shut down the FCC’s net neutrality comment system
  • Lied to public about that fake DDoS attack that shut down the agency’s net neutrality comment system
  • Lied to Congress about that fake DDoS attack
  • Didn’t detect that dead people were leaving comments on net neutrality comment system
  • Refused to change the definition of ‘broadband’ 
  • Demanded $200 to release emails about his giant mug
  • Allowed scammers to submit fake comments about net neutrality under the names of two sitting senators
  • Did that dumbass Harlem Shake thing with a pizzagate conspiracy theorist
  • Became a rubber stamp for Sinclair Media and 
  • Tried to kill a broadband assistance program that subsidized internet connections for the economically unstable and poor
  • Got a literal gun from the NRA for his “courage” in killing net neutrality
  • Was investigated by his own agency for alleged corruption as he pushed to dismantle media consolidation rules
  • Published report claiming broadband market was magically fixed by repealing net neutrality
  • Ignored 22 million comments supporting net neutrality
  • Tried to reclassify cell phone data service as “broadband internet”
  • Allowed phone call rates for incarcerated people to skyrocket
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Hours into his presidency, Biden has already ousted three of his predecessors’ most unqualified and corrupt appointees.

Good stuff - wouldn't want to have grossly unqualified, incompetent and self-serving people in positions of power.

Maybe Biden has something to teach us after all and "by us" I mean Canadians.

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Are these the same clowns who mocked Amy Coney Barrett and suggested her faith made her unfit for a position on the Supreme Court? Remember when they suggested that she only adopted her children "for show?"

The media should exercise some caution here. At this rate, even the most ardent liberal acolyte will soon be power puking chunks of hypocrisy through their noses.

If this is intended to be unifying, further instruction on the importance of morale (as one of the principals of leadership) is in order. 

Seriously.... are they doing this on purpose? If you are seeking ways to deliberately alienate people who aren't already pi$$ed off, this is how you do it.

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« Isn't it great that the oil from Canada will now be moved by trains and trucks? | Shocker: MSNBC host admits 'Trump would be getting crushed' if he had done what Joe Biden did »

I wish I didn't know now what I didn't know then

By Andrew W. Coy

I sure wish I had not learned so much over the last five years. In retrospect, five short years ago seems almost like Mayberry. Here are some important things that I didn't know five years ago or now.
• There actually is a Deep State, and those who constitute it really do not honor the election results or the will of the people.

• There really appear to be lawless elements within the upper echelons of the FBI, CIA, and NSA who are not accountable for their crimes and are thus above the law.

• The fourth branch of government, the bureaucracy, really is unaccountable to the "unwashed masses."

• Many of our top military command, along with many in the military- industrial complex, don't always hate wars. There's a lot of money and many promotions to be made during a time of war. The last four years saw no new wars and even troops coming home. For some, that is bad for

• Nineteen Eighty-Four and Animal Farm are no longer works of fiction, but

• George Orwell was righter than Nostradamus.

• The news media centers of New York City and Washington, D.C. are not
neutral arbitrators of the truth; rather, they uncomfortably resemble TASS
and Pravda from the Soviet Union days.

• The old robber barons like Rockefeller, Carnegie, and J.P. Morgan are
starting to look a whole lot better compared to the new robber barons like
Dorsey, Zuckerberg, and Bezos.

• The United States Supreme Court would actually refuse to hear a legitimate
case because it was frightened of violence.

• The left insists on conflating and equating evangelical Christians with White
supremacists. This should terrify the Christian community.

• Words such as mom, dad, aunt, uncle, brother, and sister are now not words
of love and respect, but considered politically incorrect verbiage in

• Censorship, the cancel culture, and becoming a nonperson come from the
left, not the right.

• The left, not the right, actually is going to try to deny citizens' rights
afforded to all in the Bill of Rights.

• Violence from the left is regarded as free speech and noble, while violence
from the right is classified as sedition and felonious by powerful institutions.

• It really is not Republicans vs. Democrats, but globalists vs. nationalists.

• The new McCarthyism, blacklists, history re-writers, and re-education
camps are coming from the left, not the right.

• Fences and barriers are a good thing for our nation's capital but somehow a
bad thing for our nation's borders.

• Our Founding Fathers of yesteryear would be called "domestic terrorists" by
some today.

• Presidential elections really can be stolen by corrupting just a handful of
precincts in just a handful of states.

• Calling into question the validity of the 2016 presidential election is
patriotic, while calling into question the validity of the 2020 presidential election is treasonous.

The good old days of just five short years ago sure do make us nostalgic for Mayberry. Trouble is, we now must decide, how are we to respond with what we now know? Sigh.

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1 hour ago, Jaydee said:

Just imagine the Liberal cry of outrage if this was reversed.

I think it's (almost) universally true that people who champion such things as defunding the police lead the sort of privileged life that insulates them from the effects of what they recommend.

I've mentioned it before, but one of the things I found surprising while teaching basic training was how few young people had been up and around doing the do in the wee hours on the backside of the clock.... many had never seen the sun rise from full dark to full daylight and commented on "how cool it was." Like how is that like possible like? If you've never experienced something as basic as watching the sun rise (even one time), should you get to vote?

I know..... someone is about to say something stupid, maybe it will go like this: "so what you're saying is blind people shouldn't get to vote eh? EH???." NO.... that's not what I'm saying, in fact, If that's your takeaway you might be part of the problem here.

This is (or was) one of my favourite commercials and pretty much sums up the point I'm trying to make:



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CNN journalist now blaming Trump for Gamestock Surge LMAO !! It’s got to the point where they are inventing reasons to continue their HATE filled rhetoric .


“ Journalists, seeking to defend the powerful on Wall Street, have taken a different route, scrambling to link the sudden surge in stock prices to their favourite boogeymen – Donald Trump and white supremacy.

CNN editor-at-large Chris Cillizza published an article arguing "how Trumpism explains the GameStop stock surge." He explains that many of the Redditors who invested in GameStop, like people who voted for Trump, felt like they were putting a "middle finger to the elites."



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Giving a middle finger to the elites....Absolutely.  That was the point of it.  

GameStop was driving down for years and the hedge fund guys were shorting it to kill it faster and make some money.  Unfortunately a lot of pretty smart people are into video gaming and found the solution.

Since the hedge fund guys borrowed the shares they were shorting it was a relatively easy task to rally the gang and drive the share price up thus screwing the hedge fund guys out of millions of dollars.  Pretty good move I would say.  The surge however will not last.

Look at AMC Stock now.  Same thing going on there.

This has nothing to do with Trump and everything to do with giving the middle finger to the hedge fund managers that don't care about anything but money.


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