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5 hours ago, Jaydee said:

The country can survive a Trudeau, who is, after all, merely a fool. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools, such as those who made him their Prime minister."

Pretty much sums up my fears for the future. But it's not all the peoples fault, their media and information sources have been complicit in the deception. 

Lest that sound like a conspiracy theory, simply take an event you were part of (maybe a diversion, an emergency or a SAR mission) then compare what you know to be true with the reporting. Did anyone ask you what happened? I've seen lots of this and can attest to the fact that not once.... NOT ONE TIME was I consulted. 

There's big lies and little lies but up until 5 years ago, I didn't anticipate that the media effect would be what it is today, maybe that's because it was a deliberate effort and didn't evolve by accident. They have become propaganda powerhouses and you need only compare clips from today with old clips of Walter Cronkite and others of that era.  

I used to like CNN and CBC. Then again, I used to mostly vote liberal too. Something has changed here and it sure as hell isn't me. 

The real problem IMO is that Barbie was absolutely right. Say it loud, say it often and make it bite sized so it's easy to swallow. People will totally believe it.

It's a well worn and proven strategy; JT plays it with vigour and enthusiasm. US Democrats play a vastly dumbed down version of this and they play it badly IMO. 


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To listen to sockboy and his idea of government .... we have your backs, from day one, clear and transparent, budgets will balance themselves, respect for parliament, blah blah blah ...... the Canadia

As absurdity spreads, even liberals are rolling their eyes. Hold on now, I thought only white supremacists did that: Eyes roll as stressed Liberal staffers offered free yoga class led by Sop


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3 hours ago, Wolfhunter said:

simply take an event you were part of

Been there, got the T-shirt.....what happened and what was reported was totally slanted to protect the government from fall out. Reality went right out the window. My views and trust changed forever on a lot of things that day.

 I get why they did it...etc etc...but that doesn’t make it right...or just.

‘I also voted Liberal eons ago, but pretty sure it was around that time I became a Conservative

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A new Fraser Institute study out today examines pre-recession economic performance under the five most recent prime ministers:

  • 1986-89 (Brian Mulroney)
  • 1997-00 (Jean Chrétien)
  • 2005-08 (Paul Martin - Stephen Harper)
  • 2011-14 (Stephen Harper)
  • 2016-19 (Trudeau)

The findings? Canada’s economy was the weakest during Trudeau's period.

On almost all of the measures included in the analysis, the economic performance of Trudeau's era (the years preceding the COVID-19 recession) was the weakest:

  • The Trudeau era has the lowest rates of economic growth per person.
  • Business investment actually declined under Trudeau (pre-COVID recession) compared to robust growth under all four other prime ministers.
  • The Trudeau period also experienced lower rates of private sector job creation compared to the Mulroney and Chrétien eras.

Check out the full study here, 

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 The US has now inoculated more people than the total population of Canada. Thanks Justin. If you spent more time getting us medicine instead of drugs and wasting time on gun controls that don't work Canada would be a safer place.


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while the virus is commanding attention, the Liberals are working on their agenda.

Trudeau government poised to introduce new gun-control legislation

Published Friday, February 12, 2021 3:41PM ESTLast Updated Friday, February 12, 2021 4:52PM EST

OPP officers prepare to bag a firearm after Ontario Provincial Police host a news conference in Vaughan, Ont., on Thursday, February 23, 2017. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Chris Young



OTTAWA -- The Liberal government is poised to introduce legislation as early as next week aimed at strengthening gun control.

The long-promised bill would flesh out last spring's ban of many firearms, propose stricter storage provisions and target gun smuggling.

The government outlawed a variety of firearms by cabinet order in May, saying they were built for the battlefield, not hunting or sport-shooting.

The ban covers some 1,500 models and variants of what the government considers assault-style weapons, meaning they can no longer be legally used, sold or imported.

The bill is expected to propose a program to buy back these firearms at fair market value, but allow owners to keep them with strict conditions.

Such a move would alarm gun-control advocates who have been imploring the Liberals for months to make the buyback mandatory to ensure firearms that remain with owners cannot be misused or stolen.

"The families of victims of mass shootings that have been fighting for years for a total ban on semi-automatic, military-style guns would be devastated and angry if the Liberals were to renege on their election promise to buy back all newly prohibited assault weapons," said the group PolySeSouvient.

"We will not support half measures that compromise public safety and that can be easily reversed by a future Conservative government."

The Liberal government has long signalled its intention to empower municipalities to manage the storage and use of handguns within their individual jurisdictions, given that they have different needs and concerns.

Critics of the plan have urged the government to avoid off-loading handgun restrictions onto municipalities, saying local bans create an ineffective patchwork of regulations.

The Danforth Families for Safe Communities, whose members have pressed for a ban on private ownership of handguns, said gun violence in Toronto has only got worse since the tragic 2018 shooting.

"We cannot understand why assault rifles and handguns will remain part of the assortment of guns that ordinary citizens are legally allowed to own, knowing that our system regularly results in violent individuals falling through the cracks," the group said.

"Relying on fines, law-abiding behaviour and bureaucratic oversight is not enough to eliminate the possibility for individuals to use their weapons to commit mass murder."

Toronto Liberal MP Nathaniel Erskine-Smith advocates national restrictions on handguns that allow municipalities to opt out if they choose.

"It should be the elected officials in city councils and municipal bodies that are ultimately responsible for changing a really strong standard," he said.

The bill is expected to:

  •  Include provisions allowing police, doctors, victims of domestic abuse and families to be able to raise a red flag on those with guns who pose a risk to themselves or an identifiable group;
  •  Introduce stricter secure storage laws to help prevent the theft of firearms;
  •  Open the door to more resources and stronger penalties for police and border services officers to help stop the flow of weapons over borders and target the illegal trafficking of firearms;
  •  Include new penalties for gun purchases by a licensed buyer on behalf of an unlicensed one;
  •  Maintain current firearm magazine limits, which are generally five bullets for hunting rifles and shotguns and 10 for handguns, but crack down on the sale of magazines that can be modified to hold more cartridges.

Toronto-area Liberal MP Pam Damoff said legislation to tighten firearm restrictions is a priority.

"I'm hopeful we see it soon, because we don't know how much runway we have when we're in a minority government and I'd like to see it passed."

This report by The Canadian Press was first published Feb. 12, 2021.


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20 hours ago, Kargokings said:

propose stricter storage provisions

Yea.... that should do it eh?

Read the article below, count the violations of existing law (possession, storage, transport, carry, discharge etc) and tell me how restricting competitive IPSC shooters will help curb it. 

Cause and effect thinking is frighteningly absent here. Here's a thought, stop disbanding anti gang police units and stop easing bail conditions for previous gang related firearm offences. Maybe a ban on stupidity would help.

This has to be on purpose, I simply don't believe they're so foolish as to believe gangbangers will double lock their smuggled ghost guns with the illegal high capacity mags and conform to enhanced storage requirements.

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The mayors statement is a clear example of somebody lacking knowledge in the subject.....

The feds are indicating change is coming...My fear is that changes to storage laws will result in a requirement for a central vault at the local gun club or range...something that will be prohibitively expensive or impossible to administer service wise. Rather than follow through on a ban for handguns, they will kill ownership through beuracratic strangulation.

Or let municipalities deal with storage regulations, which will lead to an inconsistent standards from town to town.

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59 minutes ago, Wolfhunter said:


  20 hours ago, Kargokings said:

propose stricter storage provisions

Yea.... that should do it eh?


Half way though a long article that was in the text but def. not what I said. It is always amazing to see how some folks take things out of context.  I guess I need to become used to "Fake News" made up of bits and pieces of an article.  For those who want to read and judge based on the full article, here is the link Trudeau government poised to introduce new gun-control legislation | CTV News

By the by, the only effective gun control would be to disarm criminals or increase the penalties for being in procession of an illegal weapon. but of course that was tried by the Conservatives and struck down by the Liberals and the NDPs. .

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1 hour ago, Kargokings said:

Half way though a long article that was in the text but def. not what I said.

I never said you said it, in fact it's clear and obvious to all that you didn't. 

The quote simply captures your screen name as the poster of the article, it doesn't credit you as being the author and it doesn't blame you for the content.... neither do I, neither does anyone else for that matter.

It's simply how the site captures imbedded text, no one gives it a second thought here. At least I don't. 

Not that amazing after all eh?

Now, here's a quote from AOC, I can't imagine myself ever saying it but look what happens below:

To me, what socialism means is to guarantee a basic level of dignity.



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Further to the above, in terms of storage.... the government is currently considering (I think) enhanced storage and transport restrictions that are (by default) applicable only to licensed and law abiding owners.

As I understand the intent, they are proposing a combination of (jurisdictionally administered) centralized storage and specific (per event) transport restrictions on handguns. Imagine the logistic and paperwork implications for competitive shooters who go to the range even twice a week within the context of curbing gang related gun violence. It would be pretty expensive.... is it money well spent in light of any reasonable threat assessment or estimate of the situation?

As it stands now, you can go directly to and from an authorized range  (no stops) with a safely stored, double locked handgun if you are in possession of an RPAL with valid transport conditions attached, as long as you are a club member with valid ID and are in possession of the licence, transport authorization terms and the registration of the handgun being transported. I go twice a week.

Competitive IPSC shooters do lots of dry fire practice as well, and I mean lots. I do about 30 minutes a day and go through about 7-10 thousand rounds a year and I'm at the low end of the competitive spectrum, I just do it for fun. How does regional (centralized) storage affect that?

It begs the question of how killing off sanctioned competitions helps Toronto's self inflicted (and out of control) gang problem? Gangsters don't do that. they don't have RPALS, Black Badge qualifications, registrations, transport conditions, permits to carry etc etc and they certainly don't follow the myriad of applicable  discharge regulations. 

Hands down, the safest place you can be on a Sunday afternoon in Toronto is at a sanctioned IPSC event. Most of the discussion here is about rules that already exist and clearly don't apply to criminals. Lets address the actual problem and stop manufacturing bogus statistics to justify fixing issues that factually, and demonstrably don't exist.

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For those of you that still believe our GQ pm is everything he purports to is a critical view of what is going on “behind” the sermon from the tent....not the clear and transparent, we have your backs, every step of the way bs!


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Trudeau begs for vaccine to save political hide

This week, our prime minister, Justin Trudeau, begged India to give us COVID vaccines.

What’s next, Trudeau pestering Ethiopia to send us food aid?

There is so much wrong with this, more than just the humiliation of a G7 country grovelling for a handout from a developing one.

First, Trudeau keeps insisting Canada already has hundreds of millions of doses coming. Not just millions; hundreds of millions.

Indeed, if you add together all the orders the Liberals have announced, sometime this year or next Canada will receive nearly 400 million doses.

That’s enough to inject every adult in the country at least 10 times. Since just two shots are needed, we’ll be bathing in the stuff. Using it as a tomato fertilizer. Adding it to cocktails for a little extra kick.

If we already have so much vaccine coming, why is Trudeau frantically shopping for more?

Could it be there is not as much on the way as he promised? Or is Trudeau secretly aware there won’t be enough vaccine to inoculate a meaningful percentage of the population until well after his September deadline, so he’s prepared to buy tens of millions of doses we won’t ultimately need just to relieve some of his short-term political pressure?


According to Blacklock’s Reporter, an Ottawa-insider newsletter, Liberal backbencher Dr. Marcus Powlowski (Thunder Bay-Rainy River), a medical doctor who used to work with the World Health Organization, recently wrote to colleagues, “It is hard to have faith. It is hard now to accept reassurances that we are prepared, that we are doing all of the right things, when we can never, ever get any specifics.”

So, the first thing wrong with the PM’s cadging to Delhi is that it is probably driven mostly by panic and politics.

The second problem is that India’s vaccine production is supposed to be for domestic use by its own 1.3 billion people or by the developing world. Does Trudeau’s plea to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi therefore mark the second time in as many weeks that the Trudeau government has tried to steal vials from poor countries just to save its electoral hide back home?

Remember, two weeks ago it was revealed that Canada was the only G7 country to dip into a vaccine stockpile usually set aside for the poorest nations.

The one perverse delight is that Modi has no time for Trudeau.

Modi likes to greet foreign leaders at the Delhi airport when they arrive in India. However, during Trudeau’s Mr. Dressup tour in 2018, Modi welcomed him by text and didn’t meet him face-to-face until the day before Trudeau was scheduled to fly home.

It fascinating, then, to watch Trudeau have to humble himself to get a favour out of Modi. And all Modi did was promise India would “do its best,” the diplomatic equivalent of “whatever.”

Of course, Trudeau keeps claiming everything will begin to improve by next week and that by March hundreds of thousands of the vials he has ordered will begin flooding the country.

I’ll believe it when I see it.

Canada’s push for vaccines was complicated this week by the announcement the Biden administration has ordered 200 million more doses.

That could push Canada even farther down the pecking order since Operation Warp Speed – the American initiative to develop a vaccine — insists on America-first delivery of vaccine as a condition for billions in research dollars.

Already the U.S. has inoculated five times as many citizens per capita as Canada. And even if Trudeau’s optimistic delivery targets are met, we will not see lockdown-ending vaccination levels until late 2021 or early 2022.

Maybe the prime minister should try begging Turkey or Ethiopia or Peru too.

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Unbelievable!!!   After having Huawei poach technology from Northern Tel, after having our 5 eyes partners refuse to allow Huawei 5G equipment in the intelligence network, Trudeau is giving Huawei $$$$$$ for research in Canada.

And don’t even mention 2 Canadian citizens held against their will!


The federally funded council is putting up $4.8-million for research partnerships that include Huawei. The technology giant would not divulge its contribution but would only say it is “greater than $4.8-million.” Jim Balsillie, former co-chief executive of Research In Motion and founder of the Centre for International Governance Innovation, said he considers it astonishing that Ottawa would put up money to help Huawei obtain advanced technology that will serve to benefit China. “All these areas of research are for strategic digital infrastructure that serve as the nervous system for today’s economy and security,” he said. “It boggles the mind that in 2021 we continue to use taxpayer funds to advance China’s priorities at the expense of our economy, security and Five Eyes partnership.” The Five Eyes is an intelligence alliance between Canada, the U.S., Britain, Australia and New Zealand. Canada is the only country in the alliance that has not banned or restricted Huawei from 5G mobile networks.

Ottawa partners with Huawei to fund university research despite security concerns ROBERT FIFE, STEVEN CHASE OTTAWA THE GLOBE AND MAIL PUBLISHED FEBRUARY 15, 2021

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On 2/12/2021 at 8:42 PM, Kargokings said:

Every time I think it can't get worse and Trudeau couldn't possibly make a worse decision than he has in the past - it does, he does!  The two Michaels jailed, the failed vaccine partnership (which was really just a front for China to steal intellectual property from us), the National Microbiology Lab breaches in Winnipeg - how stupid is this guy?


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau defended his government's decision to partner with Huawei to create state-of-the-art computer and electrical technologies at Canadian universities, despite months of criticism from international allies and opposition parties.

Federal agency National Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) has agreed to work with Huawei to fund research, despite national-security concerns from allies such as the US and the UK.

Trudeau defends Huawei partnership



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And the trend now, rather than take responsibility, trudeau blames someone’s harpers fault, it’s the conservatives, it’s the Canadian Olympic committee, it’s NSERC, it’s the pharmaceutical companies, it’s Biden.....what a spineless excuse for a pm.

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'Why I think an election is in the air:

1. Racialized people go to the head of the line for vaccine.

2. Indigenous people go to the head of the line for vaccine.

3. People in Quebec and Ontario who believe the new gun legislation will make them safer.

4. Ac only allowed to buy Transat if there are guaranteed min. staff levels maintained (most in eastern Canada) and of course is guaranteed to be in Quebec for a number of aircraft types..

and this list could go on forever but what the heck. 

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Add to the fact that with COVID. Umbers decreasing, if Trudeau doesn’t act soon, he won’t be able to institute Mail in voting en masse under the guise of COVID legislation. I wonder....would Canadians fall for this ploy after all that’s been in the news lately? hmmmmmnnn....let me think about that for a microsecond..>>>> a heartbeat.

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