Recommended Posts long as you wear a mask, you’re good...don’t worry about social distancing or large gatherings... amusing to see one of the security detail push another security guy out to the way because he was spoiling the the 10 sec mark

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To listen to sockboy and his idea of government .... we have your backs, from day one, clear and transparent, budgets will balance themselves, respect for parliament, blah blah blah ...... the Canadia

As absurdity spreads, even liberals are rolling their eyes. Hold on now, I thought only white supremacists did that: Eyes roll as stressed Liberal staffers offered free yoga class led by Sop


Posted Images

This is what happens when we allow an unqualified drama teacher to handle our economy.

Trudeau Liberals to spend $1 trillion (and all we have to show for it is this sad economy)

Without meaningful policy changes, Canada will continue to be the team still using “Eaton’s catalogues for shin pads” at the international hockey tournament, he said, unequal to the task of attracting capital and innovating at the pace of foreign competitors.”

Over the five years ending 2024, Ottawa is expected to add $1 trillion to the federal debt to 'build back better,' but too much of it is scattershot, critics say

OTTAWA — Hundreds of billions of dollars in Liberal spending will likely have a limited effect on economic growth as Ottawa has favoured a piecemeal industrial strategy that fails to build the foundation for long-term expansion, warn business representatives and economists.

“We will have spent $1 trillion since 2019 and it’s not clear that we’ll be in a better position on the economic front,” said Robert Asselin, a vice-president at the Business Council of Canada and former Liberal adviser.


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government has repeatedly voiced plans to “build back better” coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic, largely through increased spending on a raft of social, environmental, and industry programs.

Over the five years ending 2024, Ottawa is expected to add $1 trillion to the federal debt, well higher than the $685 billion that had been accumulated through its entire history until 2019.

A large chunk of that spending was necessary as a way to aide companies and people during pandemic lockdowns, several experts told the National Post. But too much of it is scattershot, the people said, spread lightly across every conceivable industry or social cause.

Asselin, as well as several other prominent economists and political advisors, fear that the focus of the Trudeau government has tilted too far toward redistribution rather than carving out detailed plans for longer-term economic growth.

Economists and other observers have for years warned that Canadian leaders have become far too complacent about the general state of the national economy. Business investment levels have waned since 2015, productivity has sagged, and an aging Canadian population continues to put more strain on the public purse. Canadian firms have become dependent on small bursts of government subsidies, while at the same time out-dated regulatory regimes hinder private investments. Loose intellectual property rules allow foreign companies to easily acquire Canadian innovations, moving jobs and tax revenues overseas.

Many of the solutions to the problem need not come at a high cost to the taxpayer, Asselin said.

Subsidies for industry, either in the form of tax breaks or direct spending, are necessary in an increasingly competitive global economy, he said, but government supports need to be geared toward specific targets, perhaps a handful of “priority” industries, in order to give Canadian entrepreneurs and executives a meaningful edge.

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Here is an individual that is feeling he wasted his vote. From the National post:


I trusted you with the future of our country’

Dear Prime Minister,

You may not remember me, but we spent a great deal of time together during the past election. For the first two weeks of your campaign, I was the captain on the 737 that flew you around the country. I sincerely enjoyed getting to know you during that time. We had some great conversations and shared a few good laughs between flights. I remember feeling that we were in good hands, convinced that you were the right person to lead our government. Just as you trusted me and my co-pilot to fly you from one campaign stop to another, I trusted you with the future of our country. I voted for you on Oct. 21, 2019.

The pandemic struck four months later. At your request, pilots, flight attendants and ground agents worked tirelessly and without protection to bring Canadians home safely. Almost a year into this crisis and you and your government have left us stranded. Month after month, you have chosen to disregard our cries for help, to ignore our anguish and our despair. Today, tens of thousands of aviation workers across the country are jobless, completely hopeless. We are honest citizens, highly trained hardworking people who have contributed significantly to our society and economy throughout our careers. We do not deserve to be treated like this.

Certainties are a rarity today. I don’t know if I’ll still have a job a month from now. I don’t know if my employer will be able to survive. I don’t know how many of my colleagues will have lost their homes and their retirement savings at the end of this. But I do know one thing, your inaction won’t be forgotten.

Capt. Bradley Small, Saint-Sauveur, Que.


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When you need to replace your justice minister, your finance minister, your health minister, your industry minister, your principal secretary, your foreign minister, and your Governor General, maybe it's time to ask yourself - who is the weak link in the chain?


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6 hours ago, Jaydee said:



Trudeau paved the way for Biden’s rejection of Keystone

Under Trudeau’s leadership, the government is deliberately squandering a stupendous legacy — the third largest proven oil reserves in the world.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau got a taste of his own medicine when on Inauguration Day, President Joe Biden dealt a body blow to the Canadian energy industry by cancelling the partly-built $8-billion Keystone XL (KXL) pipeline. What Biden did to our country was hardly different from what Trudeau had inflicted on us before. And for the same fatuous and hypocritical reasons.





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Our useless incompetent government in action !!

More than $636M in CERB benefits was paid to 300,000 teens between ages of 15 and 17: documents

The criteria for receiving CERB were relatively open, with benefits available to those over 15 who had earned more than $5,000 in the year prior to applying

The federal government paid more than 300,000 teenagers, many of them high schoolers, nearly $636 million in benefits over the course of the CERB program, according to documents from the Canada Revenue Agency.

The documents, obtained by Blacklock’s Reporter, an Ottawa online news outlet, show that thousands of teenagers between the ages of 15 and 17 were approved for the Canada Emergency Response Benefit program, which was brought into place to help Canadians weather job losses from the COVID-19 pandemic

While many Canadian teenagers and youths work before the age of 15 — delivering newspapers or babysitting, for example — the CERB program was available only to those over the age of 15.

The documents show that 40,630 15-year-olds were approved for the benefit. The government paid out $81.2 million for that group. There were 92,784 16-year-olds approved, receiving nearly $186 million, and 184,576 17-year-olds received $369 million.

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Interesting perspective in this article.

“ Our first black prime minister and clown prince, Justin Trudeau, was re-elected to a near majority with 157 seats after breaking ethics codes multiple times and interfering in a criminal prosecution against a corrupt multi-national corporation. Meanwhile, Don Cherry, a Canadian icon, was fired by Sportsnet for saying, “You people, at least, could pay a few bucks for a poppy.” If all of this doesn't sound like something you'd read about in the pages of The Onion, you don't know much about satire. This year will, in fact, go down in history as the year Canada was officially recognized as a global parody and laughing stock.

Canada hasn't ever really been a real country, per se. We have no military capable of defending our borders, our economy is largely dependent on the United States and we have no real, distinct culture of our own—except for our love of mediocre coffee shops and beer that tastes like carbonated piss. Canada has always been a vassal, rather than a sovereign country. Despite all of our leaf-waving patriotism and anti-American sentiments, we are not anything more than a tiny bird surviving on an elephant's back. The only difference is, you don't usually see those other little birds arrogantly pecking at the elephant and lamenting the elephant's existence.”

Canada is an entitled and whiny little free-loading teenager living in America's basement.

Canada always has been and probably always will be America's little vassal state, but that's not what I want to talk about here. I want to talk about what a joke this country has become over the past few years and how oblivious to their own hypocrisy and entitlement Canadians have become. These are five ways in which Canada has become a parody, a joke and a satirical mess of misguided progressivism and hypocrisy.

5. Canada's Arrogance Is So Undeserved, It Makes People Laugh

According to polls, only 25% of Canadians approve of Donald Trump. The other 75% think he's a lying, racist, misogynistic, arrogant **bleep** who is destroying America's reputation in the world. These numbers are strange, considering that more than 25% of Canadians re-elected Justin Trudeau, who is a lying, racist, misogynistic and arrogant **bleep** who is destroying Canada's reputation in the world.

To be fair, Trudeau lost the popular vote. However, he and his Liberals were the beneficiaries of strategic voting—meaning that people who didn't necessarily want him to win voted for him anyway, to stop Andrew Scheer. The funny thing about all of this is that so many Canadians think Andrew Scheer is worse than Justin Trudeau—meaning, they must think Scheer is also worse than Donald Trump. It also means that a healthy portion of strategic Liberal voters also think Justin Trudeau is better than Donald Trump.

You can't make this stuff up. Slightly more than 30% of Canadians, most of whom live in the GTA, think Andrew Scheer—a guy who never dressed up in blackface, never violated any ethics codes, never played dress-up in India, never groped a female reporter, didn't grow up as the rich son of a prime minister, and who is a pious and wholesome Christian—is somehow worse than Justin Trudeau. That same 30% is more than likely to contain some of the same 75% who hate Donald Trump for being a lying, racist, amoral, pussy-grabbing sack of **bleep**.

Seriously, though. You can't make this stuff up. The same people who hate Donald Trump are the same people who re-elected Justin Trudeau. The same arrogant, self-righteous Canadians who ridicule Americans and scoff at their idiocy are the same Canadians who voted for Justin Trudeau. It's almost impossible to fathom or rationalize, but it's what makes Canada the country it is today. To any normal non-Canadian, it must be hilarious.


4. Canadians Believe Everything They See In The “News”

One of the reasons 75% of Canadians hate Donald Trump so much is because 75% of Canadians believe everything they read in the Globe & Mail, Maclean's and CBC News. They believe everything they watch on the CBC and CTV news channels, without even bothering to question any of it—ever. Canadian news is so heavily slanted in one direction, most coverage of Conservatives and Donald Trump is negative, even when they do something positive.

Before I go further, I will link you to a Pew Research study from 2018 that shows 73% of Canadians saying that they believe their country's news media covers political issues fairly. The proof is in the pudding.

All a CBC headline has to do is say, “Donald Trump Unloads A Racist Rant”, and Canadians will proceed to talk about how racist he is—without actually bothering to read the details or critically think about what they've read. They won't even find the courage to ask questions whenever they have them. That leads into my next reason about the illusion of “Canadian Politeness”, which I'll eventually get into below.

Our few private, major news networks are run by unions like Unifor, which bend heavily to the left and against anything even remotely right-wing. During our 2019 election, the head of Unifor—which runs Shaw and Global News—pledged to defeat Andrew Scheer at all costs. The very fact that none of this raised any red flags or created any outrage in Canada tells you everything you need to know.

Our largest news provider is publicly owned and it spent most of 2019 overtly and shamelessly attacking Andrew Scheer and Donald Trump. Canadian taxpayers funnel more than one billion dollars into the CBC without batting an eye, only to have Liberal talking points regurgitated and turned into news stories that get fed back to them. If that isn't a punchline in and of itself, you must not have a very good sense of humour.

Canada's media is a joke. We have no independent, mainstream news networks that cover politics and social issues fairly. Almost daily, we are bombarded with stories about gay transgender minorities being persecuted and discriminated against by evil white settlers, all while being forced to ingest anti-American sentiments and perpetual anti-Trump narratives.


3. Canadian Politeness Is An Illusory Myth

At first glance, Canadians appear polite to most foreigners, but that's not the whole story. We'll say sorry when we bump into you, we'll smile and nod when we see you and we'll politely say something like, “Let me just squeeze by you there, and get past you, eh. Sorry,” when we want you to get the **bleep** out of our way—but don't be fooled. That's not us being polite, that's us being passive aggressive.

When a Canadian tells you he wants to “sneak by you there real quick, sorry, eh!” you can be sure he is going to get into his car and unload to his wife about that **bleep** moron that was standing in his way.

You see, Canadians aren't actually polite, they're just passive aggressive, backstabbing weasels who don't like direct confrontation. For every polite gesture, there is an abrasive insults or dagger being hurled at the recipient of the “politeness”. If you're a Canadian, you know exactly what I'm talking about.

You can see how passive and adverse we are to confrontation by who we elect, how we talk, and how we carry ourselves. It's woven into our cultural DNA. Rather than call someone an idiot to their face, we'd much rather just nod, say sorry, smile and complain to our spouses later. It's the Canadian way. Most acts of Canadian politeness are two-faced, passive aggressive attempts to avoid uncomfortable situations. It's not complicated, really.

Imagine a Monty Python-style skit with a bunch of passive aggressive morons bumping into each other, saying sorry, then waving their fists behind each other's backs. That's Canada.


2. Canada Punishes People For Speaking And Protecting Themselves

Remy Couture is a Quebec filmmaker and visual artist who was once charged with “corrupting morals” after making a realistic zombie film that a bunch of dumb hosers thought was a real snuff film. There are even more cases of thieves and vandals breaking into people's houses, being beat up or killed, and the owners of the property being charged as criminals.

Canada still has archaic hate speech laws and laws that protect trespassers from being beaten and killed. In Canada, if you say something mean enough, you can be charged with hate speech or fined thousands of dollars by a “human rights tribunal”. Even if you were just joking.

Mike Ward is a Canadian comedian who was fined nearly $40,000 for making fun of a disabled person. A Quebec (yes, them again) tribunal ruled that Ward had “violated Jeremy Gabriel's rights” by joking about his disability.

To sum it up for you: you can't make nasty jokes that hurt people's feelings, but you can vandalize property or break into someone's house without facing the wrath of the property owners. In Canada, protecting yourself, your family and your property is more of a crime than trespassing—and telling a crude joke could either land you in prison or bankruptcy.

What a joke.


1. Canadians Prefer Terrorist Oil Over Their Own

This final point is the cherry on top of this ridiculous Canadian cake.

Canadians have spent the last decade actively trying to shut down their own oil and gas industries in BC, Alberta and Saskatchewan so they can import oil from Saudi Arabia and other unethical, warmongering and bigoted countries from the Middle East. The same country that prides itself by holding endless pride parades—and forcing all political leaders to participate—is the same country that imports millions of barrels of oil from countries that behead and imprison homosexuals for being homosexuals.

You can't make this stuff up. This, literally, beats some of the best satire you've ever seen.

Environmentalists duped by American industrialists constantly protest pipelines being built in Canada, while ignoring the ones being built in the United States—more than 15 over the past ten years, to be exact. Along with being one of the top weapons suppliers to Saudi Arabia, Canadians import more than $10M worth of Saudi oil per day. Most of it goes to the Irving Oil refinery in Saint John, New Brunswick.

Between 2007 and 2017, Canada imported $21B worth of Saudi oil. Canada continues to import copious amounts of unethical Saudi oil today, while the Trudeau government does everything in its power to fulfill the Rockefeller family agenda of shutting down Canadian production. The Rockefellers are still heavily invested in American oil, along with several other US industrialists. In the early 1900s, the Rockefeller's Standard Oil became Exxon and Chevron, but the family still earns most of its money from oil stocks and investments. It's mostly their money, along with other industrialist dollars, that fund the Tides Foundation—one of the biggest anti-oil forces operating in Canada right now. The goal is to keep investors more interested in American and Saudi oil, while curbing Canada's potential to reach foreign markets.

However, most Canadians are too busy being typical, lazy hosers who can't be bothered to read anything that doesn't look like a hockey score or a Tim Horton's menu. Even if they knew the real reasons behind protests against Canadian oil, they'd be too passive and weak to start a confrontation. Journalists like Vivian Krause have spent years dissecting and writing about how it all works, but Canadians are too pre-occupied with their trivial, hockey-loving lives to care.

As for Saudi Arabia, they're still getting rich off Canadian money and oil dependence. They're doing some crazy things with that money, too. When the Saudis aren't busy kidnapping and murdering journalists, they're busy beheading homosexuals. Just this past spring, it was reported that Saudi Arabia beheaded five men who had been “proven gay”. In Saudi Arabia, being gay is still punishable by death.

If you're a Canadian hoser, though, you wouldn't have known any of this—which is exactly why your country is a total **bleep** parody.



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15 hours ago, Jaydee said:
Canadians Prefer Terrorist Oil Over Their Own

This final point is the cherry on top of this ridiculous Canadian cake.

Canadians have spent the last decade actively trying to shut down their own oil and gas industries in BC, Alberta and Saskatchewan so they can import oil from Saudi Arabia and other unethical, warmongering and bigoted countries from the Middle East. The same country that prides itself by holding endless pride parades—and forcing all political leaders to participate—is the same country that imports millions of barrels of oil from countries that behead and imprison homosexuals for being homosexuals.

You can't make this stuff up. This, literally, beats some of the best satire you've ever seen.



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Justin Trudeau..racking up one failure, after another, after another ad nauseum 

“The numbers are in: Canada’s COVID-fighting efforts are among world’s worst”

Scott Gilmore: Every day 130 Canadians die. Our economy staggers. We are failing to properly respond to COVID and it may only get worse.

The first step is admitting you have a problem. So, let’s do that: Canada is doing a terrible job fighting COVID. How terrible? The Lowy Institute, one of Australia’s most-respected think tanks, is tracking pandemic metrics to gauge the performance of 98 countries as they respond to this global crisis.

Canada ranks 61st. We are behind El Salvador, Belarus and Myanmar.

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“ We had done occasional charters, but Canada and China don’t have a good relationship. Last year, we were bringing back masks and medical supplies, and the authorities wouldn’t give us landing permits. To the Chinese ground workers, we were the last priority and our pilots were subject to harassment. When they landed, they were taken, almost like hostages, for testing and locked in a room for 15 hours until they got the results. You’re given food through a window, like in jail; no communication. After 15 hours, they walk you to the plane or into a different quarantine centre, depending on test results. So here’s a pilot who spent 12 hours flying, 15 hours in lock-up during which he probably hadn’t slept, and then he has to fly another 12 hours back. It was nerve-wracking, so we found an alternative by basing pilots in Tokyo.”


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“ What self-centered arrogance! 
Take a look at this question in the article. Trudeau is asked "what was he thinking, exactly, immediately after the voters had brought him down a peg or two, from majority to minority." Trudeau proceeds to blame YOU for just not understanding what he was doing, answering: “For everything we did, there was something we missed on making sure that Canadians not just knew about it, but really felt it as well.” 

This is the height of arrogance for a politician. After he suffers defeat (Trudeau lost the popular vote, several cabinet ministers and his majority) it's not his fault. It's not because his policies were terrible. It's not because he called small business owners 'tax cheats', or insulted veterans, or tried to politically interfere in a criminal court case, or wasted billions of tax dollars.

It's NOT because he alienated Western Canada with his relentless attack on our natural resource sector. Or turned off voters in every region with his clownish presence on the world stage.

No, its YOUR fault. The voters. YOU just didn't understand. 

He is a genius with language. The way he pretends to take some of the fault, by saying he failed to communicate it better. That gives the illusion of some kind of contrition. But what that really means is that there was nothing wrong with what he did, he just didn't take into account that the people might not "get it."

Like on the Simpsons: “It’s always the children’s fault, isn’t it Seymour?” “

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11 minutes ago, Jaydee said:

Will Trudeau fire her next for this obvious slip up ??

I find the fact that they know exactly what they are doing (and why they are doing it) more offensive that if it were based on simple ignorance or even the desire to do the right thing. That said, I do admire the tactics, it would be difficult to improve on them and from that perspective, overall, he is doing a great job. The slip ups that resonate (the only important ones) are few and often lost on the collective memory of apathetic voters .

They aren't stupid, that's for sure. US Democrats should pay close attention to how it's done.... they are off the charts. To his credit, JT runs a tight war room IMO.

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KINSELLA: Trudeau no longer has Trump around to distract from his failings

With Donald playing the role of Wile E. Coyote, Justin always looked like the Roadrunner

Beep beep.

Not so fun now that Donald is gone now, is it, Justin

Donald Trump, you see, was Justin Trudeau’s secret Saturday morning cartoon weapon. Whenever the Liberal Prime Minister got into a bit of trouble, he could always count on the Republican president to get into even more trouble.


So, Trudeau accepted gifts from the Aga Khan lobbyists, sure, and was found to be in a conflict of interest. Trump topped that: he used the Trump Foundation, a charity, to engage in what the New York Attorney General called “a shocking pattern of illegality.”

And, yes, Trudeau obstructed justice in the SNC-Lavalin scandal, and was cited for his wrongdoing by the Ethics Commissioner. Trump outdid him: he tried to get a foreign government to go after a political rival, one Joseph R. Biden, and was impeached.

And, of course, Trudeau was caught wearing racist blackface three times, and was thereafter reduced to a minority government by unimpressed Canadians. But Trump beat that, too: he called some neo-Nazis “fine people” and told the white supremacist Proud Boys to “stand by” — and was again impeached for encouraging the selfsame Proud Boys, et al, to storm Capitol Hill.

Beep beep.

But here’s the thing: the hapless, hopeless cartoon that was Donald Trump has been cancelled. And now Justin Trudeau doesn’t look so speedy and smart anymore.

Even worse: in a single week, the Mango Mussolini’s replacement at the White House, the aforementioned Joe Biden, is managing to make Justin Trudeau look neither speedy nor smart.

This week, Trudeau voted to condemn white supremacy and (perhaps, maybe, probably) designate the Proud Boys a terrorist group. The PM did this to get us all to forget, perhaps, that organized hate activity has exploded in Canada during his tenure — with hate crimes up some 60% on his watch.

Biden, in contrast, signed a raft of executive orders in just his first week on the job. He ordered an end to workplace discrimination based on sexual orientation. He ended the Muslim travel ban. He told federal agencies to take concrete steps to combat anti-Asian bigotry that has surged during the pandemic. And he ordered a massive government-wide audit to bolster racial justice reform.

Last week, meanwhile, Trudeau was revealed to have botched l’affaire Payette — selecting Julie Payette for governor general without properly vetting her, and blaming others when caught out. Biden, on the other hand, appointed a team of experienced, capable folks to make up his cabinet. And even Trumpian figures like Lindsey Graham and Marco Rubio are saying it’s important to get them prompt Senate approval.

And, then, of course, there is the matter of vaccines.

To date, less than 2% of Canadians have been vaccinated. This week, we completely ran out of the Pfizer vaccine — and the Trudeau Liberals are very vague about when we can expect to get all of what we paid for.

Despite Trudeau’s claims that all of us will get the potentially life-saving jab by the Fall, The Economist this week flatly stated that Canadians will actually be waiting even longer — until mid-2022, more than a year away.

In Joe Biden’s America, meanwhile, nearly 50 million vaccine doses have been distributed. More than 20 million Americans have received the vaccine. And the newly-minted U.S. President this week announced he’s purchasing 100 million additional doses — and expects to have every American vaccinated by Summer.

On every front, in every way, Joe Biden is making Justin Trudeau look really, really ineffective. But for Trudeau, not all the news is bad.

You can now audition for the role of Wile E. Coyote, Justin. It’s you.

Beep beep.

— Kinsella was Chief of Staff to a federal Liberal Minister of Health.


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Why take one government jet when three will do?

Members of the Trudeau government uses their taxpayer-funded fleet of executive Challenger jets as personal taxis to drop off staffers, pick up friends and even take multiple jets to the same event.

These are some of the takeaways from the release of flight manifests for government jets for March through May of last year.

Close sticky video

On May 6, 2020, when the bodies of six members of a Canadian Armed Forces helicopter crew were being repatriated, three different Challenger jets took off from Ottawa to deliver dignitaries to the ceremony at CFB Trenton.

The first took off at 11 a.m., flying to Montreal to pick up Julie Payette, then the Governor General.


Two other Challengers took off from Ottawa for Trenton within minutes of each other.

Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan’s flight left at 12:02 p.m., carrying the minister and three of his staff. The prime minister’s flight left at 12:23 p.m. with Justin Trudeau and three staffers on board.

Each plane returned to Ottawa the same way, leaving within six minutes of each other shortly after 4 p.m. The government Challengers can typically handle up to 12 people and could easily have carried Trudeau, Sajjan and their staff in the same plane for the 30-minute trip from Ottawa to Trenton.


Asked about the oddity of three flights at once a government source said that at the time, this was the recommendation made to the Royal Canadian Airforce, which runs the planes, by the Public Health Agency of Canada.

Strange, that’s not how the public was treated during commercial flights at the time.

Throughout the pandemic, air travel for the general public has continued across Canada, but without full social distancing.

Passengers have flown across Canada without being two metres apart, just with masks on. At times, middle seats have been left open, but passengers have not been kept two metres apart at all times.

If it’s good enough for the public, it should be good enough for the government.

Alternatively, if social distancing had to be maintained, the staffers, which included Trudeau’s photographer and press secretary, could have made the 2½ hour trip by car the way normal people would — the way I have many times to cover such ceremonies as a member of the media.

Instead, they had the private jets for the PM, GG and defence minister pulling up at CFB Trenton looking like it was a holiday weekend in St. Barts. While I fully understand the need for government jets at times, three jets for one ceremony doesn’t make any sense.

Canadians have already expressed outrage over Health Minister Patty Hajdu using other government planes as her personal taxi during the pandemic, taking flights home to Thunder Bay at the same time as she was telling the rest of us not to travel.

It’s doubtful there will be less outrage at how these military aircraft have been used and abused.

Sajjan split a flight home with one other passenger, Green MP Elizabeth May, on May 7. The plane flew them both to Vancouver and dropped off Sajjan before taking May to Victoria. The crew spent the night in Victoria and flew back empty the next day.

Earlier in the year, Sajjan flew home from Ottawa to Vancouver alone.

In Vancouver, Employment Minister Carla Qualtrough boarded the plane to be dropped in Victoria where May boarded before stopping in Regina to collect the entire Scheer clan for a return flight to Ottawa.

On another occasion, Qualtrough flew home to B.C. alone and the plane returned to Ottawa empty.


None of this is free and is coming at a time when a great many Canadians are doing without. Watching politicians of all stripes treat government jets like Uber rides simply won’t sit well — nor should it.

The mantra spouted by so many politicians during this pandemic is that we are all in this together. Clearly, we are not.



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“ Speculation of a spring election is further validated by the picture. Elections during COVID have proven to be good for the governing party in Canadian Provinces. In New Brunswick, The Progressive Conservative Party of New Brunswick, led by Blaine Higgs, won a majority government. In British Columbia, the BC NDP also won a sizeable majority as a result of an election during the pandemic. 

It remains to be seen whether Trudeau will call an election and whether O'Regan will be reprimanded for campaigning during this time.”






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