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Enter Justin Trudeau and bill C-10

“Under different names, wearing different guises, communism is a rising threat”

Communism is the idea that refuses to go away, no matter how many times it is attempted only to end in horrific levels of death and violence.


It appeals to resentment, to a demand for the benefits of productive activity without engaging in that activity ourselves. 

In many ways, it is similar to race-based fascism, in that it often targets a specific group (Kulaks,) notes that they are successful, and then – rather than encourage people to learn from the success of that group – demonizes them, calls them "parasites" or "leeches," and mobilizes resentment, jealously, hate, and ultimately death and destruction.

Yet, as the threat of Communism rises, our culture  is dangerously unable to see it.

As Jordan Peterson once noted, our society is hyper-vigilant when it comes to seeing the threat of approaching fascism, but lacks that same discernment when it comes to Communism.

We are "over-attuned" to seeing fascism everywhere, particularly since the biggest fascist regimes of the 20th century in Germany and Italy were largely unique to the specific post-war situation in those two nations, with many aspects that simply aren’t applicable to our country or much of the modern world.

Not to mention that the Western world the communists so desperately want to overthrow mobilized to fight and defeat fascism.

The conservation movement – once something that united most people in pursuit of a cleaner environment – has been largely co-opted by a much more radical "environmentalist" movement that often closely mimics what communists have been saying for some time, with capitalism demonized, the role of the nation-state denigrated, and a clear push for a redistribution of wealth from rich countries to poorer countries.

Marxist-based "critical race theory" seeks to divide Western societies on the basis of race, substituting race-conflict for class-conflict, and attempting to indoctrinate an entire generation into hating their own history, and opposing the idea of capitalism, democracy, and rational inquiry.

And, under the "justification" of fighting "hate speech," governments around the world are launching a crackdown on free speech and free expression that moves closer and closer to what we see in Communist China, with Bill C-10 being the latest and most vivid example here in Canada.

Not to mention, the role Communist China itself plays in attempting to influence countries and expand communist authoritarianism around the globe.

Given all of that, we must relearn our ability to notice and counteract the rise of communism.

Following WW2, Canada, the UK, the USA, and our allies were able to stop the rise of communism through vigilance and an understanding that the true agenda of the communists would lead to deaths numbering in the tens of millions.

Today, with communism having largely rebranded, we must wake up before it’s too late.


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To listen to sockboy and his idea of government .... we have your backs, from day one, clear and transparent, budgets will balance themselves, respect for parliament, blah blah blah ...... the Canadia


I’ve noticed Trudeau reading from briefing notes more and more recently..... would love to see a town hall meeting where questions and answers weren’t scripted, where there would be consequences for n

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Rex Murphy: Liberals' dangerous arrogance didn't begin and won't end with internet-regulation bill

Rex Murphy  17 hrs ago

The all-knowing Liberals put up a tactical white flag when the national storm of who-the-hell-do-you-think-you-are swept over them concerning their attempt to regulate the internet.

The attempt by the Liberal government to regulate the internet through Bill C-10 needs to be stopped, writes Rex Murphy.

Debate on a Conservative motion related to Bill C-10 was shut down, though the Liberals said Monday the bill will now be amended so social media posts are not regulated. What is more galling and more threatening than the bill itself however, is the set of mind behind it.

The bill may die or be weakened. The thinking that spawned it will remain.

C-10, an attempt to put a pillow over the free expression of all Canadians, didn’t pop up gopher-like out of the policy burrow of a second-tier Cabinet minister. Quite the contrary. This nefarious nugget was obviously the product of the top-rank philosophes of the Prime Minister’s Office, that sensorium of the whole Liberal party, from which emerges guidance and wisdom to elevate the lives and labours of ordinary Canadians, all set out with the confidence of a closed-minded pope.

And who are the great thinkers who birth such a creature? Why they are a band of intellects unmatched since the days of ancient Greece when Plato founded his academy, and young Socrates and his buddy Aristotle were offering home tutorials at the bargain rate of a drachma a syllogism. Their business card was terse: You learn; we earn. The wokemeisters in the PMO and the Wokemeister-in-Chief, Justin Trudeau, haven’t reached the business card stage, but post-power, you may be sure they will. There are Oprah shows to come, and star invitations to Davos and the IPCC yet to be forwarded in gilded envelopes with computer-generated handwriting.

Attend to this. This retrograde and democracy-denying bill emerged from the heights, out of the thin altitude where the prime minister dwells, and wherein the various wizards and shamans, the praetorian guard of top advisers, hatch their schemes, knit their plots, and advance the Leader’s dearest notions.


Rex Murphy: A pandemic's not an ideal time to hold an election. But can Trudeau resist?

Rex Murphy: We care nothing for free speech — Trudeau plan to regulate the internet is but a symptom

Only a PM and a bunch that carry the delusion they are all-wise and ever-right, that they alone and only they, should have rule and command over the thoughts and opinions of a whole nation, could have conceived Bill C-10. Could have put their lawyers to work composing it, then waltzed into Parliament to put it on the Order paper in the first place.


What 21st-century government, aware of speech and thought control in the great and cruel totalitarian governments of the past century, and their cruel brethren of the 21st — Communist China, sinister North Korea, Iran — every tyranny or dictatorship on the globe — would wish to ape and mirror the central characteristic of all such regimes?


All of them ruled and rule today by censorship, monitoring citizens’ thoughts and writing, even private conversation. Speech controls breed a nation of spies.


Bill C-10 may be a kitten-mischief compared with the hideous savageries of full-blown tyrannies. But great oaks out of little acorns grow. Beware the seedlings of thought and speech control. Which is another way of saying do not let governments even toy with the fundamentals of democratic understanding and the absolutes of democratic practice.

Here’s another observation: a government that yearns to censor, to pry and oversee the speech and thought of its citizens, doesn’t trust its citizens. And believes therefore it has a right to herd them into holding opinions that their wiser, smarter and obviously more progressive government tells them they must have. It’s a marvellous instance of political conceit.

Their “reasoning” preceding the drawing up Bill C-10, may easily be imagined. It would go something like this:

“Well, they (meaning the citizenry) elected us (meaning the Liberal party). And we, therefore being superior beings, now have the right to bring them up to our standards of respectable thought and acceptable opinion. We will wipe clean the moral blackboard. And lay out for the voters what the voters are allowed to say, and what they must say. Call it Cuba in a cold climate.

“We will also then apologize for their forebears, for those morally-numb pioneers who built the house of iniquity we know as Canada. We will deplore every past prime minister who was sadly neither as tolerant nor as knowing as we, Deo gratias, are. Going ahead as progressives, let us insist on the right to declare the ideas Canadians should have, and put a block on those they cannot be allowed to have. And let us be grateful that this is the one administration, the first since 1867, with the wit and moral savvy to recognize what was deficient in all who went before us. All of course save one.”

There, in speculative and imagined dialogue, is the voice of the mindset behind C-10. And the mindset is more dangerous than the bill: an assertion that this government knows what’s best and has the right to impose its ideas of what is right on everyone else. This is the new religion of woke.


They may have suspended the charge up the hill to put C-10 into law. But they have not unroped themselves from the attitudes and intentions behind it. The mindset behind C-10 is more consequential than the bill which issued from it. That this band of woke virtuecrats understand themselves as better, more clever and ever how entitled to impose all the imperatives of their virtue commandments on you.


I’ll end with the words of one who was previously vice-chairman of the CRTC, Peter Menzies . C-10 “doesn’t just infringe on free expression, it constitutes a full-blown assault upon it and, through it, the foundations of democracy.” Well said, Mr. Menzies.

National Post



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Tick Tick Tick.....

I admit justy has his hands full, even for a drama teacher, what with Covid, the cover up of sexual misconduct allegations involving military leaders in a feminist government, the largest budget debt/deficit projections in history (what, me worry??), boil water advisories, an indigenous group calling for the UN to protect their fishing rights, and a pending international incident which will threaten the largest economy in Canada from “coming roaring back”.....

On the other hand, Trudeau has Seamus Oreagan on it .....” It is non negotiable” so we shouldn’t be too worried. 😳😳



Line 5 pipeline a ‘ticking time bomb,’ must be shut down by next week, Michigan governor’s office says STEVEN CHASE

The Michigan governor’s office says a key petroleum pipeline for Central Canada that runs through the Great Lakes state is a “ticking time bomb” and that Calgary-based operator Enbridge Inc. would be breaking the law if it doesn’t shut this down next week as ordered. Bobby Leddy, press secretary to Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, said the governor’s position is that Enbridge must stop operating Line 5 by May 12. “As of that date, Enbridge’s continued operation of the Line 5 pipelines in the Straits of Mackinac would be unlawful,” Mr. Leddy said in a statement. Cross-Canada pipeline to replace Line 5 would be even ‘bigger challenge,’ Enbridge VP tells MPs Michigan regulator to consider climate impact of tunnel for Enbridge’s Line 5 pipeline Last November, Ms. Whitmer, citing the risk of an oil spill, announced that she would revoke an easement granted in 1953 that allows Line 5 to cross the Straits of Mackinac, a waterway in the state. Her order was to take effect no later than May 12. Calgary-based Enbridge Inc. has challenged Ms. Whitmer’s order in U.S. federal court. Michigan and Enbridge have been in court-ordered mediation since mid-April. Enbridge has proposed building an underwater tunnel to better protect the pipeline as it crosses the Straits of Mackinac but this will take several years. Enbridge has said it would not shut down the pipeline without a court order. And the Canadian government has said it believes that Enbridge would not be required to comply with the May 12 deadline because it’s still in mediation with the state of Michigan. The Governor’s office position, however, adds uncertainty to the situation. Her press secretary said Ms. Whitmer stands by her decision. “The Great Lakes support over 1.3 million jobs that generate $82 billion in wages annually across the United States, including 350,000 jobs in Michigan. We cannot risk the devastating economic, environmental, and public health impacts of a catastrophic oil spill in the Great Lakes,” Mr. Leddy said. “These oil pipelines in the Straits of Mackinac are a ticking time bomb, and their continued presence violates the public trust and poses a grave threat to Michigan’s environment and economy. The governor fully stands behind her decision to revoke and terminate the 1953 easement, while securing Michigan’s energy needs.” Line 5, which carries Western Canadian petroleum through the Great Lakes States and then back into Canada, is a key energy conduit for Ontario and Quebec. Without Line 5, Ontario would be about 45 per cent short of the crude oil it requires, according to Enbridge. The supply from Line 5 is used, among other things, to produce gasoline and diesel for Ontario. The pipeline from Michigan is also a critical source of supply for the Line 9 pipeline that runs from Ontario to Quebec and provides 40 per cent to 50 per cent of the crude oil that is used by Quebec refineries to make gasoline and other fuels. Businesses have warned that a shutdown could also trigger significant layoffs of refinery jobs in Sarnia, Ont., and would be a blow to Western Canadian crude producers as well. Ontario has warned the shutdown will cost more than 5,000 direct jobs as well as more than 23,000 indirect jobs. Michigan’s Mr. Leddy said Enbridge has had adequate warning. “Last November, the governor and the Director of the Department of Natural Resources issued a Notice of Termination and Revocation of the 1953 easement to Enbridge. That easement is necessary for Enbridge to operate its oil pipelines that run through the Great Lakes. The notice gave Enbridge 180 days to arrange for shutdown, and subsequent decommissioning, of the pipelines. That 180 day period expires on May 12.” More to come


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28 minutes ago, st27 said:

the cover up of sexual assault allegations of military leaders 

I see that bill Gates is getting divorced under/for analogous circumstances too.... a multi decade relationship with a subordinate. 

To date, I haven't heard a single talking head refer to that relationship as sexual assault.

Anyone who has worked in the airline business for more than 5 minutes has seen a few matched pilot/FA pairings over and over and over again too. If I suggested the most senior employee is guilty of assault and should be fired would I hear an amen?..... I bet I wouldn't hear an  awoman either would I? 

Something I'm missing here? IMO it's a deflection from real issues and it serves to undermine real instances of abuse/assault. A BS deflection technique and part of what simple soldiers utterly detest.

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23 minutes ago, st27 said:

I stand corrected....

Actually, I didn't mean it that way. Your point is well taken. 

I've attended the mandatory training sessions mandated by the guy who didn't live up to his own "Operation Honour" code. I'm not a sympathizer but, the selective outrage and hypocrisy of the talking heads on propaganda channels, and the use of this particular story as a deflection from current events should annoy people.... and I don't think it does. It's not like the CDS was dressed up in blackface or grouping female reporters; in liberal circles that's somehow OK. It's not with me.... I guess that was my point albeit poorly made.


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Hilarious view of the Line 5 “situation”....funny if it wasn’t many people in Ontario are even aware this issue will affect their already constrained way of life??. Much like the lack of awareness of what has been going on in Ottawa:


Has it come to pass that an oil and gas pipeline going into Ontario may be stopped? Shut down? Closed? Was this foretold in scripture? Did St. Greta of the Hard Stare lay a curse upon the land? How can this be?

Yet so it appears. The governor of the state of Michigan, Gretchen Whitmer, has decreed for the good of the world environment that Enbridge Line-5, which passes through her state on its way to Ontario, will be closed.

For do not all the books of the law which govern the darkness of pipelines have but one target, and the commandments which govern them apply to one province alone: Alberta?

Thou shall not build a new pipeline in the land of Alberta. Neither under the ground, nor on the ground above, nor on rails. It is forbidden.

And thou shalt not support the ones that are already there, for it is a wholesome thing to condemn them, and ye will receive many carbon credits and a new bicycle if ye do.

For has it not been written in The Book of Greta: “Out of the hydrocarbons of Fort McMurray will come a great darkness, and out of the oil of Alberta alone, issues all pestilence and dread, and a great threat to the hummingbirds?

Elizabeth of Sannich, visitor of cities, goddess of travel agents, whose air miles are as numerous as sands upon the beach, has given warning in like words: “The oil of the peoples of Alberta must layeth in the ground forever. Cursed be those who detect it. Cursed be those that buy it. And let anathema fall and darken the generations on all who would say otherwise. For they are shills. Let there be no Alberta pipelines lest ye perish.”

Here endeth the lesson.......

However for Trudeau this pipeline is a perplexity. For you see Line 5, is not a pipeline OUT of export-blockaded Alberta, heading to the U.S. and hoping for a better market.

Line 5 is a pipeline INTO Ontario, and — as Robert Frost was good enough to supply the phrase — that “has made all the difference.” To oppose shutting it down, as he electorally is obliged to do, he must like the windcock on the church steeple, swing around 180 degrees.

To fight for a 68-year-old oil and gas pipeline he must abjure all his rhetoric on global warming, perhaps put Minister McKenna in a state of shock, and even embarrass Joe Biden — killer of Keystone XL.

Trudeau will have to expose himself to the wrath of the environmentalists, compared to which the Biblical whirlwind is but a summer breeze or the flapping of a single hummingbird’s wings.

I think it was Isaiah, or maybe it was one of the lesser prophets, who wrote of one of the old kings, words which now describe the PM’s dilemma: “For Lo, he is in a pickle, and Lo again, it is a wondrous great pickle indeed.”

To fight for a 68-year-old oil and gas pipeline he must abjure all his rhetoric on global warming, perhaps put Minister McKenna in a state of shock, and even embarrass Joe Biden — killer of Keystone XL.

Trudeau will have to expose himself to the wrath of the environmentalists, compared to which the Biblical whirlwind is but a summer breeze or the flapping of a single hummingbird’s wings.

I think it was Isaiah, or maybe it was one of the lesser prophets, who wrote of one of the old kings, words which now describe the PM’s dilemma: “For Lo, he is in a pickle, and Lo again, it is a wondrous great pickle indeed.”

To fight for a 68-year-old oil and gas pipeline he must abjure all his rhetoric on global warming, perhaps put Minister McKenna in a state of shock, and even embarrass Joe Biden — killer of Keystone XL.

Trudeau will have to expose himself to the wrath of the environmentalists, compared to which the Biblical whirlwind is but a summer breeze or the flapping of a single hummingbird’s wings.

I think it was Isaiah, or maybe it was one of the lesser prophets, who wrote of one of the old kings, words which now describe the PM’s dilemma: “For Lo, he is in a pickle, and Lo again, it is a wondrous great pickle indeed.”


Thankyou, Rex Murphy


Full Text here:

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This looks good on Ontario and the federal government.

It speaks to the notion that eventually, all of the things you demanded will actually affect you.... when they do, your values or hypocrisy are on full display for all to see. It's what makes liberals predictable. 

It's always a learning opportunity for the arrogant and a cautionary tale for the wise. The pool on the Titanic is still full.

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Why am I not surprised. 😡😡

It also makes sense why Trudeau legalized WEED so quick.


Chuck Rifici is a Canadian entrepreneur, former CEO of Tweed Marijuana Inc, and former CFO of the Liberal Party of Canada. He has been tagged "the godfather of Canadian weed". Wikipedia

Former Trudeau Liberal CFO in talks to buy PornHub

Chuck Rifici, the former CFO of Canada's Liberal Party under Trudeau, is leading an investment group that is eyeing the acquisition of the porn website.

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Liberal cabinet minister's husband says Trudeau does not 'genuinely believe' in feminism

“ Gilmore lists feminism, climate change, democratic reform, and Indigenous issues as areas where Trudeau says one thing and believes another.

Gilmore, who works as an editor-at-large for Maclean's, called the prime minister out after the Liberals added five years to end water advisories for First Nations communities.

"Here's the thing about this PM, he may be your guy, he may be better than other guys, he may even be a nice guy, but he doesn't genuinely believe in any of the things he claims," wrote Gilmore. "... He is an empty vessel. Caveat emptor."


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Stamp Recall .. Canada Post

Canada Post recently created a new stamp bearing a picture of Justin Trudeau 

However, Canadians have complained that the stamp is not sticking to envelopes.

This situation enraged Trudeau who demanded a full investigation.

After a month of testing and spending $4.1 million, a special commission has presented the following findings

1. The stamp is in perfect order.
2. There is nothing wrong with the adhesive.
3. Canadians are spitting on the wrong side of the stamp.

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Canadians are Guinea Pigs in a National Medical Experiment


“ Canada is now a humiliating and dangerous 80th in the world for full vaccinations per capita, largely because the government pursued a doomed development deal with China’s CanSino Biologics, with no backup from major pharmaceutical companies. The late delivery of vaccines is causing thousands of unnecessary hospitalizations, deaths and business closures.

Ten million Canadians are waiting four months for their second shots, the only people in the world with so long a delay. According to a recent U.K. study, the effectiveness of one dose is “very, very feeble” against variants. Canadians are guinea pigs in a national medical experiment designed to compensate for disastrous procurement management. Government rolled the dice and some people have died. The policy needs urgent reevaluation in the light of new health data.”

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This week, Ottawa doubled-down on its policy of treating the population like human guinea pigs by opening the door to mixing vaccines. This is playing jazz with Canadian lives.

On May 5, a bombshell study of the Pfizer vaccine, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, showed the folly of what Ottawa is doing. It was conducted in Qatar and the data demonstrates the importance of receiving two doses administered 21 days apart, when it comes to fighting two variants, both of which are circulating in Canada.

The study shows that Pfizer’s effectiveness against the British and South African variants are minimal after only one dose (29 per cent and 16.9 per cent, respectively), but become 89.5 per cent and 75 per cent effective, 14 days after the second dose.

Trudeau should be forced to respond to this result and to justify the scientific basis for this country’s dose rationing. But he won’t, because the policy is not based on science, as Pfizer Canada’s CEO made clear in a recent interview.


Another fu€}ing lie by Trudeau. ...... “We always follow the science”...........when it suits them.

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The “Tickle Me Elmo” sales campaign. There’s a shortage! Everyone fight to get one.

Anyone else notice that it’s ok to talk about mismanagement of the rollout but dr’s, nurses, anyone really that has a differing opinion of wether we really should be injecting ourselves with experimental “vaccines” is censored. MSM don't print any articles at all with those questions (zero none at all). Social media of every type censors and cancels accounts of anyone that brooch the topic. Scientists, doctors and nurses that raise any questions are at risk of their jobs and futures. 

The herd seems to be easily led, but I have the bad habit of questioning and peeking behind the curtain of topics that the powers that be won’t allow discussion on. It raises a huge red flag for me every time I notice it

How is it that we are all injecting ourselves with experimental drugs based on experimental science and there is almost zero public discourse on wether or not that’s a good idea? 

Fwiw.. both our government and all the pharmaceutical company’s involved 💵💰 Have gone to great lengths to protect themselves from any and all liability of any adverse short or long term effects of these experimental injections. 

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