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To listen to sockboy and his idea of government .... we have your backs, from day one, clear and transparent, budgets will balance themselves, respect for parliament, blah blah blah ...... the Canadia

I wish.... If you go to any post and highlight a section of text, it will offer a "quote section" text box. Click on that and it will enter the quote for you and attribute it to the poster in who

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Just one mans opinion, but if Canadians had any faith, any trust at all government in general...this may have worked.

“ 96% of Canadians who test positive for coronavirus aren’t using COVID Alert app properly”

” When we’re only seeing a small percentage, in this case under 10 percent, under five percent, of the population using these apps, they’re essentially completely useless,” said Dr. Craig Jenne, an infectious disease specialist at the University of Calgary.“

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This is rich.....I wonder how he can have credibility considering what he has created our own looming debt crisis!


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is meeting virtually with world leaders this morning to discuss what the United Nations is calling a looming debt crisis that threatens to stifle the economic recovery in less developed countries.

And from the meeting.....


Trudeau said Canada, along with Jamaica and the UN Secretary-General, have been leading the discussions on ensuring a more equitable and just economic recovery. He said countries need access to cash so they can support their citizens and small businesses to get through the crisis.

It is part of our own domestic self interest to see countries around the world succeed through [the pandemic], so that we can all get back to the global economy as best as we possibly can,” Trudeau said. He added there are middle-income countries that are extremely vulnerable, either to the fallout from this pandemic because of their reliance on tourism, for example, or generally due to the crisis of climate change. “We need to ensure that the international financial institutions are ready to support them.”

This will not end well for the taxpayer....standby for another billion $$ giveaway....since we’ve apparently forgotten how much a billion is.

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Trudeau government still trying to pawn off the (unproven) Astra Zenaca vaccine on Canadians to cover their incompetence ....meanwhile cases of it causing blood clots in people in the 35 age range....


Quebec suspending use ot it.


PEI suspending use of it


Just listened to a news conference by Doug Ford...”Will suspend it in an instant if it’s proven dangerous”


Germany reporting blood clot issues


France has suspended use of it





AstraZeneca vaccine suspended for those under 55: Health Canada 

Temporarily on hold for the age group for safety reasons






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For anybody that still follows the follies in Ottawa:


Under legislation passed in 2005 to de-politicize parliamentarians’ pay, salaries paid to MPs and senators increase automatically on April 1 each year, based on the average increase negotiated by major bargaining units in the private sector.

No sitting parliament for another couple of weeks as well as a well deserved pay hike....these guys are really laughing at us.

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The Chinese finally see what most Canadians with a functioning brain have seen for years.


Chinese diplomat cranks up rhetoric with insults against ‘boy’ Justin Trudeau

A Chinese diplomat called Prime Minister Justin Trudeau “boy” in a sneering attack via Twitter over the weekend, the latest example of a shift to confrontational diplomacy that, for Beijing, has shown signs of success.

“Boy, your greatest achievement is to have ruined the friendly relations between China and Canada, and have turned Canada into a running dog of the U.S.,” Li Yang, China’s consul-general to Rio de Janeiro, wrote in a tweet accompanying a photo of Mr. Trudeau.

“Running dog” is a phrase typically associated with Maoist China, an insult hurled against imperialists that is meant to evoke the image of a dog running after its master for scraps. It is similar in meaning to “lickspittle” or “toady.”

Its use by a Chinese diplomat against a foreign leader is unusual, even by Beijing’s standards.

But China has responded to foreign criticism with increasingly sharp rhetoric and muscular action, including sanctions against foreign politicians last week – among them Canadian foreign affairs critic Michael Chong and the members of a foreign affairs human-rights subcommittee – and the wholesale deletion of clothing retailer H&M from domestic online stores after Chinese social media circulated a year-old statement in which H&M said it would not source cotton from China’s Xinjiang region because of the alleged use of forced labour there.


China has also blocked imports in recent years from countries with which it has political disputes, including Canada, using the size of its market and its economy to apply acute pressure.

Increasingly, it has sought to achieve its goals through the exercise of power over traditional diplomacy, particularly with countries Beijing sees as already pitted against China.

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15 hours ago, st27 said:

For anybody that still follows the follies in Ottawa:

No sitting parliament for another couple of weeks as well as a well deserved pay hike....these guys are really laughing at us.

am MP should only be paid the MEDIAN salary of his constituents.  This provides incentive to act in the best interest of his constituency.  the better they do the better he does.  It also prevents the job from just being what it is.

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And Sockboy skates away from another scandal. I watched the commons committee trying to get answers on the WE scandal and it was embarrassing that a minority government, that has run up a deficit of $350 BILLION looked so evasive, arrogant  and unwilling to answer a direct question.


Mr. Rodriguez said he spoke with Mr. Theis on Sunday and Monday to prepare for the committee meeting but was often unable to answer committee questions. Asked whether Mr. Theis had been contacted by the RCMP or by an officer of Parliament, Mr. Rodriguez said “not that I know of.” Mr. Theis had a meeting on May 5 with WE Charity co-founders Craig and Marc Kielburger and the organization’s director of government and stakeholder relations, Sofia Marquez. That meeting fell on the same date that WE was able to retroactively claim expenses. Asked whether that was a coincidence, Mr. Rodriguez said “it was only one conversation.” Conservative MP Jacques Gourde asked the minister why he showed up at committee if he “couldn’t provide more clarity.” NDP MP Charlie Angus said his efforts to get the final information to wrap up the committee’s study of the WE controversy have been met by an “angry stonewall” from the Liberals.

Liberals block senior staff from testifying on WE controversy

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KINSELLA: The Little PMO of Horrors


[The scene: The office of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in March 2020.]


KATIE TELFORD, CHIEF OF STAFF: Prime Minister, we have good news and bad news.

TRUDEAU [putting down mirror]: What’s the bad news?

TELFORD: Our vaccine deal with the Chinese fell apart. Which means most other countries will fully vaccinate their people months before we do.

TRUDEAU [irritated that the planned Instagram shoot will be cancelled]: What’s the good news?

TELFORD [brightly]: We won’t tell anyone for several months!


[The scene: A boardroom at the PMO in January 2021.]

TRUDEAU [happily]: Yay! Mean old Donald Trump will soon be gone!

TELFORD [exchanging worried looks with other PMO staffer]: We don’t think that’s good for you, Justin.

TRUDEAU [bewildered]: But why, Katie? Nobody likes Trump! Joe Biden and me will be BFFs!

TELFORD: Two reasons. One, Trump may be a bad guy, but he’s vaccinating more than a million Americans a day.

TRUDEAU: Is that more than me?

TELFORD: Way, way more. And, Biden is promising to vaccinate 100 million Americans in the first 100 days of his presidency. But we don’t think he’s going to do it.

TRUDEAU [smiling]: That’s good, isn’t it?

TELFORD: No. We think he’s going to have 100 million Americans vaccinated in 60 days, not 100.

TRUDEAU: Uh-oh, Spaghetti-Os.


[The scene: The PMO situation room, in February, where staff are counting and recounting vaccine purchase orders.]

TELFORD [mopping her brow, closing her eyes]: Damn.

TRUDEAU [bewildered]: What’s wrong, Katie?

TELFORD: We simply aren’t going to get enough vaccines fast enough. We are going to have the worst vaccination record in the G7. And the data suggests we will be around 65th in the world for vaccinations per capita.

TRUDEAU: Is that bad?

TELFORD [exasperated]: It’s really bad. It means we can’t get back to a majority. It means we may even lose the election.

PMO STAFFER WITH NO MEDICAL OR SCIENCE TRAINING WHATSOEVER: I know! Let’s delay the second vaccine dose by months! That way we can vaccinate more people!

TRUDEAU: Is that safe?

PMO STAFFER: Who knows, who cares. We may lose a few elderly people, but they don’t vote for you anyway.



[The scene: Trudeau and Telford are walking near Parliament Hill in March, a phalanx of RCMP security around them.]

TRUDEAU [waving merrily]: Look! Everyone is happy to see us and is waving at us!

TELFORD: I think they’re giving us the finger, sir.

TRUDEAU [crestfallen]: But how come? Nice Joe Biden is lending us a bunch of AstraZeneca vaccines!

TELFORD: That may be because the Americans aren’t sure that vaccine is safe.



TRUDEAU: Well, just make sure you inject that mean Warren Kinsella guy with it, OK?


[The scene: A private reception area at the Ottawa Congress Centre on election night.]


TRUDEAU: Katie, did we win?

TELFORD: [smiling, astonished as she looks up from one of her several devices]: I can’t believe it, but I think we did!

TRUDEAU [immediately adopting the Downward Dog position]: See? I told you, Katie! This nasty virus wasn’t going to defeat us! Yay!

TELFORD [whispering]: Well, just between us, Prime Minister, we screwed up getting vaccines early on. Then we didn’t get enough. Then we put people at risk by going against science on the second dose. Then we exposed them to even more danger when we injected them with vaccines we hadn’t fully tested.

TRUDEAU [confused]: But why did we win, Katie?

TELFORD [holding up a device with a photo of Erin O’Toole and Jagmeet Singh in debate]: Because, against these two, you couldn’t lose, Justin.

TRUDEAU: Yippee! Let’s have some herbal tea!


— Warren Kinsella was Special Assistant to Jean Chretien

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If you enjoy a cold beer or a glass of wine, you may want to stock up this week.
That’s because on April 1, the Trudeau government’s ”escalator tax” on beer, wine and spirits is going up again.
This tax is bad news for a lot of reasons.
First, it raises taxes that are already sky high: even before these new hikes, nearly half the final price of beer, 65-70 per cent of the price of wine and 80 per cent of the price of spirits is tax!
Second, instead of having to come back every year and take the heat for new tax hikes, this escalator just raises taxes automatically. Every year. Forever.
Finally, it’s a dangerous precedent for other taxes. If the government can get away with an escalator tax for alcohol, there’s no telling what it will try next. Gasoline? Sales taxes? Income taxes?
Through our campaign website, you can send a message to Justin Trudeau, 

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