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New anti-racism campaign urges Vancouverites to ask hard questions

One sign reads, "If I say I don't see skin colour, am I racist?" Another encourages people to ponder the question: "If I want to forget our province's history, am I racist?"

Author of the article:
Postmedia News
Publishing date:
Nov 30, 2020  •   •  1 minute read

Vancouver, BC: NOVEMBER 06, 2020 --  Kasari Govender is BC's human rights commissioner. She is pictured in Vancouver, BC Friday, November 6, 2020.      (Photo by Jason Payne/ PNG)  (For story by Joanne Lee-Young) ORG XMIT: humanrights [PNG Merlin Archive] A new anti-racism campaign launched by B.C's Office of the Human Rights Commissioner, Kasari Govender, urges British Columbians to stop and consider their internal racism. PHOTO BY JASON PAYNE /PNG

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you want to end racism?  stop talking about and stop using it as a bargaining chip.  If we are to ever get over it, people need to stop shoving it in our face.


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