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The only thing that could possibly be more hypocritical would be Republicans opposing it.

I take nothing from government or the media at face value anymore. You notice they used the name Omicron (O small) vs Omega (O large) eh?

And all of this is moving remarkably (I’d say abnormally) fast for previously slothful governments… found it on Wednesday, named it on Friday and shut the borders down on Saturday.

Pretty rapid screening numbers (from all over the world) for a 3 day old virus mutation too... almost as if it was coordinated. If not, it's a staggering level of efficiency for a new viral mutation only a few days old:


I can't help but wonder if they're laughing at us. Maybe they should have named it Omicon. So how will you know. I say if the Liberals suddenly turn their attention to gun control issues stand and shout BINGO.

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Another Leftist State dives off the deep end of sanity.


Colorado votes to drop the term 'sex offenders,' saying it's too negative

  • Colorado's Sex Offender Management Board voted to replace the term sex offender with "adults who commit sexual offenses."

  • The board argued the term sex offenders ostracizes people and is offensive.

  • Advocates and survivors of sexual assault worry the new terminology will make it easier for assailants to evade accountability.

Sex offenders in Colorado are getting a new label after the state's Sex Offender Management Board voted to change the terminology referring to them.

CBS Denver reported board voted 10-6 to change the term sex offender to "adults who commit sexual offenses" during a meeting on November 19. The vote will not change how sex offenders are referred to in the state's criminal justice system or in written law.

The board – which manages and tracks adult sex offenders across the state – heard arguments from sex offenders, survivors of sexual assault, and advocates on whether or not the phrase should be changed during the spring of 2021.

Proponents of the change argue the term sex offender is offensive to people who have committed sex crimes, places stigma on a large population, and generalizes the crimes committed by sex offenders.

"Referring to me by a label for something I did half my life ago is inappropriate and downright offensive," Derek Logue, an advocate against the term and member of the sex offenders registry, said during the meeting.

Advocates for survivors of sexual assault took issue with the language change.

"I'm concerned that the use of person-first language generally is an intent to remove accountability from offenders and to diminish the experience of the victims," Jessica Dotter, sexual assault resource prosecutor for the Colorado District Attorneys' Council, said during the meeting.

"'Adults who commit sexual offenses' fails to convey or represent any sort of victim-centeredness."


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You do realize that by finding one or 2 in the wild, there are thousands undetected right?

Testing is just an indicator 

by the time you detect a variant by testing in the wild its too damned late to do anything about it.  All you can do is make it look like you are doing something useful.


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From the Democratic leaning Boston Herald.

Biden re-election poll shows dismal 22% support; Harris even worse at 12%

The numbers are cringeworthy — 22% and 12%.

That’s the support for President Biden and his VP Kamala Harris in an I&I/TIPP poll that asked who would you vote for in the 2024 election. Even if you doubt the veracity of all this polling, these are poor numbers.

The only good news for Biden, the survey adds, is “no favorite has emerged among the large field of potential challengers to run against Biden in the 2024 primaries.”

But the sinking survey results are not out of the norm. A Wall Street Journal poll out Tuesday pegged Biden’s approval rating at a dismal 41%. Rasmussen had it at 42%.


Congress, however, was at 22% in the Journal poll, but that’s another story.

“It’s undeniable. Joe Biden is hurting in the polls right now and it’s due to a number of factors,” said Erin O’Brien, associate professor of political science at UMass Boston.

Those factors, she said, include the nagging pandemic, soaring inflation, lingering doubts about Biden’s foreign policy chops after the botched pullout from Kabul and lingering legislation.

The Journal adds that with Biden flatlining in the polls, he won’t be in a position to help Democrats fighting to keep their jobs in the midterms.

This comes as Democrats hold a slim majority in the House, where the split is 221-213, and in the Senate, at 50-50, but with Harris as the tiebreaker.

Support for former President Donald Trump remains strong among those loyal to him, so that also could be reflected in the polling that shows Biden needs to rebound or it will be too late to get much done in the second half of his tenure.

Now Biden faces a new challenge.

He held a video conference Tuesday with Russia’s Vladimir Putin over Russian troops heading toward the Ukrainian border.

Just hours before the call got underway, the Associated Press reported that Ukrainian officials charged Russia was continuing to escalate the crisis by sending tanks and snipers to war-torn eastern Ukraine to “provoke return fire.”

Republicans are watching to see how Biden fares, considering how poorly his administration handled withdrawal from Afghanistan.

It’s all showing in the polls, with the Journal adding 63% of voters said the country had gone off-track, with just 27% saying the nation was on the right course. Some 61% said the economy was headed in the wrong direction.


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14 hours ago, Jaydee said:

Those factors, she said, include the nagging pandemic, soaring inflation,

Woth any luck at all this should be Biden’s swan song.

“ US inflation hits highest level for nearly 40 years”

American shoppers, especially those on low incomes have felt the pinch of higher prices, with annual inflation at rates not seen for 40 years.

The latest figures show prices rose 6.8% in the year to November.

Prices for American consumers are rising at their fastest annual rate since June 1982. But the impact is felt more amongst those on the lowest incomes, with the least room to manage.

Rising inflation is also putting pressure on President Biden as he tries to pass his $1.9tn (£1.4tn) social spending bill.


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Let’s Go Brandon !

Biden allows open border policies and refuses to enforce laws passed by Congress to secure the border and enforce immigration laws,

The governor added. “Texas is stepping up to do the federal government’s job


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The best antidote for Trumpism would have been an effective Biden administration. All they had to do was not be crazy. It's not Manchin, it's not the Republicans, it's not the media - it's them, they did it to themselves.

Joe Biden’s presidency is in big trouble – and that’s good news for Donald Trump

Tue Dec 21, 2021 - The Globe and Mail - Editorial Board

Joe Biden’s presidency is in trouble. This past weekend, it was abruptly torpedoed by Senator Joe Manchin – live on Fox News.

The U.S. President’s signature piece of legislation is – was – the so-called Build Back Better bill. It’s been pitched as the most ambitious overhaul of American social policy since Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s New Deal of the 1930s, and Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society of the 1960s. The New Deal’s legacy is programs such as Social Security (more generous than the Canada Pension Plan, and created decades earlier); the Great Society’s legacies include Medicare and Medicaid – health insurance for the elderly and poor.

Build Back Better included an evolving list of promises, from clean energy to subsidized child care, free prekindergarten, free community college, a poverty-reducing child credit modelled on Canada’s, and expanded health coverage.

Mr. Biden’s Democratic Party has a slim majority in the House of Representatives, but the Senate is split 50-50. To pass Build Back Better, Democrats can’t lose a single vote. For months, they’ve been fiddling with the bill, and whittling it down, in an attempt to woo Mr. Manchin, a Democrat from tiny, Republican-leaning West Virginia.

But on Sunday, the lawmaker popped up on TV to announce that, after all these months of his own party tying itself in knots trying to mollify, cajole or charm him into supporting at least some of Mr. Biden’s plan, he’s out. After months of saying he was on the fence but persuadable, he’s off the fence – with both feet on the other side.

It leaves the core of Mr. Biden’s agenda somewhere between limbo and non-existence. Which explains why, in response to being blindsided, the White House released a scathing and deeply personal statement, unprecedented in tone and directed at a fellow Democrat.

“On Tuesday,” the statement said, “Senator Manchin came to the White House and submitted – to the President, in person, directly – a written outline for a Build Back Better bill that was the same size and scope as the President’s framework, and covered many of the same priorities.”

The statement described the senator’s move as “a sudden and inexplicable reversal in his position, and a breach of his commitments to the President and the Senator’s colleagues in the House and Senate.”

There was more, and not much of it involved words used when negotiations are still ongoing. The Biden administration was left trying to save face, having been jilted at the altar by someone who’d gone on TV to tell the world he wouldn’t be showing up at the church, without so much as a call beforehand to his intended.

For Canada, the sudden transfer of Build Back Better to somewhere between the ICU and the morgue does have a small upside. The bill included big subsidies for buyers of electric cars, but only American-made vehicles. In addition to violating the spirit of every trade agreement between Canada and the U.S., such subsidies would disintegrate North America’s integrated auto manufacturing supply chains, and crush Canada’s car industry.

But most of the rest of Build Back Better is – was – about funding programs to make America a bit less unequal, poor, sick and resentful. Which, given that we’re stuck living next door, is something Canadians should get behind.

Among its peers in the developed world, the U.S. stands out for high levels of income inequality and poverty, and low levels of economic mobility.

The U.S. has comparatively low taxes and a weak social safety net, and though no country spends more per capita on health care, tens of millions of Americans have no health insurance. The average American works longer hours than a Canadian; gets less (or no) holidays, sick leave or parental leave; and dies three years earlier.

Mr. Manchin represents one of the poorest states, so one would expect he could get behind Mr. Biden’s old-fashioned, prewoke economic program. His voters would be among those who would benefit most from a stronger safety net, support for working parents, better health coverage and more educational opportunities.

However, Mr. Manchin is also a Democrat in a state whose Republican lean grows ever more pronounced. In 2020, Donald Trump won 69 per cent of the vote. The senator’s U-turn helps his own political fortunes. But he just drove right over Mr. Biden.

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2 hours ago, deicer said:

For a minute, let's imagine where the United States would be right now if Trump had openly been pro vaccination and had encouraged Americans to get the shot.

What would the numbers look like if they had vaccination numbers equivalent to Canada overall?

They would be in the same boat as every other country in the world. Over run by Omicron regardless of vaccination stats hitting new infection records daily





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While I agree that omicron is overrunning the planet, one has to look deeper at the statistics where countries have higher vaccination numbers.  

The death rates are telling.


As well as hospitalization rates.


So where would the U.S. have been if vaccinations were encouraged right from the beginning?

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i Omicron doubled infections every 1.5 days as was stated by the powers that be.

That would make around 45 days from case 1 until the entire population of the planet was infected.  Actually less than that as that would be over 8 billion cases.

by that count every man woman and child on the planet will be infected before the end of January

Happy New year


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Priceless Karma..Watch the hypocrisy in action. 


AOC Vaxxed And Boosted Tests Positive For COVID After Partying Maskless With Drag Queens In Miami


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36 minutes ago, deicer said:

If it is, it will be Democrat driven when they loseThe House and the Senate in the mid terms. They are very much like the Liberals Canada. They believe they are chosen by God to run the country and anything short is a sacrilege.

I hope Trump is strategic enough to step aside. If he stays he will be the target to be attacked. If he leaves the Democrats will have to run on their record which at this point is non existent under Biden.

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