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President Biden


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This can only end in one of two ways: by having liberal minded people (like Bill) ridicule the buffoonery in a way that forces change, or by having the nation groan under the weight of living it.

Since cause and effect (critical) thinking is elusive now, and since many see him as a moderate (and a sell out to the cause) I suspect it will be the latter. 

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21 hours ago, st27 said:

Poor Joe...time for the stair lift....(and I was surprised how little it cost!).


Well, to be honest I've done this exact trip stunt (just once) myself on external airstairs.  It's surprising how little variance from standard rise/run it takes to cause this.

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Being perpetually gobsmacked is both an understatement and chronic condition now. I know a person who limits their news intake to thoroughly reading one newspaper a month and feels the better for it.... I think he's on to something.

 Try this at home. Briefly explain the background to any 10 year old you're acquainted with and ask them to predict the outcome at the southern border. 

From the WTFDYTWGTH file:

How the border problem caught the Biden team off guard, and how they've scrambled to fix it

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US goes wobbly under Biden: 

As metaphors go, it will be hard to top President Biden falling up the steps of Air Force One. He went down not once, not twice, but three times before scrambling to his feet. 

That was bad enough, but a silly White House excuse made it worse. Wind gusts knocked him over, an aide claimed, apparently with a straight face. 

The one hopeful sign is that nobody blamed Donald Trump. If that thinking is contagious, there might be hope for the new president after all. Otherwise, there are reasons to fear America is headed off the rails and into the weeds. 

Up to now, the theme of the Biden administration has been that whatever Trump did, they will do the opposite. The approach worked wonders during the campaign, but “opposite day” is a child’s game, not a sensible governing principle for the world’s superpower. 

Yet the hate-Trump mantra is demanded by the peanut gallery of anti-American leftists and their media handmaidens setting the Biden agenda.

The result is blunder after blunder, at home and abroad. The most obvious example is the reckless rhetoric and idiotic policies stoking the migrant surge on our southern border. Similarly, the stunned gibberish from Biden aides after Chinese diplomats lectured and humiliated them last week is a sign of global trouble to come. 

Connecting the dots of these and other mistakes suggests Biden took office while suffering from two major illusions. The first was that everything Trump did was a failure.


You could believe that only if you got all your ideas from Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, The Washington Post, New York Times, CNN and MSNBC. The Dems never recognized Trump’s legitimacy and the never-Trump media twisted the news instead of reporting it, creating a dishonest narrative of events. When Trump succeeded, they called it failure. 

These distortions shaped Democratic talking points, and Biden, apparently lacking any ideas of his own, simply parroted them. Now that he’s trying to turn those talking points into policies, he’s the one creating actual disasters.

Biden’s second illusion grows out of the first and holds that America and the world were clamoring for four more years of the Obama-Biden administration. 

It’s hardly surprising that a stumbling 78-year-old man with declining faculties was susceptible to nostalgia for a grand past. Problem is, the past wasn’t so grand. Or popular. 

A trip down memory lane would have reminded him that Dems up and down the food chain were demolished during the Obama years, and stood at their lowest ebb in a century after the wipeout of the 2016 election. 

But because Biden didn’t know or doesn’t remember why Trump was elected, he’s put in charge of important agencies veterans of those earlier failures, and they, too, apparently learned nothing. 

Dems shrink from the charge that they favor open borders, but how else to describe what they’ve done? 

They turned success into failure because Trump, over their unpatriotic resistance, had solved the caravan problem with a patchwork of programs. Building the wall, deportations of criminal aliens and agreements that kept asylum seekers in Mexico reduced incentives for Central Americans to make the long trek north. 

One by one, Biden demolished those bulwarks. First came the promise that America would have a more humane policy once Trump was gone and a 100-day ban on deportations, including criminals. 

Once in office, he stopped wall construction and ended the “Remain in Mexico” policy for asylum cases, a combination that sent an unmistakable invitation to families and the ruthless coyotes who charge thousands of dollars to guide them to the border. Some in law enforcement call Biden the best friend the coyotes, sex traffickers and drug cartels ever had. 

Even Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said many waiting in Central America view Biden as “the migrant president” because his policies welcomed them. That puts an extra burden on Mexico as the caravans cross its southern border and move north. 

In response, Biden aides are playing word games by refusing to admit they created a crisis — while trying to hide the evidence. They slapped a gag order on border agents and blocked the media from photographing the bulging crowds of children and teens in what are described as “jail-like” facilities. 

By comparison, Trump was transparent and available to the press to answer questions on all his policies. Biden also hides himself from the press. 

The result is that while illegal immigration significantly declined under Trump, it is now rising dramatically. Tens of thousands already have come into the country under Biden, with taxpayers footing the bill for food, hotels and medical care. Many adult crossers tested positive for the coronavirus — yet were released into America. 

Another result of Biden’s illusions is the China problem, and it too is on full display. The humiliating treatment of Secretary of State Tony Blinken by Chinese officials last week should wake the president’s team to the peril of trying to return to “normal” relations with the Asian giant, as if the rocky relations with China were all Trump’s fault. 

In fact, Trump correctly read China’s ambitions for global dominance and the absolute necessity to push back on trade, military, cyber and human rights abuses across the region, including with Uighurs and Hong Kong. China didn’t like the pushback and openly supported Biden’s election. 

Yet if Biden foolishly believed that meant there was common ground between him and President Xi Jinping, Thursday’s tongue-lashing should have been an eye-opener. 


The withering assault, including the Communists’ claim that BLM protests and riots prove America’s weakness, demonstrated that China is no longer pretending to be a developing nation. It is now a confident adversary, one that must be confronted without gauzy illusions. 

Thus, it is doubly worrisome that Friday, without mentioning the nasty meeting, Biden lapsed into fond memories of his time with President Xi — years ago. 

His babbling disconnect underscores the doubts of whether Biden is mentally and physically capable of protecting America against a China determined to expand its global footprint.




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Americas Enemies are sensing weakness. One thing Trump accomplished was no new wars. Can Biden continue the enviable record?


Iran threatens US Army base and top general: report

Iran has made threats against Fort McNair, an Army base in the nation’s capital, and against the Army’s vice chief of staff, two senior U.S. intelligence officials said.

They said communications intercepted by the National Security Agency in January showed that Iran’s Revolutionary Guard discussed mounting "USS Cole-style attacks" against the base, referring to the October 2000 suicide attack in which a small boat pulled up alongside the Navy destroyer in the Yemeni port of Aden and exploded, killing 17 sailors.

The intelligence also revealed threats to kill Gen. Joseph M. Martin and plans to infiltrate and surveil the base, according to the officials, who were not authorized to publicly discuss national security matters and spoke on condition of anonymity. The base, one of the oldest in the country, is Martin’s official residence.

The threats are one reason the Army has been pushing for more security around Fort McNair, which sits alongside Washington’s bustling newly developed Waterfront District.

City leaders have been fighting the Army’s plan to add a buffer zone of about 250 feet to 500 feet (75 meters to 150 meters) from the shore of the Washington Channel, which would limit access to as much as half the width of the busy waterway running parallel to the Potomac River.

The Pentagon, National Security Council and NSA either did not reply or declined to comment when contacted by The Associated Press.

As District of Columbia officials have fought the enhanced security along the channel, the Army has offered only vague information about threats to the base.

At a virtual meeting in January to discuss the proposed restrictions, Army Maj. Gen. Omar Jones, commander of the Military District of Washington, cited "credible and specific" threats against military leaders who live on the base. The only specific security threat he offered was about a swimmer who ended up on the base and was arrested.

Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton, the district’s sole representative in Congress, was skeptical. "When it comes to swimmers, I’m sure that must be rare. Did he know where he was? Maybe he was just swimming and found his way to your shore?" she said.

Jones conceded that the swimmer was "not a great example there, but our most recent example" of a security breach.


He said the Army has increased patrols along the shoreline, erected more restricted area signs and placed cameras to monitor the Washington Channel.

Puzzled city officials and frustrated residents said the Army’s request for the buffer zone was a government overreach of public waterways.

Discussions about the Fort McNair proposal began two years ago, but the recent intelligence gathered by the NSA has prompted Army officials to renew their request for the restrictions.

The intercepted chatter was among members of the elite Quds Force of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard and centered on potential military options to avenge the U.S. killing of the former Quds leader, Gen. Qassem Soleimani, in Baghdad in January 2020, the two intelligence officials said.

They said Tehran’s military commanders are unsatisfied with their counterattacks so far, specifically the results of the ballistic missile attack on Ain al-Asad airbase in Iraq in the days after Soleimani’s killing. No U.S. service members were killed in that strike but dozens suffered concussions.

Norton told the AP that in the two months since the January meeting, the Pentagon has not provided her any additional information that would justify the restrictions around Fort McNair.

"I have asked the Department of Defense to withdraw the rule because I’ve seen no evidence of a credible threat that would support the proposed restriction," Norton said. "They have been trying to get their way, but their proposal is more restrictive than necessary."

She added: "I have a security clearance. And they have yet to show me any classified evidence" that would justify the proposal. Norton pointed out that the Washington Navy Yard and Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling, which also have access to district waters, do not have restricted zones along their shorelines and have not requested them.

The proposed changes, outlined in a Federal Register notice, would prohibit both people and watercraft from "anchoring, mooring or loitering" within the restricted area without permission.

The notice specifies the need for security around the Marine Helicopter Squadron, which transports American presidents, and the general and staff officers’ quarters located at the water’s edge. The southern tip of Fort McNair is home to the National War College, where midlevel and senior officers gunning for admiral or general study national security strategy.


The Washington Channel is the site of one of the city’s major urban renewal efforts, with new restaurants, luxury housing and concert venues. The waterway flows from the point where the city’s two major rivers, the Potomac and Anacostia, meet.

It’s home to three marinas and hundreds of boat slips. About 300 people live aboard their boats in the channel, according to Patrick Revord, who is the director of technology, marketing and community engagement for the Wharf Community Association.

The channel also bustles with water taxis, which serve 300,000 people each year, river cruises that host 400,000 people a year and about 7,000 kayakers and paddleboarders annually, Revord said during the meeting.

Residents and city officials say the restrictions would create unsafe conditions by narrowing the channel for larger vessels traversing the waterway alongside smaller motorboats and kayakers.

Guy Shields, a retired Army infantry colonel and member of the Capitol Yacht Club who opposes the restrictions around Fort McNair, said during the meeting that waterway restrictions wouldn’t boost security.

"Those buoys aren’t going to do anything to enhance security. It will increase congestion in an already congested area," Shields said. "And I’ll say, signs do not stop people with bad intentions."

It’s unclear whether the new intelligence will change the city’s opposition to the Army’s security plan.




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Trump slams Biden over border 'crisis', accused him of causing 'death and human tragedy'

Former President Trump accused Biden of causing 'death and human tragedy' with controversial immigration policies



Asked Sunday why his warning did little to quell the chaos at the border, Biden admitted that his administration could increase efforts to transmit his recent messaging to migrants making their way to the U.S.

The Customs and Border Protection (CBP) facilities have been operating far beyond capacity amid a troubling surge in border crossers. The agency announced that it had encountered more than 100,000 migrants at the border in February, while numbers of child migrants in custody have also increased dramatically.




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Chaos under the Biden administration.


Graham blasts 'Biden administration s---show' at border, demands president, VP 'get off your a--'

South Carolina Republican threatens to shut down Senate if denied access to border facilities

A fuming Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., railed against President Joe Biden and his administration's role in the crisis at the southern border Tuesday, suggesting the White House is gaslighting the public into believing the U.S.-Mexico frontier is secure.

Graham joined "Hannity" to praise Fox News contributor Sara Carter's exclusive reportabout conditions in migrant holding facilities.

"If this is proven to be true and I have no doubt it is," Graham said, "all I can say -- let me tell you this, [migrant holding] POD 3A, according to your reporting, is supposed to hold 80 people. There were 694 children in POD 3A being managed by two Border Patrol agents.

God bless the Border Patrol, God bless the customs agents who are dealing with the Biden administration s---show at the border."


Graham demanded congressional Democrats show the same outrage that they showed during the Trump administration, pointing to now-Vice President Kamala Harrisand Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, D-N.Y., joining a protest held outside a Trump-era detention center in the Everglades near Homestead, Fla.  Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., also traveled to Texas during the Trump administration to stage a similar protest.

"I am going down [to the Mexican border] with 18 senators Friday and if I am denied the ability to look into any place I want to go, we are going to shut the Senate down," Graham said. "Where are all the liberal hypocrites? Where is AOC, where's Elizabeth Warren -- or Vice President Harris ..."

"Here's my message: President Biden and Vice President Harris, with all due respect, get off your a-- and go to the border and look and see what you have caused by policies that will not work," he added. "Quit denying the obvious."

Graham called the dire situation in Texas, New Mexico and Arizona "beyond a crisis [and] a national security disaster in the making."

"It will never change, President Biden, until you tell everybody to go home and stop bringing people into the United States. If you're not willing to do those two things, we will have a million or two people at our border by June."

When pressed as to whether he believes the Border Patrol, under the auspices of Mayorkas, would actually allow him access to any detention facilities, Graham replied:

"I'd hate to be the guy that told me 'no'."


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Even though the southern border situation is now a humanitarian mess with lasting social consequences (not to mention destined to get much worse as the weather warms), it's certainly not unexpected.  In fact, it was perfectly predictable to the point that virtually no other outcome was ever likely.

To his credit, Biden has been consistently upfront about his intentions, right down to the very EOs he planned to issue on day one. I can only conclude that a majority (albeit slim) wanted to see this result. That's not sarcasm either, the causal connections here are blatantly obvious and you would have to be more foolish than I credit the voting public for being not to see them. What I'm suggesting is there was no deceit on Biden's part.

Contrast that with JT. He knew most of the NS shooting details within 36 hrs of the event yet proceeded with draconian restrictions on some 2 million law abiding citizens. He used the event as justification even though he knew it was bogus to do that. Then, as if that wasn't bad enough he  deliberately suppressed the very information which served to undermine everything he did and said. That continues to this day under the guise of "keeping Canadians safe." Investigative details will not be released in any comprehensive manner until after the Liberals have completed as much of their gun control agenda (as can be done within the current mandate). Watch... see if I'm wrong, its pretty obvious.

All that to say Biden has been a breath of fresh air, no surprises, people got exactly what they voted for and it's hard to argue against that. My biggest problem, as always, is that the loathsome fools who wanted all this remain unwilling to pay for it. I submit that balanced budgets should be legally required. If you want something, say universal daycare, then cool. It gets costed and taxes are adjusted accordingly and with immediate effect to cover the costs. Any bloody idiot uttering foolish slogans like the "wealthy will pay" would become instantly irrelevant and there would be no justification for deficits other than by consent of parliament or under emergency response conditions.


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Sen. Mike Braun, R-Ind., told Fox News that a Biden official asked Republican senators to delete photos they took at a border facility they were touring on Friday.





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Twice as many children are in Border Patrol custody under Biden than Trump peak in 2019


MCALLEN, Texas — The number of migrant children being held in Border Patrol facilities is more than double the record that was set in June 2019 during the Trump administration, the Washington Examiner has learned.

As of Sunday, 5,767 unaccompanied minors were being detained inside cells at Border Patrol facilities near the U.S.-Mexico border. In comparison, only 2,600 children were documented in custody at the height of the 2019 border crisis, according to federal data exclusively obtained Monday evening.

Spoiler alert - it's Trump's fault:

The administration has blamed the emergency on Trump policies. "We are digging out of a broken system over the past four years — not just the inhumane policies, but the fact that there were never efforts put in place to look for and seek shelters where these children could be safely and humanely housed," White House press secretary Jen Psaki said Monday.


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