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10 hours ago, Amelia said:

is there a place to find out directions or FAQ?

Sorry if my post is in the wrong place, but I can't find out things. TYIA @administrator

Seems pretty straightforward - what do you need to know?

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1 hour ago, Amelia said:

I noticed people have points. How do you get those? I mean its pretty hard to get them im guessing. I have 1 point it seems 🙂

Points mean absolutely nothing except that someone has liked your post.  Since the likes are only subjective, they really have no value. For example, Deicer has lots of posts but relatively few points, all that means, rightly or not, he is not being responded  to positively  by folks  in the  herd who could give him a "like" I post a lot and have lots of points but that only means I strike a cord in others, it does not give me any stature of "Right". Just remember a lot of those that that MOB liked in history, were dictators. 😀

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1 hour ago, Amelia said:

The point system makes no sense then, if you are correct. By your statement both @Marshalland @deicer are gods of this forum then? But it appears tge News, Kip, Malcom and Dagger are leading in points?

So points are about likes? 

Amelia: Not sure where you got the GODs slant but as I posted earlier:


I suggest you reach out to one of the Moderations listed under staff if you need further clarification.  

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all a "Like" is, is clarification that someone happens to share your opinion or agrees with our statement.  Using it as a statistical measure is impossible without knowing how many people actually read the post and also taking into account those who do not respond at all.

This is where we find society in the era of social media.  Likes are given value where no value exists.

The only value a like provides is a quick shot of dopamine to the original poster.


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