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More Great Whisky coming out of Alberta : 

Hello Eau Claire Distillery Cask Club Member!


As a loyal Cask Club member you are the first to see our newest whisky! We are releasing Rupert into the Alberta wild and you will soon be able to find it at liquor retailers throughout Alberta.

Alberta's first craft distillery is excited to announce its first year-round whisky offering! Rupert's Whisky is the newest addition to the Eau Claire Whisky line-up. Rupert's Whisky offers an approachable flavour and a similar complexity to what you find in every bottle of Eau Claire Distillery's Single Malt Whisky batches.

Adding to our award-winning whisky program, Rupert's Whisky is a true expression of the Eau Claire Distillery taste profile and pays homage to the Alberta terroir. Made with flavour in mind, no compromises were taken when creating this whisky. Rupert's Whisky starts with a sweetness and a hint of red fruits, chocolate and nutmeg, this whisky then continues to a dried fruit and slightly nutty finish. 

This exceptional Canadian whisky uses some of Eau Claire Distillery's best whisky barrels. The resulting flavour, colour and taste is a rich balance of flavours that form an approachable yet distinctive choice that is perfect for mixing or enjoying on its own, neat or over ice. Rupert's Whisky is non-chill filtered and has no artificial caramel colouring.


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