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Check-in Lead Times at YYZ


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Hello, All - Wondering what it's like negotiating Pearson these days. I haven't been through since way before COVID.

Website says 90 minutes for domestic departures (and holy smokes, 3 hours for a.m. US!?). In the real world, does that mean bring something to read, particularly with online check-in and carry-on, or has everything slowed down? 

One might hope that disastrously reduced RSM's would at least speed things up for the self-loaders, but maybe COVID procedures or reduced staff gums up the works?

Anyway, cheers & TIA - IFG ?

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Depending on what time your flight is, if you are flying domestic, both baggage check and security are absolute non events; we're talking single digit minutes for either. Certainly getting busier now, but no where near pre-COVID wait times.

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