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I think there is much more to the SNC Lavalin story than meets the eye.

People look at this as a simple matter of cash for parking lot contracts in a world where bribes are an everyday occurrence and part of the culture. But, and IMO,  it's entirely possible that this involves treasonous activities in violation of UN sanctions at a time Canadian Forces were actively involved in OUP Libya combat operations.

If you look back at the headlines and news at the time, SNC had security contractors on scene and it's alleged that they  were actively involved in the escape planning efforts for individual Gaddafi family members. 

If true, and if JT was aware of these activities and he still interfered on their behalf to defer prosecution, it raises the entire affair to an entirely different level. And don’t think for one second that the very news outlets covering the story didn’t travel with suitcases full of cash to bribe their way into areas they otherwise wouldn’t have access too. Bribes are a nothing burger there, treason is quite another thing. Something seems off here, prosecuting companies for bribes in the land of bribes is like prosecuting fish for being wet. 

If I plot the trajectory of liberal lies and deliberate manipulations I see in other areas, and simply within the narrow context of what I know to be true, these guys make Trump look like a rank amateur and it renders their supporters blatant hypocrites at a level that goes far beyond wearing blackface whilst accusing others of racism. This is the same breed of creatures who accuse others of being too lazy and too stupid to understand the nuances of current events.

If you want to know exactly what they are up to, look at what they are accusing others of doing.... 


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