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"7" flights are charter, placement or test flights, four digit flights with the first a "2" are normally second when the first gets cancelled or a rescue flight...all this from normal times. I think all bets are off now.

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Flight numbers are broken down in ranges of numbers.  sometimes the first digit is an indicator but not necessarily. for example a 7 or an 8 flight with 4 digits could be a Jazz flight depending on routing. 

CArgo flights would be assigned flight numbers based on routing and destination not necesarily type of flight (ie Cargo)


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21 hours ago, Kip Powick said:

Difference between 7 *** and 2*** is 5***...surprised you did not know that?

Sorry, couldn't resist that ?

Good one.  I was in a fish and chips place in St. John's.  Menu was on the wall behind cash register.

Fish and Chips:  Small, Medium, Large

So I ask the cashier, "what's the difference between the small, medium and large?"

Her reply; "Size and price!"

True Story.

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