This is a bad idea....but...

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...I'm going to cross a line that should never be crossed and discuss investments (stock market).

So, is anyone investing in any of the companies working on Covid tests?

I've selected a few that have some potential, of course all highly speculative but I think there will be a huge market for tests.  So huge that, IMO, any company that can produce a working test will find a market and a company that finds a market produces profit - which results in some benefit for shareholders.  I fully acknowledge the crass nature of looking to benefit from the pandemic but feel that I should take advantage of the opportunity to offset the losses to my portfolio from the upcoming recession/depression and also to fund the upcoming tax increases.

I'll start off the discussion with a couple that I have found;

StageZero Life Sciences Ltd. T.SZLS

A biotech company that was working on producing a machine that can test for cancer from a blood sample and which has now switched to work on developing a Covid-19 test.  Seems like a good choice - they were already working in depth on blood testing and have a good leg up on other companies along with some good crossborder connections/agreements.  They are working on both antigen (active infection) and antibody (prior infection) tests.

Sona Nanotech Inc. -  C.SONA

A company that already produces those little single use blood tests (for other diseases and conditions) which is hoping to get their Covid-19 test approved very soon.  Their advantage is to produce a 5-15 minute quick test kit which will detect antigen (active virus) from a small blood sample (finger sample).  This is in comparison to a nasal swab which can take 24 hours.

Don't take these as recommendations, they're just intended to spark discussion. DYODD always. DYODD always. (there, I said it twice!) As I said, both are highly speculative - there are dozens (or hundreds) of companies working on developing tests for this urgent need.  These two have risen to the top, in my humble analysis, due to their previous work in similar fields and other factors.  If they are successful - there is money to made by investing.  If they are not successful the share price will plummet.


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