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I have a friend who is crazy about cars and he buys a used car about every other year. This year he bought a 2020 Buick enclave and a week or so ago he it drove over to show me. Nice looking car and he stated that it was quite a treat to move up to a SUV. He really liked the car but was a bit annoyed in that it took him a while to find the external gas cap because he thought it would be where his last car had it, on the drivers side, rear fender. 

Sample of the "tell" on a gas gauge


I asked him why he never just looked at the fuel gauge as it would "tell" him where the cap was. I showed him  how that was done and he was truly amazed....with all the cars he had purchased, he never knew that the gas pump arrow indicated which side of the car the gas cap was on. 

I started asking a few of my friends, and a couple did not know the answer as well.

I wonder how many car buyers never look at the operators  manual, ( I would think it is in there)

Be honest...anyone reading this in the same boat ???


Trivia.....invented by Ford in the mid 1980's and took a few years to start showing up in other auto makers vehicle

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2 hours ago, Innuendo said:

I am not sure what happened to the above but I can't edit or delete it. It seems to be locked.

Sorry about the format.


Don't know what happened either.  Couldn't fix it so I deleted it.

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14 hours ago, Kip Powick said:

I wonder how many car buyers never look at the operators  manual,

For the past 10 years I've been renting a car 15-25 times a year.  The little fuel tank chevron has been a great help. 

I still have had trouble trying to open the fill cap cover though.  Some cars have cockpit release controls - some don't.  Some covers are released by some control mechanism in the cars interior and some of those are hidden really well for some reason.  Some covers have no latch release at all and are opened by pushing them in or flipping them open. 

Next time you rent a car - be careful what you wish for or be prepared for delays or your kids laughing at you.

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15 hours ago, Kip Powick said:

Then  there was my first "dream car"....that I never owned...

1956 Chevy Bel Air



er ... Kip ... isn't that a '55 Chevy tail light? :Scratch-Head:

Cheers, IFG :b:

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: Fwd: A clever lawyer


A lawyer, who had a wife and 12 children, needed to move because his rental agreement was terminated by the owner, who wanted to reoccupy the home.

When he said he had 12 children, no one would rent a home to him because they felt that the children would destroy the place.  He couldn't say he had no children because he couldn't lie (as we all know, lawyers cannot, and do not lie).

So he sent his wife for a walk to the cemetery with 11 of their kids.

He took the remaining one with him to see rental homes with the real
estate agent.  He loved one of the homes and the price was right.

The agent asked:” How many children do you have?"

He answered: "Twelve."

The agent asked, "Where are the others?"

The lawyer, with his best courtroom sad look, answered, "They're in
the cemetery with their mother."


It's not necessary to lie; one has only to choose the right words.





Make every day a happy memory.


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Google is your friend ...... I did not know the reference either!! From the movie “Porkys”


Another subplot involves Coach Brackett taking an interest in attractive Coach Honeywell. Coach Warren repeatedly refers to Honeywell as “Lassie” while pointing to the equipment room, much to Coach Brackett's confusion. He quickly finds out why when he and Honeywell hideout in the Equipment Room after an argument with Balbricker, and Honeywell becomes turned on by the smell. This leads to the pair having sex in the room, but Honeywell begins loudly howling like a dog, thus revealing why she is called Lassie. Her howls are heard throughout the entire school, much to the students and Coach Warren's amusement. Bracket and Honeywell are fired as a result.




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