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12 hours ago, Kip Powick said:


This is actually truer than one would think. On a trip to Hong Kong one day before the world went to hell in a hand basket on 911, we had one of Canada’s top Doctors up for a cockpit visit. He stated Canadians are one of the most susceptible nations in the world to almost any bug because we over protect from just about anything thereby Canadians have very little built up natural resistance. Look no further than downtown Bombay for proof of what conditions humanity can survive under.

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...but survive for how long? WHO data shows that the mortality rate for 5-14 year olds in India is 5x higher than for Canada.




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45 minutes ago, Kip Powick said:

Two of the best videos posted on AEF this year.... Thank you  for posting 


Thank you Kip.  Those videos were sent to me by a family member who is suffering through PTSD, depression and suicidal thoughts and I thought they were good to share. 

If a big, strong, British, military sniper dude had fallen into the pit of despair and pulled himself out - it's beacon of hope for the rest of us.  In the sense that our depression is not unnatural or irreversible with the correct supports.  I know several co-workers, and acquaintances that have committed suicide which, unfortunately, is not uncommon.  As a result I am acutely aware of the problems with identifying those in this state of mind and the problem of how to support them.  I have recently (in the last few years) greatly expanded the time I am willing to spend with any person who expresses negative thoughts or signs of resignation - the smallest amount of support to a person on the bubble can make a difference.




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