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Lockdown Distractions


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1 hour ago, mo32a said:

I hated it then and hate it now. If you have something to say, say it clearly.

I have no idea what that song is about.

I believe it is a song about a person going through life, and probably done little, or put little effort into life, and is feeling he has not been given his due for what he has done, (nothing),  and has the feeling of frustration.......


Me ?, I think  it a helluva lot better than Justin Bieber's song entitled "Baby" where he says "baby" 56 times in 3 minutes  or even Harry Stiles in the nonsense song "Watermelon Sugar " where he says 'watermelon sugar high" close to 23-24 times.


To each his own....?

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OMG, this is a funny video.  The woman, Nicole, is apparently a monster truck driver and has a Youtube channel where she goes out to experience different driving situations.  In this video she checks out a VW Beetle that some dude has stuffed with a 500 HP Subaru WRX engine.  The first part (11 minutes) is the story of the build process and looking over the car - interesting but not the funny part.  The funny part is the second half - driving the car.  Start from about 13:15 if you're not interested in the story of the build. 

Watch the owners face as he drives the car - never seen that level of focus - the car, obviously, is massively over-powered and vicious to drive.  Then he lets her drive the car!  The transmission has no syncros so there's lots of grinding (cause she does it wrong) and missed shifts along with the look of terror on the guy's face every time she gets on the gas!  This is almost exactly my experience trying to teach my wife to drive a standard (except for the 500 HP part).


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13 minutes ago, Kip Powick said:

Picky-picky, I know but......

Boating Rule # 3...You don't move your boat with the boarding ladder down.....??

I thought you should leave it down to help with an emergency re-boarding if needed?  Anyway, probably got knocked down during the frolicking portion of the cruise!

PS - wasn't there a movie that used that as a major plot point - everyone ends up in the water and they all drown because nobody can re-board?

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