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Friday Toe Tapper///Have a nice weekend  aef.mp4

Who knew??   Relic ... from the Beachcomers tv series (which ran for 18 seasons!!) was awarded the DFC.. Robert Clothier... https://www.bombercommandmuseum.ca/chronicles/robert-clot

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If you are looking for a new toy...


For Sale – Star of the TV Show M.A.S.H.

© Platinum Fighters

S/n 263 was used in various action movies. Its most notable role was starring in the hit television show M.A.S.H.


This Bell 47-D1 s/n 263 was built in July 1951 at the Bell Aircraft Assembly plant in Niagara, New York.  It was delegated to the U.S. Navy and was used as a helicopter trainer until 1958 when it was surplussed out of the Navy. 

© Platinum Fighters © Platinum Fighters

In 1972 it was purchased by Adrian Grieve, owner and operator of Pathfinder Helicopters in Riverside, CA. It was completely rebuilt to Bell Helicopter specifications and received a Standard Airworthiness Certificate in 1973. 

© Platinum Fighters © Platinum Fighters


© Platinum Fighters © Platinum Fighters


© Platinum Fighters © Platinum Fighters

In the opening scene where two helicopters are flying formation, 263 is closest to the camera, In the second scene, 263 is the second helicopter on approach to the landing pads.


© Platinum Fighters © Platinum Fighters


© Platinum Fighters © Platinum Fighters

During the ten years that M.A.S.H. was filmed, 263 was utilized many times both as set dressing and in flying scenes.  263 was utilized in the final departure scene of the final episode, one of the most watched TV episodes of all time.

© Platinum Fighters © Platinum Fighters


© Platinum Fighters © Platinum Fighters

For sale by Platinum Warbirds

Call us toll free: +1800 210 1951
Email Simon Brown

Email John Rayner

Another Article From Us: Fantasy Hanger – Spitfire For Sale Yours for Just $2 Million

When filming ended in 1981, 263 was sold to a rancher who used it for crop-dusting and counting cattle.  Several years ago it was sold to the current owner who restored it back to its original MASH TV show configuration.

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I was just cleaning up old computer files and came across this. A few days late but still kinda of fun. Happy New Year everyone.  🤓


Twas the night before Christmas, and out on the ramp,

Not an airplane was stirring, not even a Champ.

The aircraft were fastened to tie downs with care,

In hopes that come morning, they all would be there.



The fuel trucks were nestled, all snug in their spots,

With gusts from two-forty at 39 knots.

I slumped at the fuel desk, now finally caught up,

And settled down comfortably, resting my butt.



When the radio lit up with noise and with chatter,

I turned up the scanner to see what was the matter.

A voice clearly heard over static and snow,

Called for clearance to land at the airport below.



He barked his transmission so lively and quick,

I'd have sworn that the call sign he used was "St. Nick".

I ran to the panel to turn up the lights,

The better to welcome this magical flight.



He called his position, no room for denial,

"St. Nicholas One, turning left onto final."

And what to my wondering eyes should appear,

But a Rutan-built sleigh, with eight Rotax Reindeer!



With vectors to final, down the glideslope he came,

As he passed the fixes, he called them by name:

"Now Ringo! Now Tolga! Now Trini and Bacun!

On Comet! On Cupid!" What pills was he taking?



While controllers were sitting and scratching their heads,

They phoned to my office, and I heard it with dread,

The message they left was both urgent and dour:

"When Santa pulls in, have him please call the tower."



He landed like silk, with the sled runners sparking,

Then I heard "Left at Charlie," and "Taxi to parking."

He slowed to a taxi, turned off of three-oh

And stopped on the ramp with a "Ho, ho-ho-ho..."



He stepped out of the sleigh, but before he could talk,

I ran out to meet him with my best set of chocks.

His red helmet and goggles were covered with frost

And his beard was all blackened from Reindeer exhaust.



His breath smelled like peppermint, gone slightly stale,

And he puffed on a pipe (but he didn't inhale).

His cheeks were all rosy and jiggled like jelly,

His boots were as black as a crop duster's belly.



He was chubby and plump, in his suit of bright red,

And he asked me to "fill it, with hundred low-lead."

He came dashing in from the snow-covered pump,

I knew he was anxious for draining the sump.



I spoke not a word, but went straight to my work,

And I filled up the sleigh, but I spilled like a jerk.

He came out of the restroom, and sighed in relief,

Then he picked up a phone for a Flight Service brief.



And I thought as he silently scribed in his log,

These reindeer could land in an eighth-mile fog.

He completed his pre-flight, from the front to the rear,

Then he put on his headset, and I heard him yell, "Clear!"



And laying a finger on his push-to-talk,

He called up the tower for clearance and squawk.

"Take taxiway Charlie, the southbound direction,

Turn right three-two-zero at pilot's discretion"



He sped down the runway, the best of the best,

"Your traffic's a Grumman, inbound from the west."

Then I heard him proclaim, as he climbed thru the night,

"Merry Christmas to all! I have traffic in sight."

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Had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Turner when she came through T2 all those years ago.  Wonderful personality, friendly to the staff that approached her, and a smile that glowed.  She was a tiny little thing though.

Love this video, and it's even more impressive when you see her energy and she was 70 years old at the time!

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56 minutes ago, Kip Powick said:

I used to be able to do all that stuff too, but, I must admit my bike was a lot easier to ride.

Even if you could do it Kip, somehow I don't think I'd enjoy watching it as much.  😉

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