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French Angel Fish


The lonely Rock Fish with only a face a mother could love



Sting Ray waffling into the sand


Hawk bill turtle 


Green Moray Eel suggesting we move along


The dreaded LIONFISH below...poison on the "mane" tips...Has no predators other than man. We killed two and use scissors to take off

the mane, gut them and the Dive Master took them home to eat



I have forgotten the name but it is a pretty fish


Curious Nurse shark




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Posted (edited)


Little Puffer...if you scare him he does this........ next pic





Small spotted Moray eel..out and cruising



Queen Angel  



Spotted Cow Fish



Spotted Moray Eel


Brassy Trumpet Fish


Dropping Deeper


Octopus blending his color into the coral...seen on a night dive



A sad Rock Fish

san andreas_20070313_015.jpg

Little Squid


East Edge of the Blue wall..That is me at the bottom and I am at "about 120 feet" and below me is approx 1500 feet of water 




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Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat ?


Story below




This is a True Story,

Quite a few years ago we were scuba diving in Cuba, on the north coast, at the Cayo Coco Resort. The diving was quite good and the dive shop crew was a great group of fellows and we all got along well. At one point, prior to the day we were  our  5th and 6th dives, the Lead Dive Master, (Osvaldo), advised us that Diane and I would be the only divers that day and he wanted to show us something special…and this  story relates to that special dive..................................................

There was a very handicapped young man of about 23-25 from Italy who was basically on his bucket list trip as he had a terminal, and crippling disease and knew full well  he would not see another year. He was being wheeled down the beach in an old wheelchair when he spotted a group of divers heading out to the dive boat. He asked, apparently in Italian and broken Spanish, what it was really like to scuba  dive and be under water for a long time. Osvaldo talked to him and asked if he wanted to try it. The young fellow was amazed because apparently as he was told by everyone that there was no way he could ever scuba dive.

Here you have to understand that the Dive Master, Osvaldo, was a soft-hearted and very compassionate man, a young man who loved life and always put his best foot forward and you knew after meeting him, diving wasn’t just a job, it was the love of his life and he wanted to share his enjoyment with everyone he came in contact with.

Now the next two days the Dive Master and his crew modified the young man’s old wheel chair with weights, and added an air tank and a modified  BCD, ( Buoyancy Compensator Device) and a regulator. By controlling the weights, taking off and putting on and adjusting the air in the BCD they could make the young man float or sink. His first trip was in about 10 feet of water and once the young man could clear his ears and feel comfortable, they felt that he and three other divers could take him down to a beginner’s depth which was about 40 feet.

It just so happened that about 10 feet away from the picture you are looking at was an old sunken fishing boat and as it was in 40 feet of water they decided to take him there after he was shown some of the creatures in and over the coral and along a small reef.

His dive trip was about 40 minutes long and after he broke the surface he was crying with joy as he had done something he had been told was not possible. He asked his caregiver to pay the dive team and give them a big tip. The Dive Master and all the assisting crew refused any payment.

Just a little over a year passed and a man appeared at the dive shop, found Osvaldo. And handed him a tin box and a note which was written in Spanish. The young man he had taken the time to show what it was like to see life in the sea had passed away. The note was from his parents and expressed the young man’s wishes that his ashes be placed in the sea, near the sunken boat the young fellow had seen during his one dive. Further, the young man once again expressed his thanks for the crew taking the time to give him a scuba dive.

Oswaldo knew that the  tin box would rust and the fellow’s ashes would just mix with the sand and sea water so he  came up with a plan. They took and empty scuba air tank, sawed it in half, put the young man’s ashes in the tank, welded it shut, had a concrete collar made, (so it would never float to the surface), and sunk the inverted tank into the sand.

To the dive crew it is a pretty special place and each time they swim up to it, they cross them selves and say a little prayer.


PS ..There are dive shops that do help handicapped people learn how to scuba dive and there are handicapped scuba divers….

This link will show you a short video of a female handicapped diver.


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Thanks for that story Kip.

I find the Cuban people to be very very caring people who generally enjoy life.  Hearing that they did this really comes as no surprise to me at all.

It is a beautiful thing they did.


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18 hours ago, st27 said:

Was this a compilation or just 1 spectacular dive site?    ?

The photos are from one location, except  for the tank/story,(location Cay Coco, Cuba) but several different dive sites . Most islands, (locations), may have 10-20 different dive sites.

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8 minutes ago, Kip Powick said:

The photos are from one location, except  for the tank/story,(location Cay Coco, Cuba) but several different dive sites . Most islands, (locations), may have 10-20 different dive sites.

I saw lots of Lion Fish in the Red Sea but not in the Caribbean, I didn't realize they had become so invasive until just now.... great pics, thanks. 

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