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Current Airline Capacity Cuts COVID19


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Well the 2 largest expenses to an airline are People and Fuel.  If you arent flying you arent using fuel, so there is that.  since ALL airlines are affected globally at least the playing field is level.  The weak may be killed off but the strong will survive.  

I really think most will weather this storm fairly well.


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Porter Airlines 

Mar 18, 2020, 10:00 ET

Porter Airlines temporarily suspending flights to support COVID-19 relief efforts

Operations restarting June 1, allowing public health initiatives to take effect

TORONTO, March 18, 2020 /CNW/ - Porter Airlines is temporarily suspending all flights at the close of operations on Friday, March 20, with plans to resume service on June 1. This decision is being made in support of ongoing public health efforts to contain COVID-19.

Michael Deluce, Porter's president and CEO stated: "COVID-19 is having an unprecedented effect on people around the world and Porter is determined to do our part to support the efforts of the Canadian, U.S. and global authorities in their responses. Restricting activities by people in all communities is what's required to keep our team members and passengers healthy, and ultimately to end this fast-spreading pandemic. A temporary suspension of all flights allows the public health crisis to diminish and then time to restart our operations.

"Remaining flights through March 20, will allow customers to complete existing trips and return home, or make last-minute reservations to reach a destination."

The existing waiver of change and cancellation fees means there is no cost to customers for modifying an existing itinerary.

Porter is also prepared to help recovery efforts by operating flights to support the movement of government officials, public health requirements and economic recovery efforts. Porter FBO at Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport will remain open to support these needs, as well as Ontario's provincial medevac service and other general aviation.

Reservations are currently being taken for Porter flights starting June 1. All flights booked in June will be fully changeable and refundable to give passengers maximum flexibility as travel resumes.

Passengers can cancel existing reservations online at www.flyporter.com. The volume of inquiries at our call centre has been consistently high this month. It is requested that only passengers with immediate travel needs through March 20, who cannot resolve their request online, use the call centre in order to alleviate wait times.

Michael Deluce added: "It is regrettable that this situation requires us to issue temporary layoffs across the business. We are doing everything possible to support our team during this period and intend to welcome back all of our team members as operations restart. Executive Chairman Robert Deluce and I will not receive any salary during this time, in alignment with the impact on our team members. All other management who remain during the temporary suspension will see salary reductions of up to 30 percent until flights resume.

"Porter's team is exceptional. Our resilient culture has seen the company through difficult times in the past and it will allow us to do so again. We intend to come back stronger than ever and ready to meet the needs of customers."

About Porter Airlines

Porter Airlines has revolutionized short-haul flying with a warm and effortless approach to hospitality, restoring glamour and refinement to air travel. Porter is an Official 4 Star Airline® in the World Airline Star Rating®.

The airline currently offers flights to Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec City, Fredericton, Saint John, Moncton, Halifax, St. John's, Stephenville, N.L., Thunder Bay, Sault Ste. Marie, Sudbury, Timmins, Windsor, New York (Newark), Chicago (Midway), Boston and Washington (Dulles), and has seasonal flights to Mt. Tremblant, Que., Muskoka, Ont., and Myrtle Beach, S.C.

Visit www.flyporter.com or follow @porterairlines on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

SOURCE Porter Airlines

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12 minutes ago, dagger said:

Delta's situation worse than previously disclosed



Despite all the praise Delta gets for being well managed, there's speculation that they're more exposed to the damage from this thing than some of their competitors.  A lot of DL's international capacity is provided by joint venture partners (Korean, Virgin Atlantic) whose survival is being questioned.

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I think I am reading this "stuff correctly concerning DELTA and AC

I have a trip booked on DELTA and AC in April with NO TOTAL refund capability on all the tickets soooooooo.................

I believe both airlines are waving "changing itinerary" fees  if one books a different time of the year in 2020 with the stipulation that one would have to pay any airline ticket fee increases .

Is that it in a " nutshell "??

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Well I did as I was directed on the AC website but was given no credit and they charged me for me new changed flight.

Previous flight was booked prior to 04 March and the "new" flight is the identical route only in October.

I have sent an email to AC to ask what gives, and took screen shots of their instructions and the actions I took on their website

I did the same on the Delta website  for my American portion of the trip and had no problems, in fact the fares had gone down and I got ECredits so upgraded myself on the new "changed" flight.

AC could take some lessons from the Delta website procedure.



Just received an email from AC stating that they will advise me when they have credited me from the cancelled trip and applied the funds to the "new" changed trip

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Cargojet is redeploying those of its freighters doing long haul intl services to its North American network ops to maintain supply chains within NA.



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Sunwing offers available seats on repatriation flights to stranded Canadians for free

Provided by Sunwing Vacations Inc/Globe Newswire


TORONTO, March 19, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Sunwing is offering available seats on its repatriation flights from southern destinations to stranded Canadians, free of charge – including for non-Sunwing customers.

“We understand a lot of Canadians are still stranded outside the country and struggling to get home,” said Stephen Hunter, CEO of Sunwing Travel Group. “That’s why we want to open up any extra capacity we have. It’s the Canadian thing to do.”

As part of its ongoing efforts to repatriate Sunwing customers, the travel company is bringing home approximately an additional 11,000 Canadians today, which will bring the total number of repatriated Sunwing customers to over 33,000.

Sunwing is operating approximately 60 flights from various holiday destinations, departing today.

Canadians looking to return home on a Sunwing flight should check the most up to date flight times at https://www.sunwing.ca/pages/en/flight-status-alerts. If a northbound flight is operating from their destination, they should make their way to the departure airport and present themselves to the Sunwing Airlines check in counter. If space remains prior to departure at the closure of check in, any available seats will be offered to Canadians or Canadian permanent residents free of charge. Given the unprecedented situation, the focus of our company and destination team remains on the repatriation of our customers.  We therefore ask to please refrain from calling us since availability can only be confirmed at the airport ahead of the closure of check in for each flight service.

We expect to have all Sunwing customers home by Monday March 23. At our current estimate, Sunwing will be operating almost 400 flights and spending more than $26 million to bring these Canadians home safely, at no extra cost to the customer.

About Sunwing

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We have a flight scheduled April 19th from PHX thru YVR to YYJ. My understanding was that AC was cancelling all flights after Mar. 31.


When I go on the AC site and check my booking it still shows as valid, is it?

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'Air Canada charges couple extra $2,000 to get home from Chile during pandemic'


Air Canada wouldn't address questions about the price paid by Lopez and Godoy, and instead sent a statement, echoing its public remarks, that it is offering "special one-way fares for Canadians returning from Europe, North America, South America and the Caribbean.


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1 hour ago, spreadsheet said:

I'm surprised AC is only cutting 50% of capacity.  Who is going to be flying in the next 30 days?  That's still a lot of seats flying around.

I’m thinking the same thing.  I think it will be more than 50%.

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50% reduction domestically. All trans boarder and overseas pretty much stopped.  It’s far more than 50%.  I can see a lot of capacity reductions through down gauging as well. 

My bet is that domestic ASM’s get reduced far more than the 50%.  The final number?  I don’t know but far greater than just a 50% overall reduction.

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On 3/18/2020 at 8:48 AM, Malcolm said:

 Porter Airlines is temporarily suspending all flights at the close of operations on Friday, March 20, with plans to resume service on June 1.

If I were Porter I would fly a single empty plane back and forth till then because the anti-YTZ forces are going to try to make good and sure flights don't resume.

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I had a Delta ticket (basic economy....NO changes) for a PBI>YYZ flight I booked with skymiles. I cancelled about 8 days ago. The skymiles were credited back to my account the same day; Delta waived the rules to allow any purchaser to cancel or change at no charge. The tax portion was credited to my card the same day. Great company. I think I've received at least three update messages from the CEO. Air Canada and its executives have left everyone " up in the air". Effective communication; half or more of the battle.

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