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Somebody tell me again why we're supposed to believe the "fact-checkers" at the MSM.


Washington Post resident fact-checker Glenn Kessler wrote a handy timeline to explain "How the Wuhan lab-leak theory suddenly became credible." He writes "in recent months the idea that it emerged from the Wuhan Institute of Virology—once dismissed as a ridiculous conspiracy theory—has gained new credence."

Kessler was one of those who purported the lab-leak idea to be a "ridiculous conspiracy theory," and he did it as part of his ongoing effort to discredit anything and everything having to do with President Trump and his administration.

It is only after Biden becomes president that mainstream media in the US became willing to talk about this theory. Kessler, and others, linked the lab-leak theory to a theory that the virus was intentionally made, used it to discredit the lab-leak idea, used it to discredit Trump, his administration, and the State Department, and is now singing a different tune altogether.

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It’s fun to watch this.

Much of the information currently being discussed was available from open source intelligence during the first quarter of 2020 (if memory serves). It lead to the self same questions (any ten year old would ask) but those were mostly shut down with cries of racist, Trump supporter, conspiracy theorist, etc. Watch the talking heads from the likes of CNN…. it makes for entertaining review, and don’t think for one second that this (and more) wasn’t known to the POTUS back in Nov of 2019. Then, as now, there was no smoking gun, no absolute proof, just a series of observations that taken together set of a flashing master warning light.... unless you suffered from advanced TDS.

Now that the damage is done and it doesn’t matter ONE DAMN BIT, people are willing to discuss it without name calling eh? The delay is due to TDS.... nothing more. This is a learning opportunity that will be totally lost on those with narrative and agenda. That's what (or a small part of what) makes all this so dangerous.

Never has the quote “thinking themselves wise they became fools” had a more timely application.

Look at the headline.... no need for a link because the only thing that's changed is the fact that it no longer matters. Now that Trump is gone (and only now that Trump is gone), liberals can actually discuss this politely, weigh the evidence and make reasonable assessments in the absence of TDS hysteria: 

Biden: Intel community torn between 'two likely scenarios' on COVID-19 outbreak source

One faction leans toward Wuhan lab accident theory, while the other favors animal-to-human contact theory

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Really, how stupid have humans become?  A serious, infectious disease first appears in a city that has a laboratory that has been studying the exact same disease and people refuse to accept the possibility that it came from there simply because the country that owns the lab said it didn't.  Bring on the asteroid because we sure don't deserve any more time.

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13 hours ago, seeker said:

Really, how stupid have humans become?  A serious, infectious disease first appears in a city that has a laboratory that has been studying the exact same disease and people refuse to accept the possibility that it came from there simply because the country that owns the lab said it didn't.  Bring on the asteroid because we sure don't deserve any more time.

It isn't simply because China says they didn't do it. People will deny the truth simply because Biden was not in office when the truth was first discovered. The wrong figurehead spoke the truth, so it cannot be true. Who you vote for affects whether the facts you speak are true or not.
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35 minutes ago, Jaydee said:

The wrong figurehead spoke the truth, so it cannot be true.

That's the lesson and the danger in a single sentence. It was frighteningly easy to get the liberal media and all their acolytes screaming racist, radical white supremacist conspiracy theory all at the same time.  

 Wait until they start following the money trail here, when smart people utter absurdities always assume that there has to be an agenda. This pretty much sums up some of the questions reasonable people were considering in March of 2020.


The fact that liberals are now willing to discuss it without name calling should be the real lesson, the real point and the real danger... as to the issue itself, it's way past too late to matter one damn bit. It's a bit of a narrative test though, if this doesn't resonate with radical liberals nothing will and there is nothing left to do but plot the trajectory and point of impact of seeker Asteroid 2021.


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2 hours ago, Wolfhunter said:

The fact that liberals are now willing to discuss it without name calling should be the real lesson,

And how many people did they alienate in the meantime. Now if someone would provide an alternative and FB went Tango Uniform ….it would send a huge signal to the “woke “ generation.


“ Facebook lifts ban on posts claiming COVID-19 was man-made, amid revitalized origins debate

Facebook will no longer remove posts that claim COVID-19 was man-made in recognition of the reignited debate about the virus's origins, a company spokesperson told ABC News.

"In light of ongoing investigations into the origin of COVID-19 and in consultation with public health experts, we will no longer remove the claim that COVID-19 is man-made from our apps," a Facebook company spokesperson said in a statement. "We're continuing to work with health experts to keep pace with the evolving nature of the pandemic and regularly update our policies as new facts and trends emerge."

Facebook's shift in policy Wednesday marks a notable reversal of what was a recent add to their list of misleading health claims


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40 minutes ago, Jaydee said:

Facebook will no longer remove posts that claim COVID-19 was man-made

And they're not even embarrassed about it.

Most of the information now reported as "an epiphany" was known during the first quarter of 2020 (January actually) and deliberately suppressed. Trump even confirmed the hospitalizations then when asked about it directly.... he knew in Nov of 2019. Put  this in a grade 2 perspective and the notion that restricting flights from China was racist qualifies as over the top, raving stupidity.

This isn't a small failure attributable to deliberate misinformation, it's epic.... and that's what (IMO) appears to be getting lost here. The issue itself no longer matters from a practical perspective even though it may be interesting from a clinical and/or punitive of point of view.

The only issue I'm interested in now is following the money from US sources directly to the lab, who knew what, when they knew it and media complicity in deflecting what were, by any definition, reasonable enquiries at the time.

I don't see how the mainstream liberal media ever recovers from what they have been doing. They and their supportive cast of acolytes should be deeply ashamed right now..... and they're not.

It's incredible to me. 

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The TDS crowd must be having nightmares.   :thumbup:


Another 'Right-Wing Conspiracy Theory' May Prove Correct

.“ For more than a year, government experts and their stenographers at our most prestigious media outlets denied what was clear to anybody with a modicum of common sense – that the COVID-19 pandemic that had originated in Wuhan, China, could have originated in the Wuhan lab where scientists were performing dangerous research into coronaviruses.”





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6 hours ago, Jaydee said:

denied what was clear to anybody with a modicum of common sense

And that's really the issue here IMO... and it's ongoing to the point that absurdity and buffoonery have ceased to hold much meaning as nouns

Back in Jan of 2020 reasonable people were simply joining the dots and asking questions.... those questions were actually based on open source intelligence released in early Jan and confirmed by the POTUS in late Jan. He knew all about it in Nov of 2019.

This isn't a small thing and it has been percolating in the background for over a year now, I stand in awe, as far as I can see nothing has changed (much) in terms of available information since Jan 2020. 

People are suddenly asking the questions IN THE ABSENCE OF LIBERAL RIDICULE that should have been discussed over a year ago. This may be cosmic karma on a massive scale.... if collusion and coverup are found to have played a role here, the democratic party and the liberal media will have some explaining to do. Regardless though, it doesn't mean that Chinese wet markets are a good idea either. Good Lord, this only requires the intellect of a 10 year old.... just stop it.


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47 minutes ago, Fido said:

What is TDS?


Trump derangement syndrome (TDS) is a pejorative term usually for criticism or negative reactions to former United States President Donald Trump that are perceived to be irrational, and have little regard towards Trump's actual policy positions, or actions undertaken by his administration.


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Japanese organizers hoping for the best

Tokyo 2020 organizers insist that Games will be safe, but experts have their doubts

  • Calgary Herald
  • 29 May 2021
  • SCOTT STINSON sstinson@postmedia.com

If you find yourself believing that governments of all types have proven to be uniquely bad at learning from their mistakes over the course of a global pandemic, and of failing to make adjustments as new evidence is discovered, I give you the Tokyo 2020 organizing committee.

These are delicate times for the would-be Games of the XXXII Olympiad, with many of the conditions that were assumed to be achieved by punting them back a year having very much failed to materialize. Aggressive vaccination campaigns have allowed a small number of countries to wrestle COVID-19 under control, while others, Canada included, appear to be on a similar positive track. But positive cases have surged in much of South America, as well as parts of Africa and the Middle East, raising fears in Japan that they're poised to import a rash of infected people as travelling parties arrive for the Games. And Japan itself, which has largely avoided the various

COVID surges that have been a public health disaster in other parts of the world, is dealing with a recent rise in positive cases while rolling out a slow vaccination campaign.

Not surprisingly, polling suggests a large majority of the Japanese public wants Tokyo 2020 scrapped, while medical groups, a leading newspaper (and Games sponsor) and some prominent citizens like billionaire businessman Masayoshi Son have called for a cancellation.

The head of a doctors' union said on Thursday that bringing thousands of people from around the world — the total number of visitors would be close to 25,000 — isn't something that has been attempted since the pandemic began more than a year ago.

“It's very difficult to predict what this could lead to,” he said, according to The Associated Press. There were warnings of possible new mutant strains, which is a phrase that would cause many to tug nervously at their collars.

The response from Tokyo

2020, the IOC, and the government of Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga has been to insist that the Olympic environment will be “safe and secure.”

So far, two “playbooks” — documents that outline the procedures for visiting athletes and support staff, and a separate one for travelling media — have been released, with final versions of each expected next month.

They are, at the least, puzzling. The media playbook has some expected countermeasures: visitors must have proof of negative tests upon arrival to Japan, they will be tested again at the airport, and then will quarantine for three days and be tested daily during that time. Media members must also submit a twoweek “activity plan,” presumably for contact tracing purposes in the event of a positive test. They're also encouraged to limit interactions with those within Olympic facilities and essentially live within a Tokyo 2020 bubble. It will enforce this, as far as I can tell, via the honour system.

Elsewhere, it explains that access to Games venues will require temperature checks, and that facilities will have the highest of sanitation standards. There will be physical distancing requirements in places like press boxes and the normally bustling Main Press Centre, and masks will be required at all times.

If that seems like a paragraph that might have been written for a Games that was actually going to be held in 2020, that's because it might have been.

Temperature checks? Surface cleaning? Spacing out desks in an indoor facility? These are the infection control measures of more than a year ago, before it was learned that asymptomatic carriers were a risk and before it was clear that aerosol transmission indoors meant that being six feet away from someone was still risky if they were sharing the same air for a sustained period of time. There is, meanwhile, no acknowledgment that outdoors is dramatically better than indoors, and no suggestion of, for example, outdoor dining areas. The playbook simply advises that people eat alone.

Not surprisingly, some experts are issuing warnings about this. The New England Journal of Medicine said this week that the Tokyo playbooks “are not built on scientifically rigorous risk assessment” and that they “fail to consider the ways in which exposure occurs” and “the factors that contribute to exposure.” Those sound like considerable oversights.

The most likely explanation for Tokyo 2020's less-than-ideal countermeasures is that an international event of this size requires some corners to be cut. Indoor facilities that were built with a hot Tokyo summer in mind can't all be turned into outdoor tents.

And while certain events over the course of the pandemic have created tight bubbles for participants, the sheer size of an Olympics that is taking place in the middle of a big city makes that impossible.

The best case for the organizers is that vaccination rates among visitors, and in Japan itself, are high enough by late July that the concerns of today will be much less of a problem.

As it stands, implicit in the playbooks is the hope that all Olympic visitors will follow the rules and take responsibility for keeping themselves and others safe.

A year-plus into this thing, that hasn't proven to be a winning strategy.

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True... not true? Only time will tell. 


But to Trump loving, racist conspiracy theory fans, this virus has always been just a little too perfect, and the location and circumstances of its origin just a little to coincidental.

From the very start, the initial Wuhan containment strategy appeared custom made to export the virus internationally whilst limiting its spread domestically.  

Throw in a woke society that considered any/all rational travel restrictions racist and it sorely tests the limits of a rational persons tolerance for propaganda efforts that sought to ridicule them with grade school name calling for asking the very questions the authors of that nonsense are now asking themselves. Long after it no longer matters BTW....   

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British PM Boris Johnson says he wants a deal with G7 on vaccine passports

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is set to be the host leader for a big G7 meeting in Cornwall in less than two weeks, and he told CBC News he'd like to see a vaccine certification regime, or vaccine passport, as just one part of an international pandemic preparedness treaty.

"We need to have agreements on issues such as vaccine passports, COVID status certification and the rest," Johnson told CBC News chief political correspondent Rosemary Barton in an interview first broadcast in its entirety on Sunday.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in January appeared cool to the idea of vaccine passports in an interview with Reuters, but a consensus for some kind of documentation has appeared to emerge among European leaders since.

There are also large issues at stake, Johnson said, in terms of strengthening alliances worldwide to prevent this coronavirus pandemic from lingering, and in helping prepare for future events that have international ramifications.

"It was a terrible year for believers in global co-operation because the world simply became balkanized and everybody was, it was sauve qui peut," he said, using the French phrase that roughly translates to "every man for themselves."

"Everybody hung on to their stocks of PPE, of protective equipment," added Johnson.

The British leader said he didn't want to see history repeat itself with respect to vaccines.  Canada, the U.K. and other privileged countries need to share doses with developing countries as quickly as possible.  

"Nobody is safe until everybody is safe," Johnson said. "What we want the G7 to try to agree to is that instead of vaccinating the whole world by 2024 or 2025, which is … what we'd achieve on the current timetable, we need to get this done by the end of next year, by 2022."

Johnson said he would work with the G7 and Canada to ensure the vaccine-sharing initiative COVAX is fully funded and its efforts to distribute vaccines are accelerated.

Watch the full interview with Boris Johnson

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Another painful thing to watch, as if our own Canadian gun control efforts weren't absurd enough. Tweet of the day award IMO:

"Most MSM [mainstream media] reporters didn’t ‘ignore’ the lab leak theory, they actively crapped all over it for over a year while pretending to be objective out of a toxic mix of confirmation bias, source bias (their scientist sources lied to them), group think, TDS [Trump Derangement Syndrome] and general incompetence," Rogin, who was one of the very few journalists who previously reported on China's role in the pandemic and raised questions about the origins of the virus, tweeted on Saturday. 


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Right now Japan is refusing to delay / cancel the Olympics despite the dangers.  Now they are facing a loss of thousands of volunteers that normally would have been considered to the running of the events etc. I would if they will now reconsider their stance?


Around 10,000 of the 80,000 volunteers who signed up to help at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games have quit, broadcaster NHK reported on Wednesday, citing organizers.

The Tokyo 2020 Olympics were postponed last year due to the coronavirus pandemic and are due to start on July 23.

Multiple opinion polls have shown that a majority of respondents are opposed to holding the Games this summer during the pandemic.

Reporting by Sakura Murakami; Editing by Andrew Heavens.


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I don't believe this for an instant. It was enacted purely as a disincentive to March break travel.

Making this assertion now is tantamount to admitting that the policy was ill-conceived, poorly enforced, badly executed and ineffective. During the "scramble," did it ever occur to them that limiting international flights from virus hotspots might be worthy of a moments consideration? 

"Scramble to control COVID-19 variants led to controversial mandatory quarantine hotel rules, court hears"


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Pretty much how I see it too.


But, whether it's true or not isn't even the issue for me now, the inability to make reasonable assessments based on common sense and causal relationships is simply astounding and that's what needs to change. Reasonable people need to inoculate themselves against frauds and liars, people with agendas and those doing the name calling. That's the lesson here for me,

I no longer feel the need to treat people screaming “racist” (in response to reasonable questions) with any degree of politeness. And, if you think about it, that’s a good first step. The only reason these fools thrive is because they prey on the tolerance and good nature of others... and if you happen to be offended by that observation, so much the better. 

Now, let's watch carefully and see if this flippant deflection holds true. Any number of these folks have either been unfairly vilified or they are guilty of treason. At this point, they are either owed a heartfelt apology or serious jail time. CNN is still hiding BTW, maybe that's because this makes their temper tantrum over a phone call to the Ukraine look like the utter buffoonery that it was.

Good Lord, all you have to do is not be crazy:

Fauci: Are you saying we’re implicated over $120K a year for bat surveillance?



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The case that the virus emerged from nature, not a lab, is falling apart

“ In the 15 months since the pandemic began, despite an exhaustive search, no intermediate host — an animal that caught the virus from bats and then spread it to humans — has been found. Nicholas Wade — a science reporter for nearly 50 years at Science, Nature and the New York Times — points out in his exhaustive report for the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists that during the SARS1 epidemic, the intermediate host (civet cats bred for human consumption) was identified in just four months.

Is it possible the virus jumped from bats to humans without an intermediate host? Perhaps. But a bat coronavirus is known to have directly infected humans only on one known occasion — in April 2012, when six people cleaning bat guano from a mine in China’s Yunnan province fell ill. However, it’s implausible that bats infected people in Wuhan. The city is more than 900 miles from the bat caves of Yunnan, and the bats’ range is just 30 miles. Moreover, temperatures in Wuhan in the winter of 2019, when the pandemic hit, would have sent the bats into hibernation. But what if a person infected in Yunnan brought the virus to Wuhan? As Wade explains, that individual “must have traveled … without infecting anyone else. No one in his or her family got sick. If the person jumped on a train to Wuhan, no fellow passengers fell ill.” That scenario is also highly unlikely”

Furthermore, if SARS2 jumped directly from bats to people, then it should still be good at infecting bats. But it isn’t. Studies show that “tested bat species are poorly infected by SARS-CoV-2, and they are therefore unlikely to be the direct source for human infection.” In fact, Wade writes, there is no evidence the virus everinfected bats. No original bat population has been found. Indeed, he points out, researchers have found no evidence showing any creature — animal or human — had ever been exposed to the virus before the winter of 2019

Then there is the structure of the virus itself. Pandemic viruses don’t become highly transmissible or deadly in a single jump. As Wade explains, “The coronavirus spike protein, adapted to attack bat cells, needs repeated jumps to another species, most of which fail, before it gains a lucky mutation.” In the case of SARS1, the virus mutated before it made the jump from bats to civets, then it made six further documented changes before it became a mild pathogen in humans, then made 14 more changes to become more adapted to people, and then four more before it was able to cause an epidemic.

But, Wade continues, “when you look for the fingerprints of a similar transition in SARS2, a strange surprise awaits. The virus has changed hardly at all, at least until recently. From its very first appearance, it was well adapted to human cells.” This would make perfect sense if it was engineered in a lab to become transmissible to humans — but not if it emerged from nature.

Not only is SARS2 missing these natural mutations, Wade writes, but it also includes a surprising addition: a “furin cleavage site” on its spike protein that allows it to invade human cells. Why is this surprising? Because SARS2 is the only known SARS-related coronavirus that has a furin site; the rest use a different mechanism to infect humans. It’s improbable that SARS2 picked up its furin site naturally, but Wade cites an academic paper that points out “at least 11 gain-of-function experiments, adding a furin site to make a virus more infective, are published in the open literature, including [by] Dr. Zhengli Shi, head of coronavirus research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.” That’s right, the “bat lady” of the Wuhan lab — the one who received funding via a U.S. contractor from Fauci’s National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases — experimented with furin sites to make coronaviruses more infectious for humans.

Bottom line? As former FDA commissioner Scott Gottlieb recently explained, evidence for a lab leak is mounting, while the evidence for natural origin “has contracted.” At this point, he says, the burden should be on Beijing to “provide evidence that would be exculpatory,” such as virus samples, blood samples from lab workers hospitalized with covid-like symptoms in November 2019, and unfettered access to the lab and its personnel. So long as the Chinese Communist Party fails to provide that exculpatory evidence, and obstructs an impartial international investigation, then the assumption should be that the Wuhan lab was the source of the pandemic — and that Beijing must be held to account.



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As with most things, Charity begins at home, so until we have this licked, I don't see us trying to help out other nations and IMO we should not even try as if we go under then it is inevitable that they will also, if we are secured then perhaps they will also be.   If the doses we have are really surplus then by all means we can share.  Donating vaccines before Canadians can be vaccinated could be politically risky, experts say

Coronavirus: Donating vaccines before Canadians can be vaccinated could be politically risky, experts say | CTV News



Canada should give surplus doses to poorer countries, GAVI and WHO leaders say

Two prominent officials at the centre of the global coronavirus response — in interviews conducted before the aforementioned Pfizer announcement from Trudeau — have called on Canada and other developed countries to share vaccine doses to help combat the spread of variants and the inequities of the inoculation effort worldwide.

Former Portuguese prime minister José Manuel Barroso told CBC News Network's Power & Politics on Thursday that while he understands governments were focused on protecting their own citizens when the pandemic began, they have a larger responsibility to the world now.  

Barroso said he believes COVAX, the vaccine sharing program that has fallen behind some of its desired timelines, can catch up if wealthy countries donate their surplus doses.

"People say no one is safe until everyone is safe. This is not a slogan, because the more time the virus will be circulating, the more probable there will be mutations and also possible new variants that are more transmissible and more dangerous," said Barros, who is the chair of Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, which co-leads the COVAX.

The World Health Organization's technical lead, American Maria Van Kerkhove, also urged Canada to donate doses to the COVAX scheme.  

"We really need doses to be shared through the COVAX mechanism," she told host David Common. "It is time for countries to donate the available doses that they can."

Developed countries stepped up earlier this week with an additional $2.4 billion, but only after entreaties from WHO and others. Most, including Canada, opted to give cash contributions to help countries procure more vaccines as opposed to providing doses.

Barroso did express gratitude for Canada's support for COVAX to date. He said "each government, of course, has the right to define" when they believe they have a surplus — "but we believe the sooner the better."

The United States has promised to share 80 million vaccine doses around the world, most through COVAX. On Thursday, it provided more details on the first 19 million to be funnelled through COVAX, with an emphasis on Asian, African and Latin American countries.





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Walk-in vaccine clinic open all weekend

  • Calgary Herald
  • 5 Jun 2021
  • JASON HERRING —With files from Madeline Smith jherring@postmedia.com Twitter: @jasonfherring
img?regionKey=3ikeU%2bSeFF7IAQMo2JPOoQ%3d%3dDAVID HOHOL Organizers prepare a pop-up, walk-in COVID-19 vaccine clinic in a hockey rink at Village Square Leisure Centre in northeast Calgary.

Alberta reported another 244 COVID-19 cases Friday as infection rates and hospitalization numbers continue a steep drop.

The numbers come in advance of Calgary's first walk-in vaccine clinic for the general population, which will run all weekend at Village Square Leisure Centre.

The pop-up clinic, on one of the facility's two hockey rinks, will offer 5,000 first-dose shots of the Pfizer-biontech vaccine on a drop-in basis on Saturday and Sunday between 8 a.m. and 10 p.m.

The clinic is meant to boost vaccine access to those living in Calgary's east and northeast communities, which have the city's lowest rates of COVID -19 immunization, despite seeing the highest levels of COVID-19 infection.

Mayor Naheed Nenshi asked Calgarians, particularly first-generation Canadians, to spread the word about the opportunity within their circles to help make the clinic a success.

“It's our job now, to spread this through (our) community and to make sure our moms and dads and uncles and aunts and cousins, and people we know from our mosque and our gurdwara, really know what's happening,” Nenshi said.

The clinic was spearheaded by several Calgary community groups and physicians, including Dr. Annalee Coakley, the physician lead at northeast Calgary's Mosaic Refugee Health Clinic.

She explained many patients have noted the barriers they face in getting their shot, including language and transportation barriers.

“Many of my patients work multiple jobs and it's very difficult for them to find the time to get to a mass vaccination centre, because of both their jobs and also their issues around child care,” said Coakley.

“The other issue has to do around digital literacies. Many of my patients either don't have the technology or they lacked the digital skills to know how to search the internet, find the online booking and then book appropriately.”

Nenshi said while many Calgarians saw a significant shift in their routines as the pandemic kicked in that helped protect them from contracting COVID-19, others didn't have that luxury.

“Even when most people were working from home last spring, the traffic patterns in northeast Calgary hardly changed, because people had to go to work,” Nenshi said. “They have to work on the front lines in the health-care system, they have to work in retail and our food distribution system, and all of those essential services.”

Ward 5 Coun. George Chahal said the clinic's location carries personal significance, as it's a hockey rink he's played on many times.

“This is so Canadian that we as a community can be in a hockey rink, and take shots growing up, but deliver shots in arms for all of our family and community members,” Chahal said.

Alberta's 244 new cases of COVID-19 came from 5,818 tests, representing a 4.2 per cent positivity rate, the lowest since March 10.

The province reported 2,219 cases of the novel coronavirus over the past week, a 35 per cent drop from the previous seven-day stretch. Active cases are down to 5,415.

Fewer Albertans are receiving acute-care treatment for COVID-19 infection, with the province reporting an eight per cent drop in hospitalizations and a 10 per cent drop in ICU admissions. There are now 379 Albertans in hospital with the virus, including 120 in ICUS.

Another seven deaths from the virus were reported, hiking Alberta's toll from the pandemic to 2,243. Among the deaths was a man in his 20s in the Alberta Health Services north zone.

Alberta also reported another banner day for immunizations, with an additional 63,922 shots administered.

Second doses are now driving the province's vaccination efforts, representing 36,780 of the day's shots, or 58 per cent. It's the first time more than half of daily shots went to second doses since February, when vaccine supply into the province slowed to a halt.

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