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A for effort, D for dumb (the couple that is)

Quebec couple hit with curfew-violation fine after wife walks husband on a leash

Adam Kovac

Adam KovacCTV News Montreal Digital Reporter


Published Monday, January 11, 2021 2:58PM ESTLast Updated Monday, January 11, 2021 3:43PM EST
A Quebec couple were fined for violating curfew, despite the wife's protests she was walking her dog and but her husband was on the leash.

Two nights in to Quebec's 8 p.m. curfew, hundreds of fines have been imposed, including two to one person.

SHERBROOKE -- A Sherbrooke husband and wife were handed sizeable fines for violating curfew, despite the wife's protests that she was walking her dog and the fact the husband was wearing a leash.

The woman and her husband were each given $1,500 fines by Sherbrooke police for violating curfew. The pair was caught walking at 9 p.m. on Saturday evening.

Police said the two were walking towards downtown and did not cooperate with the officers.

When questioned by police, the couple said they were happy to receive the ticket and claimed they were following the rules set forth by Premier Francois Legault.

Quebec officials have said people may walk their dogs after the 8 p.m. curfew, provided they stay within one kilometre of their house.  

Over the first weekend under curfew, police officers across Quebec handed out 750 tickets worth thousands of dollars in fines to people caught out after 8 p.m.

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Angela Merkel warns Germany about ‘8 to 10 very hard weeks’ ahead; speculation follows about Covid-19 lockdown extension

Germany should brace itself for hard weeks ahead, Chancellor Angela Merkel is said to have warned. Some local media have already started speculating that the news could mean a potential lockdown extension.

“It will be tough until Easter,” Merkel said on Tuesday, according to multiple media outlets. The chancellor expects Germany to face “between eight and 10 very hard weeks” in the near future, Merkel announced, during closed meeting with the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) parliamentary group on internal issues and security.

Some German media, including the tabloid Bild, reported that her words may mean an extension of the existing strict lockdown up to the Easter holidays, which fall on the first week of April this year.

According to Bild, Merkel warned that Germany might, by Easter, have “10 times the number of cases” it has now if the authorities fail to stop the British Covid-19 strain from spreading. However, other media outlets did not corroborate this statement.

Germany imposed a partial lockdown back in November and further tightened it in mid-December. As of now, shops, bars and restaurants as well as school remain closed. The existing rules also state that only members of one household and just one person outside of it can now come together.

The government did not name an exact date when the restrictions could be lifted. Instead, it said that the aim of the lockdown was to reduce infection rates to fewer than 50 cases per 100,000 residents. Still, Merkel and her Cabinet, as well as the heads of 16 German states, are to review the measures on January 25.



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Good article.

I don't know why this couldn't have been organized months ago. I realize each Province is responsible for this, and getting all the Premiers to agree on anything can be like herding cats...but surely the Feds could have tried to get the ball rolling.

"Canada's pharmacists say they can vaccinate up to three million people a week against COVID-19, but governments across the country have largely kept these health care providers in the dark about what role they might play once more shots are delivered."


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11 minutes ago, FireFox said:

Good article.

I don't know why this couldn't have been organized months ago. I realize each Province is responsible for this, and getting all the Premiers to agree on anything can be like herding cats...but surely the Feds could have tried to get the ball rolling.

"Canada's pharmacists say they can vaccinate up to three million people a week against COVID-19, but governments across the country have largely kept these health care providers in the dark about what role they might play once more shots are delivered."


I think the real problem is a lack of vaccine at this time. Maybe the feds will jump on the offer from the pharmacies once the supply increases.  The only other problem would be one of record keeping.  I get my annual flu shot at a pharmacy but that record does not transfer over to the Province Health records, let alone to any federal ones.

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Not Good---The only ones who really need the vaccine   and..........

“ Covid-19: Norway investigates 23 deaths in frail elderly patients after vaccination”


Doctors in Norway have been told to conduct more thorough evaluations of very frail elderly patients in line to receive the Pfizer BioNTec vaccine against covid-19, following the deaths of 23 patients shortly after receiving the vaccine.

“It may be a coincidence, but we aren’t sure,” Steinar Madsen, medical director of the Norwegian Medicines Agency (NOMA), told The BMJ. “There is no certain connection between these deaths and the vaccine.”

The agency has investigated 13 of the deaths so far and concluded that common adverse reactions of mRNA vaccines, such as fever, nausea, and diarrhoea, may have contributed to fatal outcomes in some of the frail patients.

“There is a possibility that these common adverse reactions, that are not dangerous in fitter, younger patients and are not unusual with vaccines, may aggravate underlying disease in the elderly,” Madsen said. “We are not alarmed or worried about this, because these are very rare occurrences and they occurred in very frail patients with very serious disease,” he emphasised. “We are now asking for doctors to continue with the vaccination, but to carry out extra evaluation of very sick people whose underlying condition might be aggravated by it.” This evaluation includes discussing the risks and benefits of vaccination with the patient and their families to decide whether or not vaccination is the best course.

More than 20 000 doses of the vaccine have been administered over the past few weeks in Norway and around 400 deaths normally occur among care home residents every week.

The Paul Ehrlich Institute in Germany is also investigating 10 deaths shortly after covid-19 vaccination.1

Asked if any deaths had occurred in UK patients after vaccination, the UK’s Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) said that details of all suspected reactions reported in association with approved covid-19 vaccines would be published along with its assessment of the data on a regular basis in the future. Based on the available published reports from the clinical trials, the MHRA said it did not currently anticipate any specific safety concerns.

In a statement, Pfizer said, “Pfizer and BioNTech are aware of reported deaths following administration of BNT162b2. We are working with NOMA to gather all the relevant information.

“Norwegian authorities have prioritised the immunisation of residents in nursing homes, most of whom are very elderly with underlying medical conditions and some of whom are terminally ill. NOMA confirm the number of incidents so far is not alarming, and in line with expectations. All reported deaths will be thoroughly evaluated by NOMA to determine if these incidents are related to the vaccine. The Norwegian government will also consider adjusting their vaccination instructions to take the patients’ health into more consideration.

“Our immediate thoughts are with the bereaved families.”



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Three samples of ice cream from a Chinese company tested positive for COVID-19, and thousands of boxes of the dessert have been confiscated as a result.

Ice cream from China contaminated with coronavirus: report

Officials believe the coronavirus was able to survive in the ice cream due to the cold temperature. 

The contaminated ice cream caused Tianjin Daqiaodao Food Company to dump 2,089 boxes of the product, although officials believe more than double that amount -- 4,836 boxes -- has been contaminated, Sky News reported. 

More than half the total boxes had already been distributed for sale when the positive tests were discovered. Market regulation authorities in other provinces outside Tianjin where the ice cream was sent were notified of the issue, and customers who may have purchased the product are being told to report their health to community officials. 

According to the report, 1,662 employees were tested at the company Thursday and were quarantining.


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Ontario police pull over four in car, charge them under stay-at-home orders

Each occupant stuck with $880 fine, including 20-year-old driver from London 


Police in Chatham-Kent, in southern Ontario, busted four individuals yesterday under the Reopening Ontario Act for being in the same car together while not residing in the same household.

Just yesterday, Toronto police issued a statement that they would not be pulling over cars to expressly check for this.



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So they were behaving in a suspicious manner, got pulled over for such, lied to police, therefore one was charged with obstruct police and then they were charged with violating the Reopening Ontario Act.  

I would say that is good policing.


According to police, their vehicle was stopped in Chatham after an officer saw a suspicious vehicle on Grey Street and pulled it over in the area of Raleigh Street and Richmond Street.

The four individuals were identified during the investigation but the officer determined the front passenger had falsely identified himself.

The passenger was identified by police as a 20-year-old London man.

He was arrested and charged with obstruct police.

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Man found 'living in airport for three months' over Covid fears

Aditya Singh, 36, was arrested on Saturday after airline staff asked him to produce his identification. 

He pointed to a badge, but it allegedly belonged to an operations manager who reported it missing in October.

Police say Mr Singh arrived on a flight from Los Angeles to O'Hare International Airport on 19 October.

He reportedly found the staff badge in the airport and was "scared to go home due to Covid", Assistant State Attorney Kathleen Hagerty said, according to the Chicago Tribune.

He managed to live on handouts from other passengers, she told the judge in the case.

Cook County Judge Susana Ortiz expressed surprise at the circumstances of the case.

"So if I understand you correctly, you're telling me that an unauthorised, non-employee individual was allegedly living within a secure part of the O'Hare airport terminal from 19 October 2020 to 16 January 2021, and was not detected? I want to understand you correctly," she said to the prosecutor who outlined the allegations on Sunday.

Mr Singh lives in a suburb of Los Angeles and does not have a criminal background, according to Assistant Public Defender Courtney Smallwood. It is not clear why he was in Chicago. 

He has been charged with felony criminal trespass to a restricted area of an airport and misdemeanour theft. He has been barred from entering the airport if he is able to post the $1,000 (£738) for bail.

"The court finds these facts and circumstances quite shocking for the alleged period of time that this occurred," Judge Ortiz said.

"Based upon the need for airports to be absolutely secure so that people feel safe to travel, I do find those alleged actions do make him a danger to the community."

The Chicago Department of Aviation, which oversees the city's airports, said in a statement: "While this incident remains under investigation, we have been able to determine that this gentleman did not pose a security risk to the airport or to the travelling public."



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FUREY: Here are some COVID-19 facts not enough Canadians know

A curious phenomenon keeps happening to me: I will say a basic fact about COVID-19 on the radio, write it in a column or post it on social media and people will respond with total disbelief.

They’ve never heard the information before, even though it’ll be something medical experts are routinely saying. Some of them react with great surprise. Others plug their ears and refuse to admit that it’s true.


While the pandemic is pretty much the only thing we’ve been discussing for the past 10 months, there is news that just isn’t getting out there as much as it should.

Here are three examples:

Children are not at serious risk of COVID-19

There are people who are still afraid that their children will become seriously ill with the virus and die from it.

These fears are stoked by media and politicians.

“I will never ever put our kids in jeopardy, no matter what decision is made I will protect our kids at all costs,” Ontario Premier Doug Ford said when announcing the prolonging of school closures last week.

But experts maintain our kids are not in any particular jeopardy.

“There’s very little that is reassuring about this pandemic outside of the fact that children by and large don’t get very sick with this,” Dr. Ronald Cohn, President and CEO of SickKids Hospital, told me the other week.

When it comes to youth getting hard hit by COVID-19, the current federal data reveals that over the past 10 months 538 Canadians under the age of 19 have been hospitalized, 75 of those have been placed in the ICU and 3 of them have died.

For comparison, here’s the federal government’s 2018-2019 influenza season summary: “1,352 pediatric hospitalized cases, a total of 271 (20%) ICU admissions and 10 (0.7%) deaths.”

How the app really works – and what that tells us

People download the federal COVID Alert App under the assumption that it will tell them if they’ve ever passed by someone else (who has also downloaded the app) who later tests positive.

That’s not entirely true.

It only registers a contact between two persons if you are within six feet of someone for 15 minutes or longer within a 24-hour time span. This means that if you’re standing beside someone in the produce aisle for 30 seconds as you both pick out apples and that person later tests positive, you will not be notified.

Why? Because experts who’ve endorsed the app, such as Dr. Theresa Tam, all agree there’s no real risk of catching COVID-19 from someone through brief encounters. Those people who are so skittish when out in public that they jump out of the way on the sidewalk as someone is about to pass them by should reflect on this point.

COVID-19 is likely here to stay

A great number of Canadians seem to believe that the current objective is to eradicate COVID-19 from our midst and see that nobody is ever hospitalized with it or tragically dies from it again.

“Each death is one death too many,” Quebec Health Minister Christian Dube said back in the middle of December.

It’s a nice sentiment that we can all get behind, but it’s misleading to let people think this is going to happen. It does not seem that COVID-19 will largely disappear from society like, say, polio.

“We are going to live with this virus, we think, forever,” Moderna CEO Stephane Bancel said during a panel discussion on Wednesday.

He’s not the only one. When I interview Canadian medical experts, not a single one will rule out COVID-19 becoming endemic — meaning it never goes away and just becomes a part of society.

“It appears at present that the destiny of SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes COVID-19) is to become endemic,” said David Heymann, the London-based chair of the World Health Organization’s strategic and technical advisory group for infectious hazards, last month.

“But its final destiny is not yet known. Fortunately, we have tools to save lives and these in combination with good public health … will permit us to learn to live with COVID-19.”

The real hope among medical experts is that a vaccine will be effective at greatly reducing the number of people who become hospitalized and die of the virus. It is not that this will be eradicated.

These bits of information, and others like them, need to be discussed more. Too many people are only exposed to news that is little more than the daily case counts and the rules about what they are and aren’t allowed to do right now.

This contextual info is vital though for people to understand who is really at risk of the virus and who isn’t, which restrictions are actually necessary and which we should push back against and how we should view the whole big picture.


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We may have the most vaccines of any other country, as our government likes to boast, but we will probably get them delivered after everybody else:


The European Union will have a much shorter interruption in deliveries of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine than Canada, despite commitments last week that countries would share equally in a temporary drop in doses. On Friday, the federal government announced vaccine deliveries to Canada would be cut by half for a four-week period starting Jan. 25. The pharmaceutical giant said the slowdown was needed to allow the company to retool its Belgian plant in order to expand production. Major-General Dany Fortin, who is leading Canada’s vaccine logistics, said the loss would be made up in the subsequent weeks, with the company still delivering all four million vaccine doses in the first quarter – as previously committed.

Maj-Gen. Fortin also said that every country that has purchased Pfizer vaccines will be “affected equally.” But after first laying out a three- to four-week slowdown in shipments to European countries, the company later said shipments would resume their original schedule to European Union members the week of Jan. 25. The vaccine is delayed in Canada as COVID-19 infections continue to rise and as pressure on hospitals remains high in many parts of the country.


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And in case some of you may believe that Canada , read Justin, has this under control, that our vaccine strategy will have needles in arms.....here is a quote from last weeks sermon from the tent:


Last week, Trudeau claimed that “another” 20 million doses had been contracted, but where are the first 20 million? He lamely said, in his Rideau Cottage address, that, “We are looking at seeing those doses arrive in April or May, I believe. We’re going to continue working to see if we can get a few more doses, because all Canadians want this to move forward as quickly as possible.”

What does “working to see” mean? This is a crisis that calls for dynamic and assertive leadership commanding a whole of government effort. But that has not happened. Maybe we should bring in Americans or Israelis to do the job.

The problem is that Trudeau’s cabinet is gigantic and filled with inexperienced and ill-suited people. There are 76 cabinet members, including 37 ministers and 39 parliamentary secretaries, which makes it roughly the size of the Jamaican Parliament. By contrast, Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s cabinet had 55 members.

Both of Trudeau’s key ministries during this crisis — health and procurement — are run by novices who lack credentials in either field.

Health Minister Patty Hajdu became a member of Parliament in 2015 and before that worked as a graphic designer and community organizer. She took over the health portfolio only a year ago. Likewise, Anita Anand, the minister of public services and procurement, has only one year’s experience in Parliament. Before that, she was a professor of law at the University of Toronto.

Trudeau has done nothing to bolster resources or personnel to meet the challenge of dealing with COVID-19. Canada’s health minister has one parliamentary secretary, as does the procurement minister. But Trudeau’s minister of economic development (read: Atlantic Canada patronage) and official languages (read: Quebec patronage) has six parliamentary secretaries.

Not that parliamentary secretaries can move the dial, but the distribution reveals the prime minister’s priorities in the face of a national emergency. Instead of moving mountains for Canadians, he has novices on mole hills who haven’t gotten results. For his part, Trudeau has sat out the crisis in a cottage, growing a beard and tending to his Liberal base before the next election strikes.

He is not a national leader. He is a pollster with a title.


And this was before the Phizer production slow down.

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Still research to be done, however, it is troubling...



One in eight ‘recovered’ Covid patients die within 140 days, study finds with a THIRD readmitted within weeks

ONE in eight recovered Covid patients die within 140 days - with a third readmitted to hospital within weeks, a study has found.

New figures found that of 47,780 people discharged from hospital in the first wave, 29.4 per cent returned in less than five months.

Of those readmitted, 12.3 per cent of them died, according to research from Leicester University and the Office for National Statistics (ONS).


The long-term effects of Covid-19 can cause survivors to develop heart problems, diabetes and chronic liver and kidney conditions.

Experts behind the study say that their findings show that people who have been discharged should be monitored in the months afterwards.

Kamlesh Kamlesh, the study's author and a professor of primary care diabetes and vascular medicine at Leicester University, said it was the "largest study of people discharged from hospital after being admitted with Covid".

Professor Khunti told The Daily Telegraph : "People seem to be going home, getting long-term effects, coming back in and dying. 

"We see nearly 30 per cent have been readmitted, and that's a lot of people. The numbers are so large."


The study has yet to be peer-reviewed and the statistics are based on initial data.


Prof Khunti said he was surprised to see that patients were being readmitted to hospitla with a different diagnosis and many had also developed further complications.

He added: "We don't know if it's because Covid destroyed the beta cells which make insulin and you get Type 1 diabetes, or whether it causes insulin resistance, and you develop Type 2, but we are seeing these surprising new diagnoses of diabetes."



The Government currently registers a death as Covid-related if the patient died up to 28 days after a positive test.

This latest research could mean that the true death toll may be higher if patients who survive coronavirus return to hospital with serious health problems months later.

It comes as five million over-70s and "extremely vulnerable" Brits will be invited to get their Covid jab from today.

Letters will be sent to the next two priority groups as the UK jabs 140 people every minute and 10 new vaccination centres open this morning.

Boris Johnson hailed a new "milestone" in the race to vaccinate the country.

The next stage will see 4.6million in their 70s and older another one million who are "clinically extremely vulnerable".


This group includes people who have immune conditions, cancer or have received organ transplants.

More than 3.8 million people in the UK - including over-80s, care home residents, and NHS and social care staff - have already received their first dose of the vaccine.

And ministers believe all 54million Brits over 18 will have been immunised by the end of June.


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The previously reported delay in vaccine shipments is worse than the government was letting on:


OTTAWA -- Canada will not be receiving any shipments of Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine doses next week, which the federal government says will be the hardest hit the country gets during a month-long shortage in deliveries from the drug giant.

On Tuesday, Maj.-Gen. Dany Fortin who is leading Canada’s logistical rollout revealed that in reality, while this week’s shipment includes 82 per cent of what was originally planned, next week no new deliveries of doses will be coming to this country.

That means over the next two weeks Canada is set to receive just over 171,000 vaccine doses instead of the more than 417,000 planned before Pfizer announced its delay.


I wonder what was signed for in the contracts (other countries have released details of their orders).....speculation, but I think Canada was late to the plate, managed a few deliveries to make it looked like they had a plan, but in reality we are getting leftovers behind other g7 countries. We have ordered more vaccines from various producers  than anybody else, hoping that enough would be delivered to cover the population before the September date.

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9 hours ago, st27 said:

The previously reported delay in vaccine shipments is worse than the government was letting on:


I wonder what was signed for in the contracts (other countries have released details of their orders).....speculation, but I think Canada was late to the plate, managed a few deliveries to make it looked like they had a plan, but in reality we are getting leftovers behind other g7 countries. We have ordered more vaccines than anybody else, hoping that enough would be delivered to cover the population before the September date.

Trudeau ....aka...Ms. Virtue signalling on Steroids...NEVER does anything of substance but always gives the IMPRESSION he has but never follows through. What we call in Aviation as Standard Operating Procedure.

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I also get a chuckle out of the “Q1/Q2” business type references being used now for vaccine delivery......from a communications POV, the spin doctors are thinking that the public will swallow it, sounding a hell of a lot better than “2-4 months from now”.

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5 minutes ago, st27 said:

I also get a chuckle out of the “Q1/Q2” business type references being used now for vaccine delivery......from a communications POV, the spin doctors are thinking that the public will swallow it, sounding a hell of a lot better than “2-4 months from now”.



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Trudeau keeping Canada safe ???

Third flight from Haiti lands with many COVID-infected passengers

Two Air Transat flights from Port-au-Prince last week were also listed by Health Canada as having 'all rows' impacted by COVID

For the third time in 10 days, so many passengers on an Air Transat flight from Port-au-Prince to Montreal tested positive for COVID-19 that Health Canada deemed the entire plane impacted by the virus.

On Wednesday, Health Canada added TS663 — which landed in Montreal on Jan. 17 — to its online list of COVID-impacted flights. Two other flights from Haiti earlier this month —TS663 and TS665 — were deemed to have all rows affected by passengers who subsequently tested positive for the virus.



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people love pointing the finger at air travel for making things worse.

If we stopped every plane from flying today and for the next 30 days we would still see the same trend in case numbers that we have been seeing all along.  Air travel is simply not having any impact at this time.  Even if were, it would be statistically insignificant numbers.

The major airlines in Canada and even the smaller ones are simply not carrying enough passengers to make an impact.

Airlines in Canada are moving numbers in the 2-5% range of the pre-covid numbers, possibly as high as 10%.  That's not many at all.  

Now introduce the mitigation, in the form of pre-flight testing, the possibilities of moving the infection drop even further.  It is more likely that anyone that tests positive, within 14 days of a flight, contracted the disease here and not at their origin.

Community spread far outweighs any international travel spread. But I guess people want to blame anyone else but themselves.


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