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Payback time, Nicaragua was not invited to the Summit of the Americas, so


Nicaragua authorizes entry of Russian troops, planes, ships

Russia's Foreign Affairs Ministry calls measure 'routine'

The Associated Press · Posted: Jun 11, 2022 12:53 PM ET | Last Updated: 3 hours ago
Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega, shown during a rally in the capital, Managua, in 2018, has been a longtime ally of Russia. (Alfredo Zuniga/The Associated Press)

The government of Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega has authorized Russian troops, planes and ships to deploy to his country for purposes of training, law enforcement or emergency response.

In a decree published this week and confirmed by Russia on Thursday, Ortega will allow Russian troops to carry out law enforcement duties, "humanitarian aid, rescue and search missions in emergencies or natural disasters."

The Nicaraguan government also authorized the presence of small contingents of Russian troops for "exchange of experiences and training."

Maria Zakharova a spokesperson for Russia's Foreign Affairs Ministry, told the Russian news outlet Sputnik that the measure was "routine."

"We are talking about a routine — twice a year — procedure for the adoption of a Nicaraguan law on the temporary admission of foreign military personnel to its territory in order to develop co-operation in various areas, including humanitarian and emergency responses, combating organized crime and drug trafficking," Zakharova said.

She said the law also authorizes troops from the United States, Mexico and other Central American countries for such purposes.

Ortega has been a staunch ally of Russia since his days in the leadership of the 1979 revolution that ousted dictator Anastasio Somoza. Ortega served as president from 1985 to 1990, before being re-elected to power in 2007. Russian President Vladimir Putin, left, speaks to Ortega after arriving at the international airport in Managua on July 11, 2014. (Cesar Perez/Presidential House Handout/Reuters)

Ortega's government arrested dozens of political opposition leaders, including most of the potential presidential candidates, in the months before his re-election to a fourth consecutive term last year. His government has shut down dozens of nongovernmental groups that he accuses of working on behalf of foreign interests to destabilize his government. Tens of thousands of Nicaraguans have been chased into exile.


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In world first, Canada to put warning on each cigarette, not just packaging

If I owned a tobacco company my chemists would already be working on flavoured ink. Being a trifle vindictive about such things, I'd start with menthol. 

I would pretend to protest the move... but not too much, wouldn't want them to change their minds. Drug addicts in BC are grateful they don't get the same scrutiny. 

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Posted (edited)


When Canadian flags are offensive, it's time to clean up Ontario's schools

The Canadian flag is now offensive to some of the powers that be in Ontario’s education system. Last week, a school principal sent home a letter warning parents that their child was about to be offered a free Canadian flag and if they didn’t want to receive one, they should send the attached form back.


When it comes to Ontario’s education system it can be difficult to tell reality from ridiculous parody. The idea of warning parents that their child might be offered a small free flag would seem like a made up story but sadly it’s where we are in 2022.


We need to fix this and that will require serious attention.


The big education story at Queen’s Park right now is that contract negotiations are about to get underway for the five big unions representing teachers and other education workers. Most of the interest from the media has focused on wages and Bill 124 — the law that limited salary increases over the last several years.


What I’d like to see the Ford government do over the coming years is the stare down the woke educrats who think Canada’s flag is offensive and math is racist in the same way they stared down the unions on Bill 124.

Most teachers and principals in our system are fine people — your family, friends and neighbours — who just want to provide a good education for our children. There are, however, too many radical activists who hold positions in the classroom or are part of the educational consulting class who think their job is to indoctrinate your children with their politics.


We have seen school boards across the province import American anti-racism training and other curriculum aids that are fully steeped in the radical critical race theory. These materials, filled with American spellings, history lessons and examples don’t deal with the very different experiences of Black and Indigenous communities in Canada.


They are adopted by activists here, not because they will help but because the materials match the politics of the activist/consultant introducing them to the system.

Mathematics is often positioned as an objective and pure discipline,” the province’s math curriculum stated last year before explaining that racism was really at the heart of math.


“Mathematics has been used to normalize racism and marginalization of non-Eurocentric mathematical knowledges, and a decolonial, anti-racist approach to mathematics education makes visible its historical roots and social constructions,” the now-removed part of the curriculum stated.


It shouldn’t be shocking that the ministry of education would find a way to make math about racism. The now former head of Ontario’s public service called the entire provincial civil service a “White supremacist” organization in an official report last year.

Racism is real but that doesn’t mean everyone and everything is racist, which seems to be the view of the underworked civil servants pushing this agenda.


Thankfully, premier Ford stood up to the attempt to make math about racism and called it out last year.


“In math, let’s stick with math,” Ford said last July. “Other social issues, let’s talk about it, there’s no doubt, but let’s not talk about it in math. Talk about it in other courses that the schools offer.”


Now we need him to stand up to the rest of the woke political agenda being pushed in schools. He also needs to give clear instructions to his education minister, be it Stephen Lecce or someone new, that politicizing the classroom won’t be tolerated.


Such a move would outrage activists, the bosses at the teachers unions and those in the media obsessed with such issues. The people who would be happy with Ford for taking such a stand would be parents and the majority of teachers.


Let’s hope Ford does the right thing in his second term.


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Shrinkflation' dupes customers as companies seek profits during inflation spike


No, customers aren't duped, they're not stupid. "Tommy aint a bloomen fool, you know that Tommy see's."

Hopefully other consumers will start doing what I do.... create a bad bunny list, stick to it, and be grateful to liberals for inventing doxing, it's the only good thing they've thought of in two years and they only did it to hurt their neighbours.

Out em, dox em and boycott em. 

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Tom Mulcair: Recent Liberal decisions point to a whole-of-government incompetence


Global Affairs decided it would be a good idea to send a senior representative to the Russian Embassy to celebrate Russia Day last week.

They defended the decision, despite Canada’s official position that Russia has committed genocide during its illegal invasion of Ukraine.

When all hell broke loose, Foreign Affairs Minister Melanie Joly promptly apologized, but it was too late. It was such a deplorable decision that there was no possible rationalization.

Canadians, including many Liberals, have been witnessing and lamenting months of abject failure in the most basic administrative and decision-making processes in government.

It’s a whole-of-government approach to incompetence.



Everybody, all at once, has been doing everything possible to show how weak the federal government and its innumerable ministries and agencies have become in terms of simple public management.

This isn’t an accident in one place or an exception, it’s generalized. Red lights are blinking across the Privy Council Office dashboard, but no one is in charge. The PCO is the "ministry" of the Prime Minister, but actually managing things has never been Justin Trudeau’s stong suit.

We now have a two million person backlog at Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, up a whopping 35 per cent in one year. Think about that for a second: two million cases.

It’s impossible to clear that backlog and it will only continue to grow unless bold decisions are made. For example, there are thousands of claimants already in Canada. Starting with those who’ve been here the longest (as long as they’ve never had a criminal record), we have to begin looking at an amnesty to help unclog the system. The endless checks and revisions have made a bad situation even worse, and Minister Fraser doesn’t have a clue how to fix it.

People are being paid $50 per hour to wait all night in line to get a number at the passport office so travellers can get their passport because, apparently, we have forgotten how to issue them. This has never happened in the history of the country. Why is it happening now?

It’s probably just as well because the calamity at Pearson means you’re not going anywhere soon if your travel plans involve Canada’s largest airport. The mess there is also unprecedented. Wait times have shot up, flights are being cancelled and the full summer tourism season hasn’t even begun.

Listening to Minister Alghabra theorize that it must be the fault of travellers, who’ve forgotten how to take out their laptops for airport screenings, you have to ask yourself why he still has a job. Blaming the victims? Really?

Oddly enough, the same minister has just decided that he has to hire hundreds of new screeners. Gee, I thought it was the fault of travellers.

It was entirely predictable that as we came out of the pandemic, people would want to travel again. It was equally easy to foresee that many people would need passport renewals after two years of being cooped up with no place to go. It may have been obvious, but the Canadian government seems to have been caught with its pants down. Why?

The hasty decision to allow planes to be filled with the unvaccinated was not the object of any serious study, it’s the result of panic. What are the predictable consequences? Shorter lineups? That’s the hope. More COVID-19 outbreaks? In all likelihood.

The day Trudeau signed his deal with Singh, essentially getting the majority that Canadian voters had denied him, the writing was on the wall.

One of Trudeau’s first decisions after putting the NDP in lockstep was to approve a mammoth new offshore oil project. No one was going to be holding him to account.

It was a complete betrayal of Trudeau’s signature of the Paris Climate Accord, but who cares?

The United Nations had just issued its most alarming report ever and the Secretary General had begged the nations of the world not to approve any new fossil fuel projects. Trudeau couldn’t have cared less. Canada already had the worst record in the G7 since we signed the accord and he still got re-elected.

Why hold back when there’s no accountability in Ottawa? The Conservatives are in a leadership race, and otherwise occupied. The Bloc has become irrelevant and the NDP is sharing the lower bunk bed with the Liberals. Drill baby drill!

Attorney-General David Lametti won’t lift his little finger to defend the Canadian Charter of Rights, even as the equality of French and English before the courts is unilaterally removed by Quebec’s Bill 96.

His job is to defend the constitution. Instead, he’s protecting Legault’s sensitivities, at Trudeau’s request.

Public Security Minister Marco Medeccino repeatedly prevaricates about the invocation of the Emergency Measures Act, claiming that it had been done at the request of police. That was false. He tried to wiggle out of it by sending in an underling to give his excuses, and looked even worse.

Our whole system is supposed to be based on ministerial responsibility. You’re answerable to Parliament and the public for your decisions and your performance. Why is it that none of these ministers is ever responsible?

The answer is in the PMO. Jet-setting with the Aga Khan in flagrant violation of ethics laws? So what? Break the law again by sticking your nose in the prosecution of a major company with deep Liberal connections? Nobody’s perfect!

When he first ran and won as Liberal leader, Justin Trudeau made candid observations about his Father’s tendency to centralize the power of government in the PMO. He promised to be more open and respectful of our institutions.

As journalist Elizabeth Thompson discovered, Trudeau is actually more secretive than Stephen Harper. Trudeau’s cabinet has adopted dozens of secret orders since coming to power and refuses to even reveal the subjects covered.

The U.S. is one of the most successful and enduring democracies in the world yet, 18 months ago, a mendacious megalomaniac came close to upending its constitutional order. Thoughtful Americans have taken away one major lesson from the events of Jan. 6, 2021: Don’t take your democratic institutions for granted.

So too here in Canada. Eroding our institutions, undermining the rule of law and ignoring the bedrock principle of ministerial responsibility comes at a very heavy cost.

We might not have armed hoodlums scaling the walls of Parliament, but our democratic institutions are indeed fragile and must be cherished and defended.

When there are no checks and balances on power (and on incompetence), mediocrity rules the roost.

The Prime Minister pleads that they’re "working nonstop" to fix the myriad problems they’ve created. Canadians, who actually do work nonstop, deserve better.

Tom Mulcair was the leader of the federal New Democratic Party of Canada between 2012 and 2017.


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Here's three adjacent headlines from the same paper. They should serve as an indicator of trajectory... this is where we are now, Implementation will follow shortly:

Hong Kong's history as British colony wiped from textbooks in Beijing crackdown


Calling someone 'idiot' could be enough to land in prison under Japan's new cyberbullying law


Bronx Zoo elephant Happy isn't a person being illegally confined, court rules

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Posted (edited)
2 hours ago, Wolfhunter said:

Calling someone 'idiot' could be enough to land in prison under Japan's new cyberbullying law

So because an extremely small  % of people are afraid of their shadows, we will make a law that could effectively punish everyone, rather than treat the obvious mental health of that %. ? 

Yup…sounds about right…..welcome to Liberalism on steroids.

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History also suggests that when you see that happen, look around.... beware the unholy trinity of government, media and security forces. It's they who conspired to bring that condition about and it's they who profit from it. 

The trinity always produces inflation, hoarding, lineups, supply line breakdowns, and a black market. It also causes polarization and political division that worsens in direct proportion to the symptoms.  Once that division reaches a 70 / 30 percent split individual rights and freedoms are negatively effected and it's the majority who seek to impose it.

Why I don't know, maybe it's because they see it all slipping away and blame the wrong group for it. I would suggest that government and media package and exploit that sentiment too.

It leaves you vulnerable to events that should be nothing more than an inconvenience, like a flood in a baby formula plant. The MBA crew will blame the flood, soldiers will blame the un-trapped vulnerability. There is a world of difference in those two positions.

Any of this sounding familiar? 

Baby formula production halted at Abbott's Michigan plant due to flooding after severe storms

The shutdown of the Abbott plant is likely to delay baby formula production for a few weeks

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Likely everyone can agree that solving cold case murders is a good thing. IMO, there's a but in there though.

In keeping with the trinity, should government allow police full access to DNA data bases established for genealogy (or other specific) purposes? In essence, genealogy is a hobby.

The "if you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear" crowd will say yes and instantly accuse me of being an accessory to infanticide for urging caution.... but that's simply a liberal MO.

But let's say that being a healthy guy, I resent paying high healthcare premiums to support lifestyle ailments. Maybe I'd suggest that employers and insurance companies have the same access and adjust premiums according to genetic susceptibility to disease. There's a host of other complications with this and it could be a whole thread. My point is, it will eventually get down to you and when it does, the Covid crazies will have established sufficient precedents that your objections will be worthless. 

In one form or another, having "nothing to hide" will become "having something to fear" and it will be the majority who unwittingly brings it upon themselves... and ironically, they'll do it by suppressing the individual rights of their healthy neighbours who, in turn, will cheer for the trinity and the lower premiums it promises. 



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As we watch gas prices go through the roof, Biden met with ceos of the major petroleum producers pleading with them to ramp up refinery production. One of the realities that was put forward was that about 10% of refinery capacity was shutdown, due  the producers having to upgrade the facilities to meet new green energy standards!

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Reality check…I have a friend who has an asparagus farm.  This year asparagus prices have risen to the point where only a few people are buying them because of the price.

Here’s the problem…he is getting NO MORE THAN LAST YEAR for his product. The increase is being marked up after it leaves his fields. Transportation (fuel) costs are close to prohibitive for truckers is just one of the factors at play.

His solution is to stop the daily cutting process and allowing the plant to mature and go to waste until next year.

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1 hour ago, Jaydee said:

Reality check…I have a friend who has an asparagus farm.  This year asparagus prices have risen to the point where only a few people are buying them because of the price.

That and government subsidies (to expand production) was what killed the pork industry in NS. Everybody went full throttle pigs and weaner pigs went down to about $.48 per pound live weight... input costs rose. The price of bacon in grocery stores didn't reflect (in the slightest) the reality of production costs or price drops. When challenged, produce managers would opine that consumers don't like fluctuating prices.

Pork producers then made the switch to mink and NS mink had a great reputation in the international market place for a few years. 

Same deal, same result, same industry collapse. The successful folks now sell privately and cut out the middle man. 

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Crime spills into dozens of Minneapolis suburbs, sparking fear among residents

Minneapolis suburbanites say crime is 'really out of control'

This is exactly the type of pain that's required... I say good, and bring on more. It's the quickest exit strategy.

These were the people who wanted defunding, they voted for it and demonstrated for it, and to date, they have largely escaped the consequences of their own folly.... they inflicted it on urban (largely black) areas instead.

If they start now and work hard, they can be back to where they were in about 5-7 years. My only fear is that the pain still isn't sharp enough to form a lasting aversion to stupidity yet. I'd let this simmer another 3 years and hold to a 10 year timeline.

That way, it won't be a discussion people want to have again for about two generations.

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Hopefully this starts a new trend and privately owned US assets will be seized world wide as well.

Being as Canada has admitted to perpetrating ongoing genocide, I think Canadian assets should be up for grabs too.

I like it... let's do this. 

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I'm glad to see this is making the news now.

Tim Hortons has been on my Bad Bunny List since they started this.... I'd rather drink turbid water from a mud puddle. 

Dox em, out em, boycott em. It's the only good trend that liberals have created in years. Can't believe I was previously opposed to it. I've discovered in passing that it's not just me, other people keep a Bad Bunny List too. Some organizations are losing long time volunteers as a direct result... I say good.

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