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3 hours ago, Marshall said:

Trudeau may have sent out a bumbling fool to gloss over his agenda, but make no mistake about what is going on here. Trudeau is silencing critics, delegitimizing dissenting voices and attacking our freedom of the press in Canada.

Most DANGEROUS MAN In Canadian Political History”– Campaign Life Coalition


Warnings continue to multiply over the “insane” and “invasive” report that recommends Canada’s Liberal government register and regulate internet mediacontent providers.

A number of commentators in and outside Canada denounced the Broadcasting and Telecommunications Legislative Review (BTLR) panel’s report released last week as a “breathtaking” and unprecedented plan to regulate the internet.

My, my-the things Canadians cannot discover within Canadian establishment media. This report is serious business. The allegation is one of a case of the most aggressive power-grabs in Canadian history. No wonder CBC downplay the situation to the max.

“A key recommendation was to extendlicences currently granted to radio and television stations to all media content,along with a much stricter compliance regime.”

A former CRTC vice-chair of telecommunications wrote in the Globe and Mail that in a “breathtaking expansion of scope and bureaucratic hubris” and “a series of invasive and unjustifiable recommendations,” the panel “advocated for a sweeping series of interventions that would make all online media – from online sites such as Rabble to Rebel News and in any language – subject to government regulation.”

Pretty extreme language, eh? Yet, as CAPhave advanced since day one, a Canada controlled by Justin Trudeau is a nation headed for dictatorship status. One critical method to accomplish a goal of this magnitude is that in order to succeed, government MUST control media.

Therefore, Trudeau made his move to establish absolute authority over all element of Canadian media–mainstream, social media, large corporations, small-time local players. You name it, and Comrade Trudeau is gunning to control it.

As turns out, this pseudo-communist dictator failed–for the present. According to media, Liberal Heritage Minister Steven Guilbault is backing away from the proposal–for the present.

Within this situation, it is important to comprehend the dynamics at play. For the purpose of seducing a nation and its peoples, a long-term strategic programmust be in place. This consists of steady, incremental changes in government policy. In this manner, the public is so much less likely to catch on to the true agenda.

The True Agenda:

Justin Trudeau is in the process of trans-forming Canada into a socialist nation-state. Fact is, Mr. Trudeau preferssocialism to democracy. This is picked up from father Pierre Trudeau. Within socialist and communist nations, government OWNS media. This is essential to an agenda to control citizenship behaviour and propagandize the public into accepting any government decision, no matter how damaging it is to said populations.

Even as critics allege the Trudeau government’s $595 million “media bail-out” announced in its last budget compromises Canada’s legacy media, the report outlines more ways “the government could help news outlets” losing out to digital competitors, the Globe and Mail reported.

Is this not a blatant bid for government control? Our Liberal government propose to “embolden” establishment media, and marginalize alternative and social media. But only if you sign over your independence as a media organization to the government of Canada.

What is the true objective at hand? Control mainstream media–where the pro-Trudeau propaganda resides. Censor social media–where the anti-Trudeaumovement resides.

So obvious, so blatant–so very “Mao Tse Tung.”

“The experience of that superb strategist Mao Tse-tung might lead us to conclude that in a vast and heterogeneous country[Canada], the possibility of establishing socialist strongholds in certain regions is the very best thing.”

— Pierre Trudeau.

There you have it, fellow Canadian patriots–the truth of the Trudeau family. Natually, this is something you will never read by way of CBC, CTV, Global News, Globe & Mail, or any other mainstream news outlet.

And the ones who would publish an article of this nature? Say no-go. Justin Trudeau wants to control what you publish, with the goal of ultimately bankrupting you and removing your organization from the entire media scene.

READ MORE: Justin Trudeau Establishes $8.2 Billion Dollar CARBON TAX-GRAB For 2022

To be fair, some media people are speaking against the draconian media crackdown. John Ivison, premier political journalist, says:

“Liberals and their beneficiaries believe they are “saving quality journalism, while everyone else thinks it’s a transparent bribe.”

That’s echoed by Jack Fonseca, director of political operations at Campaign Life Coalition, Canada’s national pro-life, pro-family lobbying group.

“The Liberal bail-out  of the privately-owned mainstream media was a bribe to ensure that major media outlets will become dependent on the government, and therefore not report anything critical about Trudeau, or else.”

“We need to take Trudeau at his word, and not just laugh at him as if he’s some kind of joke. He was deadly serious. A basic dictatorship is what he admires. And it seems fairly clear that’s where he’s trying to steer the country, with a clear plan in his own mind,” Fonseca said.

Memories of Fidel Castro? Of course it is. And of course, Mr. Fonseca is absolutely right. This man understands how Justin Trudeau operates, He gets where the fading “Great White North” is headed in terms of future political identity.

Of course, this is the very thing media refuse to write about–where Canada is headed under this post-modern, pro-socialist, Islamic-infused Liberal government.

In CAP’s opinion, our country’s days as a free and democratic nation are numbered.The demise of our freedoms began in 1968, when “prototype globalist” Pierre Trudeau seized hold of society.

Then, when his son Justin Trudeaubecame PM, the entire program shifted into overdrive. Fundamental to the agenda is government control of media.

Yes, it may be true that the Liberal-Socialists lost “round one” of the media control battle. But they will be back, as sure as you’re born.

Slowly,  steadily and incrementally our freedoms are being taken away from our citizenship. Media play a fundamental role as Canada quietly transitions from democracy to dictatorship.





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43 minutes ago, deicer said:

The source for the above article is listed as a dangerous group.

No more dangerous  than the Liberal party under Trudeau .

Press Progress == LEFT BIAS

These media sources are moderately to strongly biased toward liberal causes through story selection and/or political affiliation.  They may utilize strong loaded words (wording that attempts to influence an audience by using appeal to emotion or stereotypes), publish misleading reports and omit reporting of information that may damage liberal causes. Some sources in this category may be untrustworthy. See all Left Bias sources.

  • Overall, we rate Press Progress Left Biased based on story selection and wording that consistently favors the left “


CAP = CAP is self described as “Cultural Action Party represent Canadian citizens who value, and wish to retain, Canada’s traditional identity, heritage and official languages. We stand in direct opposition to globalist forces attempting to undermine and erode our nation’s unique cultural identity.”

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Time to bring in the Military?  Just imagine if Quebec starts to run low on propane as was in the news when there was a railway strike.  The Minister is quoted as saying:


The transport minister said when injunctions are obtained it's up the provinces to act, and not the federal government.

What happened to the idea that Transportation(federal railways etc) was a Federal responsibility?

CN Rail to shut down 'significant' sections of track if pipeline blockades continue

Adam Frisk

Adam FriskCTVNews.ca Producer, Local

@adamfrisk Contact

Published Tuesday, February 11, 2020 12:07PM ESTLast Updated Tuesday, February 11, 2020 2:01PM EST
Anti-pipeline protesters block entrances to the B.C. legislature ahead of Tuesday's throne speech.
Transport Minister Marc Garneau discusses the blockades of rail lines by protestors, and whether the federal government will step in.
CTV News has learned that CN will shut down significant sections of their rail network due to protests blocking the rail corridor.
Protestor Andrew Brant discusses why he and others are standing in solidarity with the Wet'suwet'en, blocking major rail routes.
Andrea Bain discusses what triggered the protest and how Indigenous advocates are feeling about the dispute.
Michel Boyer discusses the court injunction and the implication the protest could have economically.
Anti-pipeline demonstrators have caused disruptions across Canada from highways to rail lines resulting in arrests. Melanie Nagy reports.
Pam Palmater from Ryerson University and Gary Mar from the Petroleum Services of Canada discuss the Wet'suwet'en rallying against pipelines.
Activists opposed to the construction of a natural gas pipeline in northern B.C. rally at the B.C. legislature building.
There is a 'heightened sense of security' at the B.C. legislature as a protest in support of hereditary chiefs continues on the front steps.
For the fourth day in a row, protesters took to the streets of Vancouver to disrupt traffic in solidarity with pipeline opponents in norther
The Wet'suwet'en solidarity march took over Portage and Main Monday evening. CTV's Touria Izri was there.
Protesters from Kahnawake are acting in sympathy with their counterparts in the Wet'suwet'en blockade camp.
Officers arrested dozens of pipeline protesters at two Metro Vancouver ports Monday.
Via Rail trains from Toronto to Montreal and Ottawa aren’t running again as protestors block the rail lines in support of the Wet’suwet’en nation in BC.
Two protesters blocked a Montreal commuter train line Monday morning over the Coastal GasLink pipeline. Here's what one of them had to say.
Two protesters from Kahnawake's Mohawk community protested along the Candiac South Shore train line in solidarity with protesters in B.C.
A standoff in northern B.C. prompted new protests across the country as commuter trains and commercial traffic were blocked.
Tensions flared at a demonstration in Regina when a car pushed through a pipeline protest blocking the road.
An anti-pipeline blockade near Belleville has shut down VIA Rail service from Ottawa to Toronto for the third day.
Protests were held across Canada in support of Wet'suwet'en First Nation, which is protesting against the Coastal GasLink pipeline
VIA Rail was forced to cancel numerous trains to Ottawa and Montreal due to a protest over a natural gas pipeline in B.C..
Protesters hold demonstration against natural gas pipeline in B.C. prompting Via Rail to cancel several trains between Toronto and Montreal.
An anti-pipeline protest near Belleville has halted VIA rail service through Ottawa – creating massive delays.
Activists supporting Wet’suwet’en heredity chiefs, who are against the construction of a B.C. pipeline, shut down Victoria streets Friday.



TORONTO -- CN Rail will shut down a "significant" section of its rail network, unless the ongoing blockade just east of Belleville, Ont. is resolved, the company said Tuesday.

Protesters have disrupted travel across much of the country for several days in a show of solidarity for the Wet'suwet'en Nation, whose hereditary chiefs oppose the construction of a 670-kilometre natural gas pipeline through northern British Columbia.

Supporters of Wet'suwet'en hereditary chiefs have set up blockades and protests across the country. CN Rail said unless the blockades are removed, the company will be forced to close "significant parts of its Canadian network imminently."


“It’s not just passenger trains that are impacted by these blockades, it’s all Canadian supply-chains,” JJ Ruest, president and chief executive officer at CN, said in a statement. “We are currently parking trains across our network, but due to limited available space for such, CN will have no choice but to temporarily discontinue service in key corridors unless the blockades come to an end."

On Tuesday, Transport Minister Marc Garneau called the blockades "dangerous" and "illegal.

"We are concerned because this has an effect on the transportation of goods by train across the country and those trains in some cases are not being able to operate as they normally do because of the blockades," Garneau told reporters in Calgary. "It also has an effect on VIA Rail… and it is actually illegal because it infringes on the Railway Safety Act and for obvious reasons it's dangerous to actually block the rails, so we are very concerned about if from that point of view."

In Quebec, Montreal's commuter rail service Exo was forced to cancel service for a second day due to a protest against the Coastal GasLink pipeline.

Near Belleville, Ont., a demonstration led to the cancellation of VIA Rail services between Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto; it has also brought freight traffic to a halt.

The passenger train company said the blockade has forced the cancellation of 34 trains on Tuesday and warned of the potential of further cancellations. The company noted refunds will automatically be transferred to passengers.

Another protest near Hazelton, B.C., is stopping VIA Rail services between Prince Rupert and Prince George.

The protests were sparked after the RCMP enforced a court injunction and began arresting those attempting to block access to the pipeline route near Houston, B.C.

The transport minister said when injunctions are obtained it's up the provinces to act, and not the federal government.

"We hope this will get resolved because it's having an important impact on the economy of the country," Garneau said. "Not only that, it also potentially presents some safety considerations and safety concerns. Obviously we hope it's going to be resolved but it is up to the provinces to make those injunctions affective by taking action."

Ruest said CN Rail was working closely with local authorities to enforce the court order injunctions.

"We have also engaged with customers, industry associations as well as officials in Ottawa and across Canada to explain to them the consequences and material impact that shutting down the railroad will have on their constituents,” Ruest said.

--with a file from CTV News Montreal, The Canadian Press

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WTF is wrong with this Country.

If a kid walks along the CN rail tracks on his way to school he will (and has) be charged with trespassing.

Now we have protesters literally blocking the rail lines and no one is being arrested or charged?  Trains are big and heavy and take a very long time to stop.  Just keep them moving.  The protesters will move or get run over.  simple analysis says the blockades will not last long.

 There are signs all over the place warning that train track are dangerous and trespassing is illegal and trains kill people.  if they get nailed its all on them.


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2 minutes ago, boestar said:

WTF is wrong with this Country.

It gets worse. I watched a video yesterday of a road block some where out west. Protesters had blocked off a main highway with junk. Some guy stops his car and peacefully starts removing the blockages. An RCMP officer walks over and asks him to stop. He refuses and continues to clear the road so he could get through.


In a “normal” country, the would allow the citizen to have some rights of passage down a road he pays taxes to keep open, but nope this is Canada...THE COP ARRESTS HIM, and allows the protesters to continue blocking traffic.

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7 minutes ago, boestar said:

they get nailed its all on them.

I totally agree.

Instead of stopping, the engineer should have blown his whistle loud and clear a few times giving them ample opportunity to GTF off the tracks, and then proceeded to “give-it-to-er” and plow through. I bet there would never be another protest on a rail line in the future..

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yeah I saw that.  Bloody idiotic.

I understand that people have the right to peaceful protest but a good definition of peaceful is needed.  Is it "Peaceful" to enrage fellow Canadians by preventing them access to their work and lively hood that have nothing at all to do with the topic at hand?  I would argue no it is not.  It is disruptive and ultimately leads to conflict which is far from the definition of peaceful.


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Who da thunk?? Is there any manufacturing left in this country?


Around 75% of sticks used on the ice by NHL players come from Chinese factories, with Bauer, CCM and True Hockey all getting products and components from the country


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4 hours ago, Jaydee said:

It gets worse. I watched a video yesterday of a road block some where out west. Protesters had blocked off a main highway with junk. Some guy stops his car and peacefully starts removing the blockages. An RCMP officer walks over and asks him to stop. He refuses and continues to clear the road so he could get through.


In a “normal” country, the would allow the citizen to have some rights of passage down a road he pays taxes to keep open, but nope this is Canada...THE COP ARRESTS HIM, and allows the protesters to continue blocking traffic.

This is absolutely infuriating.  Protestors blocking roads and rail lines are most definitely NOT "peaceful protestors".  Peaceful protests are people standing well back from the side of the road (or sidewalk) quietly holding signs - the moment that they impede/harass/disturb anyone they should be removed by whatever means necessary and charged.

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Reconciliation is dead and we will shut down Canada,’ Wet’suwet’en supporters say


This doesn’t sound like peaceful protest to me....numerous incidents of violence from the acts of protesters....

How will Justin solve this?? Sunny ways, sunny ways?.. Like he has with other issues deflect and blame someone else. 


On Tuesday, Marc Garneau, the Liberal transport minister, called the blockades “illegal” but said the federal government would not do anything. It’s up to the provinces, Garneau said, to enforce the court orders.


Good to see raging grannies and Antifa getting in on the act too....will be interesting.

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3 hours ago, Falken said:

This just came across the bottom of BNN - Trudeau -we recognize the right to peaceful protest.

What has happened to "Rule of Law"? 

DEFINE "Peaceful"


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21 minutes ago, Airband said:

News clips of aboriginal beat downs don't play well for the international audience Trudeau is trying to suck up to.

out of control semi and locomotive?


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Mike Smith from the WetCoast's Province newspaper had a pretty good article on the subject...


Opinion: Would the blockaders really have the nerve to look pro-pipeline First Nations in the eye and tell them to cancel a project that has brought them hope for a better life?

The angry mob that surrounded the B.C. legislature on Tuesday had a plan to “shut down the government” as a way to show their displeasure with the Coastal GasLink pipeline.

They did not succeed, although they did manage to rough a few people up, spit on at least one legislature staffer, temporarily block the media from doing their jobs, and generally annoy and inconvenience everyone they confronted.

Many of the protesters didn’t even appear to know what the Coastal GasLink pipeline dispute is about. Several told me they would keep fighting against the Alberta oilsands.

Just a few problems there: The pipeline is being built to move natural gas, not oil. And the gas comes from B.C., not Alberta.

It’s a critical point, since a key reason the project has attracted so much Indigenous support is because many First Nations are more comfortable with natural gas, which would evaporate into the atmosphere in case of a spill or rupture.

But such distinctions seemed lost on a crowd of protesters who claimed to be standing in solidarity the Wet’suwet’en people in their pipeline fight.

Some problems there, too: The elected band council of the Wet’suwet’en support the pipeline and signed a benefit-sharing agreement with the company. So has every other First Nation along the pipeline route.

The protesters have chosen to side with five hereditary Wet’suwet’en chiefs who oppose the project in their traditional territory.

But why anti-pipeline protesters think they can defeat this project by blocking roads, bridges, highways, ports, railway tracks and public buildings is a failure of strategic logic and common sense.

First of all, you don’t get public support by angering the public. All you manage to do is turn the public against you.

And if the protesters think these tactics will force governments to cancel the project, they are sorely mistaken. If anything, the protests will spur the federal and provincial governments to keep building a pipeline that is popular with the public and the First Nations directly impacted by it.

As I watched the protesters verbally abuse people just trying to go to work on Monday, I wondered whether any of them would have the guts to do the same thing to impoverished Indigenous people seeking a way out of poverty.

The 20 First Nations backing the pipeline represent 13,000 Indigenous British Columbians, many of them working on the project.

The pipeline company has awarded $620 million in contracts to Indigenous businesses. One of the most inspiring is a 700-worker accommodation facility built in partnership with the Nadleh Whut’en First Nation on the site of a former residential school.

Building a new project that will bring the community income and jobs on a site that caused so much pain in the past was hailed as a “symbolic turning point” when the development opened last month.

Would the blockaders really have the nerve to look those people in the eye and tell them to cancel a project that has brought them hope for a better life?

Not a chance. Much easier to curse and insult a bunch of city dwellers who have nothing to do with a pipeline project that won’t be stopped.

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19 minutes ago, mo32a said:

I agree that everybody has a right to protest, but it doesn't allow you to interfere with my rights.

Your rights don't trump mine.

sadly, don't bet on it.  The pattern was established in Caledonia, Ontario, https://nationalpost.com/news/developer-offers-disputed-oka-land-to-kanesatake-mohawks-as-ecological-gift, when a man (anti protest) bearing a Canadian Flag was arrested for evidently provoking the protesters.

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