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If there is loose COVID cash, stop the sewage flow now


  • Calgary Herald
  • 3 Jul 2020
img?regionKey=WUfBlR5Agmagi%2fZtr%2f8HWQ%3d%3dSOTHEBY’S Matthew Wong’s The Realm of Appearances sold for US$1.82 million at Sotheby’s in New York last week.

With the rosy glow from Canada Day still fresh in the memory, Canadians can reflect with pride on the watery wonderland they call home — a pristine wilderness, bordered by three mighty oceans, that contains one-fifth of the world’s fresh water and two million lakes.

The reality is a little less pleasant on the senses.

While 90 per cent of America’s community water systems were in compliance with Environmental Protection Agency standards in 2016, 24 per cent of Canada’s wastewater systems failed to meet Environment Canada’s quality criteria.

In that year, two billion cubic metres (more than 500 billion gallons) of untreated, or under-treated, effluent was flushed into the country’s waterways. That’s enough wastewater to fill 800,000 Olympic-sized swimming pools. Worse, 85 of the 491 treatment systems that were tested, discharged effluent of “acute lethality” — designated as waste that at 100 per cent concentration would kill more than 50 per cent of rainbow trout exposed to it during a 96-hour period.

Sewage isn’t sexy, which explains why politicians don’t relish spending taxpayers’ money on treating it.

On occasion, they are forced to respond to particularly noxious events.

The City of Montreal caused outrage five years ago with “flushgate,” when it released five million cubic metres or 1.3 billion gallons of untreated wastewater into the St. Lawrence. (No rainbow trout died, the city claimed.)

The City of Ottawa has long courted controversy for allowing raw sewage to flow straight into the Ottawa River — 7.3 million cubic metres or nearly two billion gallons between 2006 and 2018 — at times when heavy rains overwhelm its combined sewer overflow, a single pipe that collects sanitary and stormwater. The city is spending $750 million to ameliorate a problem that is still polluting waterways in the national capital region.

The reality is there is a massive disconnect between Canadians’ self-image and their stewardship of the country’s waterways.

Both Conservative and Liberal governments have recognized this shortcoming and made efforts to remedy a national embarrassment.

However, with so many competing demands on resources, there has been a tendency at the municipal level to neglect cleaning up rivers and lakes. Plants in a number of Canadian cities won’t meet effluent standards until 2040, including Montreal’s Jean R. Marcotte Wastewater Treatment Plant, the largest in North America, which releases billion of gallons of under-treated sewage into the St. Lawrence every year. It is currently undergoing a $500-million upgrade that critics contend still won’t meet federal and provincial effluent standards.

The Liberals aroused fears last week that the number of communities allowed to pollute with impunity for another two decades is set to grow.

The government released proposed regulations that the opposition says will grant even more municipalities a 20-year extension before they have to become compliant with federal standards.

“It is shameful that as a developed G7 nation we still allow Third World wastewater practices in towns and cities, large and small,” said Conservative MP Peter Kent. “Canada is far behind other EU countries and the U.S., which has had mandatory secondary treatment since the 1970s.”

Kent was environment minister when the Conservative government introduced the Wastewater Systems Effluent Regulations that require effluent to be treated to “secondary level” (a physical process to remove solid matter and a biological process to remove dissolved and suspended organic compounds).

“In 2006, Environment Canada estimated Canadian municipalities of all sizes would need as much as $20 billion over two decades to bring wastewater systems up to acceptable standards,” he said.

Many municipalities and provincial governments complained they did not have the fiscal capacity to meet the new standards and were given “transitional authorization” — or extensions — before they needed to be in compliance. Deadlines of 2020, 2030 and 2040 were assigned to cities, depending on the level of risk associated with the wastewater system.

The 2040 target was meant to be for “low risk” systems, though no one has been able to explain to me how the massive Jean R. Marcotte plant in Montreal falls into that category, given the amount of pollution it discharges.

Elaine Macdonald, healthy communities director at Ecojustice Canada, said she is worried the government has opened the door to more extensions. “We could see more municipalities added to the 2040 list, giving them the chance to de-prioritize wastewater treatment,” she said.

The Liberal government, which pledged last year to keep waters “safe, clean and well-managed,” denies the proposed regulatory amendments weaken the timeline to compliance.

Moira Kelly, a spokeswoman for Environment Minister Jonathan Wilkinson, said the process has been reopened to allow municipalities that did not receive an extension to apply for one. “During our last mandate, we approved $1.6 billion in federal funding for 1,452 wastewater projects. In comparison, between 2011 and 2015, the previous Harper government approved only 216 wastewater projects, representing $641 million in federal funding,” she said.

What that exchange suggests is that neither party has delivered on the promise to keep Canada’s fresh water safe and clean.

Catherine Mckenna, the infrastructure minister, has a $33 billion “Investing in Canada” fund that will presumably be used as part of a POST-COVID economic recovery plan.

It would seem a good opportunity to accelerate plans to end the practice of pumping a putrid discharge of “acute lethality” into waters in which fish swim and children swim.

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1 hour ago, Marshall said:

If there is loose COVID cash,

Apparently Seniors get $300 of Covid Cash in July. I intend on using his blood money against him and donating mine to the Erin Otoole leadership fund.

If more ”Seniors” did this we might have a chance of taking this country back from the precipice.

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12 hours ago, Jaydee said:

Apparently Seniors get $300 of Covid Cash in July. I intend on using his blood money against him and donating mine to the Erin Otoole leadership fund.

If more ”Seniors” did this we might have a chance of taking this country back from the precipice.

As with most things promised by a politician, I am not holding my breath waiting for it.  As for me if it does arrive, it will be converted into some very decent Scotch and used for appropriate toasting.

I see I have to fight for my heritage, Simon Fraser University teams are called clansmen (you know after the Scottish Clans) but some nut bars are saying that has to change as they must be renamed as the nuts believe the name actually glorifies the KKK from the good old US of A.  More P.C. BS.


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The most ridiculous one I have heard so far was from the Real Estate Industry.

” The Houston Association of Realtors has stopped using the word "master" to describe bedrooms or bathrooms, a change prompted by a group of real estate agents that requested a review of the term. The association agreed to update the phrase to "primary bedroom" and "primary bath."

“ Master' represents a stigma and place in time that we need to move forward from. As a progressive, diverse city, Houston should be reflective of its citizenship," said Curry, a past National Association of Realtors board member.“

Some builders have already dropped the term. David Weekley Homes, for example, calls a home's primary bedroom an "owner's retreat."


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14 hours ago, Jaydee said:

stopped using the word "master"

What will we call the "Master Arm switch" now? 

And what about the "Master Warning light?"

"Master Caution light?"

Electrical  "Master Switch?" 

Sync Master?

And what ever you do, don't select "slave" on the GHARS, far better to get lost. Fast erect sounds a bit misogynous to me too.

And that brake slave cylinder you counted on to get you stopped..... gonzo.

And those "Master Aviator Wings" have got to go.

Have liberals thought all this through?

What is the cost of relabeling every switch in every cockpit of every airplane in every country? Should we tax the 1% to pay for all this?

Now, when syncing the props you could select a "foreman" instead of a Master but that would be sexist... maybe a "foreperson" prop would be better.  I doubt "Boss" prop would be deemed appropriate by raging liberals either, it has plantation connotations.  

Why isn't the Colosseum in Rome being demolished? If ever there was a monument to the cruelty and abuse suffered by slaves that would be it. In fact, Rome is awash in  antiquities that need to be destroyed.... they have museums full of the stuff. Send in the "Libiban" 

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1 minute ago, Wolfhunter said:

Yup, seems like only yesterday I was shouting REBORT... no.... ABJECT

Yeah, it's funny.  I used ABORT for so long that the change to REJECT seemed absolutely crazy.  Of course I felt the same about going from Throttles to Power Levers to Thrust Levers.

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And every Airbus product that shouts RETARD just prior to touchdown should be cut into pieces and sold for scrap. 

When you get to this level of madness there is no end to the changes required and the cost of making these changes, we could literally do this all day. Once these people are forced to pay for what they want I bet they won't want it any more..... and at that point, it will all be Trumps fault. 

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1 hour ago, Wolfhunter said:

And every Airbus product that shouts RETARD just prior to touchdown should be cut into pieces and sold for scrap. 

When you get to this level of madness there is no end to the changes required and the cost of making these changes, we could literally do this all day. Once these people are forced to pay for what they want I bet they won't want it any more..... and at that point, it will all be Trumps fault. 

I guess it all comes down to which product Airbus or Boeing has the best / worst survival / accident experience........

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9 hours ago, seeker said:

I'm old enough to remember the change from 'Abort!" to "Reject!"  I

Speaking of reject....

“ Kanye West Announces He’s Running For President“

Kanye West is an artist, producer, record label executive and fashion designer, but that’s apparently not enough for the multi-hyphenate. Now, the hip-hop powerhouse is looking to add another job to his ever-expanding resume: politician.

The rapper took to Twitter on America’s birthday (July 4) to officially announce he is running for the highest office in the land. The superstar began his message by writing, “We must now realize the promise of America by trusting God, unifying our vision and building our future,” and he quickly got straight to the point by stating quite plainly, “I am running for president of the United States!” He then added the hashtag #2020VISION, which may be something he continues to use moving forward.

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OK, I'll go first.

I'm offended by idiots, morons and the legion of stupid people that protest by the hundreds of thousands and blame community spread on Trump. On a similar theme, I find the NY Governors notion of sending old people with Covid19 back to LTC facilities the hight of liberal stupidity, something that borders on genocide and it's right up there with the "virus doesn't spread on packed airplanes" mantra. You have to be devoid of logic to believe that.

Y'all shake your heads now. Keep those narratives coming, you're almost there...

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Pursuing an idiot warrants a two day investigation by Toronto police. 

The theft of your ATV will result in waiting 24 hours for someone to show up and a too bad so sad response. 

Go ahead, defund them, pretty much useless to me anyway.

And when it comes to idiots, does it really matter what colour an idiot is?


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After assisting JT with with fake gun stats (confirmed by ATIP requests) they must find all this particularly vexing. Pretty sure rural Canadians are losing patience with response times made worse by the defunding cult too. 

If the right to self defence is clearly enshrined and includes stand your ground property rights and, if appropriately trained civilians are afforded the right to carry a weapon, I'll support the defunding. For folks in rural areas it's like they have been defunded for years anyway.

You can't have this both ways. Why does your response time and safety matter and mine doesn't? The rural / urban divide is part of the tribalism problem too. There will come a point when law abiding folks in Toronto arm themselves illegally for protection against gangs.... there has already been one case of that, more to come I'm thinking.

These people had no one to call and were refused help when they did call. People who think this is a good idea should beware the consequences, keep this up and you will see a move to gated residential enclaves protected by militias with attendant local warlords. The exact conditions some of our immigrants (under the refugee program) have fled.... ask them. Wanting this by actively pursuing the conditions that create it strikes me as the very definition of liberal insanity.

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In these times where Trudeau is being excoriated for his involvement with WE charities, let's keep perspective on the political animal.  They're all greasy.  Let's remind you of this, especially the last paragraph.

Why haven’t any Harper-friendly charities been scrutinized: Keenan

It turns out charities in Canada — at least the ones the government doesn’t like — are forbidden from “exercising moral pressure.” As if that isn’t the entire point of charitable enterprises. The absence of the profit motive and of self-interest in those involved in such an organization virtually defines a charity. Without those two things, what’s left is the pressure of morality compelling people to do the right thing.

But that’s illegal for a charity, it turns out.

This news comes to us courtesy of the Canada Revenue Agency, acting on a $13-million mandate from Stephen Harper’s Conservative government to take a close look at charities the government thinks are engaged in “excessive political advocacy.” This crackdown on politicized goodwill most recently busted the do-gooders at Dying with Dignity, who have been wielding contraband moral pressure in the service of their mission to provide information about patient rights, planning for end-of-life-care and the case for physician-assisted suicide. The auditors determined that its sins included “swaying public opinion, promoting an attitude of mind, creating a climate of public opinion” in addition to the already mentioned moral pressure tactics.


Now, to be clear, these charitable advocacy activities are only verboten if they might drive or prevent legislative change. The logic seems to be that tax breaks shouldn’t be used for any activities that might influence legislation. Except, of course, the tens of millions of dollars in tax exemptions and direct subsidies we give to political parties whose direct and immediate goal is to drive or prevent legislative change. Harper has actually been an innovator in this arena, inasmuch as, through “Canada’s Economic Action Plan,” he has abandoned mere tax breaks and the hassles of soliciting donations to spend millions of government dollars directly on advocacy to sway public opinion and drive legislative change.

The difference might be that in the latter cases, it is Stephen Harper himself creating a climate of public opinion and exerting moral pressure to achieve his own electoral and legislative goals. And in the case of charities, it is people who disagree with Harper doing it.

Is that an uncharitable assumption? Well, who has been caught up in the taxman dragnet? Environmental groups, free-expression advocates and the anti-poverty group Oxfam, which was informed that “preventing poverty” was not an allowable goal for a charity group.

Who has not been subject to an audit, at least not yet, that we know of? Well, conservative think tanks like the C.D. Howe Institute and the Fraser Institute, which regularly write policy papers directly advocating legislative change.


Or there’s Focus on the Family, whose research arm claims its mission is to “ensure that marriage and family-friendly policy are foremost in the minds of Canada’s decision-makers.” Hot topics on their website include strong endorsements of the Harper government’s new prostitution law and its income-splitting scheme, and condemnations of the federal NDP’s national child-care proposal and the Ontario Liberal government’s full-day kindergarten program. Perhaps their turn will come and their charitable status will be revoked for this blatant attempt to shape public opinion and influence legislation. Or perhaps not.

But doing that to Focus on the Family would just compound the idiocy of doing it to Dying with Dignity. The clear and obvious truth is that applying moral pressure to influence public opinion is a legitimate charitable activity, and a laudable one that provides great value to society. Our public debate is enriched when charitable enterprises — even those of contradicting viewpoints — are able to bring the information and perspective and arguments to our understanding of an issue, to motivate us to think about things, to influence us to donate our time or money or change our behaviour and, yes, to sometimes convince us to change the laws.

Of course, believing that to be so doesn’t just put me on the wrong side of Canada Revenue Agency’s interpretation of the charity laws, it puts me on the wrong side of this government’s entire approach to leadership. Harper’s government has hunted down and exiled information and arguments that might feed good public discussion and lead to intelligent legislation at every turn — from disembowelling the census through shutting down hundreds of research facilities to a justice minister saying bluntly, “We don’t govern on the basis of statistics, we govern on the basis of what we hear from the public . . . ”

Harper and his ministers clearly want to hear from a public that is untroubled by research, untainted by statistics and, now, sheltered from the advocacy of pesky charities. The better to shape, it seems, a government that is free from evidence, reason and the pressures of morality.

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Good thing I found this video - will save me a whole lot of typing.  Pretty much says it perfectly.  America is at a crossroads.  November will tell the tail - a long slow descent into oblivion or an 80 degree inverted, nose-low dive into the sea:


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Looks like it was more than Trudeau that was dipping the well.  It's gotten real quiet now that the internet has spoken...

Peter MacKay Deletes Tweet Praising WE Charity & “Remarkable” Kielburger Brothers

“KIELBURGER COVERUP: Peter MacKay deletes tweet that links his wife to WE Day, unclear how much she was paid to speak for WE. MacKay applauds the “remarkable” organization (remarkably corrupt) and the Kielburger Brothers (Trudeau donors).

If this was above-board, why the cover-up?”


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From a farmer.....

Yep… that’s my boy, sound asleep, in my lap, on the tractor, while I move hay.  Recently we’ve taken some scrutiny from social media insinuating that we are placing Sam in harm’s way by allowing him to participate in farm activities.  Some people have been a little more pointed in their comments that maybe Tara and I are too stupid to realize the danger of certain situations.  These comments come mostly from snowflakes that don’t really have a clue what our lifestyle is about.  

I’m only going to address this once so here goes.  First off, Tara and I are educated.  I’ve been an emergency room provider for 10 years and have seen all manner of injury.  Tara is an RN and we’ve shared the same ER.  We’ve seen harm inflicted from farm equipment, animals, guns, knives, etc.  I understand the inherent risks of living the lifestyle we lead.  It does not go unnoticed.  We do the best we can to mitigate the risks while still allowing him to be center stage in the things he wants to partake in.  

I want my son to grow up included.  It isn’t the easiest scenario.  He gets into things.  When he’s included, tasks take longer.  I have to schedule potty breaks.  Meals have to be more routine.  There are tons of things that make including him more difficult.  It doesn’t matter though… IT’S WORTH IT!  In today’s society it’s okay to hypnotize your child with an IPad.  It’s okay to let them stare blindly at a screen for hours with no interaction.  It’s okay to rely on a nanny to raise your kids for you.  And suddenly it isn’t okay to let your children grow up playing outside, getting dirty, scraping their knees, getting bit by ants, and just plain being curious little ones? Because we are parents that include our child in our day to day lives we are the ones that are irresponsible?  Don’t think so!  

We are teaching our son to grow up and be a MAN!  We are doing our best to instill the values in him that are so lacking in this broken country that we live in.  God willing, Sam will take the things he’s learned out here and be the kind of man that will look you in the eye and shake your hand with a grip you won’t forget.  The kind of man that you can depend on.  The kind of man that this country was built on.  The kind of man that is becoming a forgotten relic of the past in this soft society that we live in.

I am not sorry for including Sam in farm duties.  I am not sorry for letting him experience life with the bumps and bruises that go along with it.  I am not sorry for demanding that he pick himself up, shake off the dirt, and get back after it.  What I am sorry for is this participation trophy, weak wristed, complacent society that he has to grow up in.  A society that rests its future on backs of men like I am trying to raise my son to be.


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