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Smoke & Mirrors or a Winning Strategy?

Moon The Loon

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Of course the simpler answer will be

1. Bigger aircraft

2. Fewer O & D schedules

3. operational with less air crew

4. average passenger will  have to adjust.



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1 hour ago, Airband said:

5. Remove cabotage restrictions and allow Elbonian Air provide additional lift

and that indeed is now it may go, unless of course the travelling public votes for something other than the best fare and the best schedule.  Most if not all, could care less who provides the uplift unless of course it is not unsafe or too expensive.  Based on the current press, the customers want the cheapest fare but also expect the same perks as provided by a full fare carrier. Do they care re the nationality of the airline who is selling them their ticket, absolutely NOT!  The days of brand loyalty are dead, which is why  Amazon is doing so well .......  Then also there are full fare(?) carriers who spin off a "fighting brand LCC" with no back up in the event of an IROPs.  No wonder the average passenger no longer has any brand loyalty.   

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